Aljoint Pain Relief Tablets | Ayurvedic Pain Killer Tablets for Joints, Knee & Neck

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Soothes Sore Muscles | Relief from Pain

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Unlock your way to healthier bones and joints through Ambic Aljoint Pain Relief Tablets that immediately diminish any issue that acts as a hurdle in body movements. 

These ayurvedic pain killer tablets ease muscle stiffness and prevent chronic pains. You can consume these tablets regularly according to the recommended dose and get relief from joint pain, back pain, and more. 

Ayurvedic herbs in the tablets make it the perfect remedy for instant relief from joint pains, inflammation, muscular pain, and strain. The tablets provide long-lasting relief from pain. 

This ayurvedic medicine for pain relief is also efficient in treating arthritis. Lead your day with healthy joints with the help of these Ambic Aljoint Pain Relief Tablets. The tablets are an ayurvedic formulation of beneficial herbs and you can add this to your everyday routine to feel the effects. 

You can also take Aljoint Pain Relief Tablets along with Aljoint Oil, an ayurvedic pain relief oil for better results. 


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What are the benefits of Aljoint Pain Relief Tablet?

Aljoint Pain Relief Tablets are ayurvedic pain relief tablets for the knee, joints and neck. There are several benefits to consuming these tablets. They help in relieving joint pain, managing inflammation and swelling, improving joint locomotion, reducing muscular stiffness. strengthening bones & joints, and easing frozen shoulders. 
You should take one Aljoint Pain Relief Tablet twice a day. Or consider the dose prescribed by your physician. 
Yes, Aljoint Pain Relief Tablets are excellent ayurvedic painkiller tablets and can be consumed by both men and women. These tablets are best suitable for muscular sprain, frozen shoulder, rheumatoid arthritis and old age joint pain. 

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Mahayograj Guggal

Mahayograj Guggal

Rheumatoid & Gouty Arthritis

Yograj Guggal

Yograj Guggal

Effective in Knee Joint Pain

Daru Haldi

Daru Haldi

Cures Spasmodic Pain



Relieve Muscle Tenderness



Relief from inflammation and pain



Relieve swelling in the joints


Relieves from joint pain

Instant Relief

Improves joints Locomotion

Reduces Muscular Stiffness

Manages Inflammation & Swelling


Strengthen Bones and joints


Eases Frozen Shoulders

Best Suitable For

Muscular Sprain

Old Age Joint Pain

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Frozen Shoulder

How to Use


Take 1 Tablet twice a day or as prescribed by the physician

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150 reviews for Aljoint Pain Relief Tablets | Ayurvedic Pain Killer Tablets for Joints, Knee & Neck

  1. 150 reviews

    Diksha Ahuja

    These Ayurvedic Pain Relief tablets are a great value for money.

  2. 150 reviews

    Sharrad Malhotra

    This ayurvedic pain killer tablets are great value for money.

  3. 150 reviews

    jyoti verma

    These ayurvedic pain killer tablets are easy to take and provide long-lasting relief.

  4. 150 reviews

    Trisha Sharma

    I have been using Aljoint Pain Relief Tablets for a few months now, and they have helped me manage my joint pain.

  5. 150 reviews

    Varun singh

    I highly recommend these pain killer tablets to anyone dealing with arthritis pain.

  6. 150 reviews


    I suffer from knee pain due to an injury, and these ayurvedic pain killer tablets helped me manage the pain… highly recommend.

  7. 150 reviews

    Rashika Khan

    These ayurvedic pain killer tablets are perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle.

  8. 150 reviews

    Shalu yadav

    These Aljoint pain relief tablets are a lifesaver!

  9. 150 reviews

    Kritika jaiswal

    These Pain Relief Tablets are natural and safe to use.

  10. 150 reviews

    Kushmit Bhadana

    The tablet is easy to take, and the results are amazing.

  11. 150 reviews

    Sherya singh

    This ayurvedic medicine for pain relief is an excellent product.

  12. 150 reviews

    Rishi Bedi

    Best part of the product is natural ingredients in the tablet… fast relief without any side effects.

  13. 150 reviews

    Rozi Shah

    Aljoint Pain Relief Tablet is an Amazing product.

  14. 150 reviews

    Arjun Sanger

    This ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain is a lifesaver for me. I suffer from chronic joint pain, and this product has been the only thing that provides relief without any side effects.

  15. 150 reviews

    Prateek juneja

    The tablet is easy to swallow… Amazing results.

