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Nav Paurush Capsule
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Ambic Nav Paurush Herbal Health capsules are weight gain capsule that helps to gain weight naturally. It is an ayurvedic herb blend that assists in the development of strength and increases your healthy weight. It helps with weight gain by improving appetite and digestion. 

This ayurvedic formulation helps you achieve a stronger body by building better immunity. These ayurvedic weight gain capsules are made with a combination of multiple power herbs like Ashwagandha, Shilajeet, Pippali Mool and more. 

These ayurvedic ingredients help to boost immunity and can help calm the brain, enhance muscle strength, improve digestion and anaemia, act as an antioxidant and remove toxins. 

Meaning these weight gain capsules are a healthy combination of various vitamins and minerals. Ambic Ayurved is committed to delivering you ayurvedic capsules that are natural, and free of artificial colours and flavours.

You can see even better results by consuming these capsules in combination with Nav Paurush Powder which is an ayurvedic muscle mass gainer

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What are the benefits of Nav Paurush capsule?

Nav Paurush Capsules are a muscle-gain recipe with herbal ingredients. These capsules are highly efficient in promoting weight gain. They also support muscle growth, improve strength and stamina, enhance muscle recovery, and increase muscle mass. This weight gain capsule can support your weight gain naturally.
Nav Paurush Weight Gain Capsules are made of natural ingredients like Arjuna, Ashwagandha, pippali mool, shatavari, shilajeet, kaunch beej. So these capsules are completely safe to consume since there are no preservatives. Moreover, Ambic is ISO-certified and GMP-certified. So you can rely on the quality of our products.
The ideal routine of Nav Paurush capsule consumption is 1 capsule with one tablet in the morning and repeating the same every night before sleep. You can consume this capsule with warm milk or lukewarm water. Consume these capsules for at least 3 months to get the benefits. 
Yes, the Nav Paurush capsule is ideal for weight gain and improving muscle strength. However, this capsule helps in healthy weight gain. It means you will gain mass and not fat. This herbal weight gain remedy has herbs like arjuna, ashwagandha, shilajit and more that help to boost your muscle mass and strength. 

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Manages high cholesterol level


Supports muscles and nervous system

Pippali Mool

Helps with digestion and anaemia


Boosts the energy level of the body

Kaunch Beej

Helps to reduce fatigue & promotes agility


Provides better strength to bones and muscles


Promotes Muscle Growth

Increase Muscle Mass Not Weight

Improve strength And Stamina

Enhance Muscle Recovery

How To Consume

1 Tablet + Capsule In Morning After Breakfast

1 Tablet + Capsule In The Night Before Sleep

Preferably Consume With Lukewarm Milk/Water

Minimum Course Duration 3 Months

Why Choose Us

100% Natural Product

No Side Effect

Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

ISO Certified

GMP Certified


No Artificial Color

98 reviews for Nav Paurush Weight Gain Capsules | Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Herbal Tablets

  1. Reyansh Bhandari

    Good product… satisfied with the results.🌟

  2. Yuvan Mehra

    Natural and safe product… no side effects.👍

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