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Fat loss juice - ayurvedic juice for weight loss
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Ambic Fat Loss juice acts as a fat reducer ayurvedic juice. Its potent ingredients help in weight management and keeping your body healthy. With the help of Ambic Fat Loss Juice, you can easily manage your weight as it takes control of your appetite so that you can solely focus on weight loss.

Ambic Fat Loss Juice is made with ayurvedic herbs that are highly efficient in reducing fat and managing weight. This juice makes the body feel light and dynamic without affecting health. What makes this ayurvedic juice for weight loss so effective is the selection of herbs that promote bowel wellness and improves digestion.

The juice has a unique combination of Green Coffee Seeds, Garcinia, Pumpkin Seeds, and Triphala, which together help in building energy and strength, and showing visible weight loss results.

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Does Ambic Fat Loss juice help to reduce fat and weight?

Yes, Ambic Fat Loss Juice is made with potent ingredients that help maintain your weight and keep your body healthy. With the help of Ambic Fat Loss Juice, you can lose weight because it can control your appetite by keeping you fuller for longer. 
Yes, you need the juice because its ingredients will provide you with the necessary nutrients that your body does not get with a diet. The ingredients keep you full for longer and avoid the weakness that you might get from following a strict diet. 
Ambic Fat Loss Juice is an ayurvedic weight loss juice for healthy weight management. Being herbal in nature, it tastes exactly the same.
No. All of our Ayurvedic Juices are free from Artificial Sweetners / Added Sugars or Flavors. At Ambic , we Follow NO NASTIES policy

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Green Coffee

May help in blocking fat buildup

Moringa Ras

May enhance the fat breakdown and reduce fat formation


Enhances metabolism to help in burning fat

Noni Ras

Maintains active muscle cell mass

Methi Beej

Decreases appetite and keeps you full for longer


Lower Cholesterol and helps in weight loss


Contains antioxidants & enhances the body’s fat-burning capacity

Pumpkin Seed

Contains Manganese And Vitamin K


Regulates Bowel Movement

Promotes Healthy Weight Loss

Manages Appetite

Improves Digestion & Regulates Metabolism

Promotes Fat Reduction Naturally

Rejuvenates Health

How to consume

Shake the bottle Before Use

Take 2 Tsp 30 ML Of Juice

Why Choose us

Overall Rejuvenation Of Body

126 reviews for Fat Loss Juice | Ayurvedic Weight Loss Drink to Reduce Belly Fat

  1. yashika chaudhary

    Love this fat-burning juice!👌

  2. Ruhanika

    Highly recommend it for weight loss! 💯

  3. Rashmi

    Love this juice for weight loss.

  4. Piyush Gupta

    My sister and me both are taking this fat loss juice to reduce weight. Till now 3 kgs weight is reduced.

  5. Jeetu Singh

    I buy this juice for my sister. She started drinking this juice and it has reduced her weight by 6 kgs. She is using it for 40 days.

  6. Saurav Chaudhary

    Best product for fat loss!

  7. Trisha Verma

    Good juice. Useful product.

  8. Jatin Shukla

    Good results!

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