  16. 150 reviews

    Shristi Salwan

    I have tried a lot of pain killer in the past, but these tablets are by far the best… fast relief and are easy to swallow.

  17. 150 reviews

    Kishan Kumar

    I have tried several joint pain relief products, but Aljoint Pain Relief Tablet is by far the best… Highly recommend.

  18. 150 reviews

    Pooja yadav

    I didn’t notice immediate results after taking these tablets, but after a few weeks, my joint pain has improved.

  19. 150 reviews

    Kiran Bisht

    I would recommend these tablets for anyone who is looking for a natural alternative pain relief method.

  20. 150 reviews

    Palak Tyagi

    Must Try product for those who are suffering from joint pain.

  21. 150 reviews

    Deepika Bisht

    The tablets is good… Highly Recommend.

  22. 150 reviews

    Manisha Dagar

    I am satisfied with the product… Amazing result.

  23. 150 reviews

    Sonia Bhadana

    Good product… I will definitely be purchasing again.

  24. 150 reviews

    Kirti singh

    The price of these tablets is reasonable, especially considering how effective they are at relieving pain.

  25. 150 reviews

    Radhika Chaudhary

    The ingredients in these ayurvedic pain relief tablets are all-natural, very effective product.

  26. 150 reviews

    Anubhav Bhatia

    I have been using Ambic ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain for a few weeks, and I have noticed a improvement in my joint pain.

  27. 150 reviews

    Trisha Solanki

    I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with joint pain.

  28. 150 reviews

    Sakshi Biswas

    Patience is key with this product… Amazing result.

  29. 150 reviews

    Pawan Singh

    The natural ingredients in the tablet have helped reduce my pain. I highly recommend this product.

  30. 150 reviews

    Sunny Chandila

    Aljoint Pain Relief Tablet is a must-try for anyone suffering from joint pain.

  31. 150 reviews

    Gaurav Nagar

    This Tablet is one of the best product I have ever use.

  32. 150 reviews

    Tanvi singh

    This ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain tablet is an nice product that helped me get back to my daily activities without any discomfort.

  33. 150 reviews

    Sunil yadav

    I am very satisfied with this product and would recommend it.

  34. 150 reviews

    Shivani Choudhary

    I love that these tablets are made with Ayurvedic ingredients… They’re a natural and safe.

  35. 150 reviews

    Sumit Rajput

    Excellent product. I saw results in just a week… works efficiently.

  36. 150 reviews

    Veenu Sharma

    Good Product… helped me to get relief from my joint pain.

  37. 150 reviews

    Harshi Goswami

    I would recommend this Ayurvedic aljoint tablet to anyone who needs relief from joint pain.

  38. 150 reviews

    Abhishek singh

    These tablets are great for those who are not active in pain relief medications.

  39. 150 reviews

    isha singh

    It is effective, easy to take, and does not cause any side effects.

  40. 150 reviews

    Manpreet kaur

    I am very grateful for this ayurvedic pain relief Tablet… Good product.

  41. 150 reviews

    Sherya Bhogra

    Good Tablet for pain reduction.

  42. 150 reviews

    Sana Ahmed

    These tablets are a must-have for anyone dealing with joint pain or stiffness.

  43. 150 reviews

    Rachna Rawat

    It is a wonderful tablet gives immediate relief from pain.

  44. 150 reviews

    Sahil Rathi

    This Ayurvedic medicine for pain relief Work Fast in reducing pain.

  45. 150 reviews

    Pakhi singh

    It has improved my overall health… Highly Recommend.

  46. 150 reviews

    Pallavi Gori

    Overall, I am very happy with my experience using these Aljoint Pain Relief Tablets.

  47. 150 reviews

    Stuti Bhat

    I was not sure to try this Aljoint Pain Relief Tablet, but I am glad I did. The tablet provided fast relief from my joint pain.

  48. 150 reviews

    Ria Sehgal

    I am really impressed with the result… Works fast in reducing pain!

  49. 150 reviews

    Sandeep Sharma

    The natural ingredients in the tablet work effectively and provide long-lasting relief… worth it.

  50. 150 reviews

    Sahil Phogat

    My joint pain was really a nightmare and having a pain killer always was not the right choice. Aljoint pain relief tablet is really a great product.

  51. 150 reviews

    Simran Tyagi

    Works well without side effect.

  52. 150 reviews

    Rahul Dagar

    The tablet is easy to take, and the natural ingredients in it provide quick and effective relief…

  53. 150 reviews

    Shubham Malhotra

    Good for joint pain.

  54. 150 reviews


    I have been using these tablets for a few weeks, and I can already see a difference in my joint flexibility… great product.

  55. 150 reviews

    Lavanya Roy

    I bought these pain killer tablets for my sister, and she has noticed an improvement in her joint mobility since she started taking them.

  56. 150 reviews

    Hema Singh

    I suffer from acute muscular pains in my legs at night (one leg at a time). Al joint tablets has given me relief from this pain.

  57. 150 reviews

    Bakhshi Sharma

    Arthritis causes my Dad`s joints to be stiff and painful. His pain was relieved by Aljoint tablet. She has now experienced some relief.

  58. 150 reviews

    Kishan Lal

    Perfect combination of herbs to lessen pain.

  59. 150 reviews

    Daksh Singh

    My parents takes al-joint tablets regularly for stronger bones.

  60. 150 reviews

    Atharv Mehta

    Delivery is good and on-time.

  61. 150 reviews

    Janak Singh

    Works excellent without side effect.

  62. 150 reviews

    Bhim Singh


  63. 150 reviews

    Jatin Verma

    After a minor accident, I sometimes feel pain in knee. My sister recommended this product and this product has provided me instant relief.

  64. 150 reviews

    Jagat Singh

    Instant pain relief tablets.

  65. 150 reviews

    Pranit Lal

    Good product for pain reduction.

  66. 150 reviews

    Rishabh Kashyap

    Works excellent. No side effect. Only benefits.

  67. 150 reviews

    Riya Singh

    Al joint tablets are helpful in getting relief from pain.

  68. 150 reviews

    Harshit Gupta

    I am having migraine and Al joint helps me to get relief in mild migraines.

  69. 150 reviews

    Priyanka Singh

    These tablets helps to improve joints locomotion and make your bones stronger.

  70. 150 reviews

    Avi Tyagi

    The product is good and works efficiently.

  71. 150 reviews

    Amit kumar

    I liked this product as it has always help me out in times of need. So, I always carry them, precisely on travelling.

  72. 150 reviews

    Jitendar Verma

    I am 45 years old and take aljoint tablets for making my bones strong.

  73. 150 reviews

    Udit gupta

    Good product and works great for rheumatoid arthritis.

  74. 150 reviews

    Pankaj Sharma

    These tablets are amazing. I liked this product.

  75. 150 reviews

    Naman Singh

    Best ayurvedic tablets for reducing pain and making your bones stronger.

  76. 150 reviews

    Hitesh Goel

    Good range of ayurvedic products.

  77. 150 reviews

    Hemant Singh

    Works fast in reducing pain!

  78. 150 reviews

    Shelly singh

    My Uncle usually suggested these tablets. I get headaches easily and so far it has work great.

  79. 150 reviews

    Darshit Pandey

    My ankle got sprained and I bought this tablet as my friend suggested. It instantly provides relief from pain.

  80. 150 reviews

    Saurav Singh

    Great ayurvedic medicine for pain.

  81. 150 reviews

    Tarun Verma

    Results are good.

  82. 150 reviews

    Ansh Singh

    I am taking this tablet for last 2 days and it has lessen my back pain. Great product!

  83. 150 reviews

    Utkarsh Pandit

    I have personally tried every other pain reliever several times for different reasons & Al-Joint is the best so-far.

  84. 150 reviews

    Tarun Pal

    These tablets are good and are effective.

  85. 150 reviews

    Manish Gupta

    Liked this product.

  86. 150 reviews

    Chaitanya Gupta

    I was in much pain due to involve pain and inflammation in the joints. Aljoint tablets provide me relief from pain.

  87. 150 reviews

    Satish Singh

    These tablets are effective in reducing pain. Also, improves bone strength.

  88. 150 reviews

    Hardik Verma

    Ambic has good range of ayurvedic products.

  89. 150 reviews

    Gaurav Singh

    Nice product and I always recommend it to others as it has helped me a lot in getting relief from pain.

  90. 150 reviews

    Piyush Bansal

    Nice product, I have used both aljoint tablet and aljoint oil. Both are good and together they works more fast on the pain area.

  91. 150 reviews

    Atul Sharma

    I have arthritis in my joints & disc disorder in my lower back. I usually take one pill each day to get rid of pain for performing daily activities.

  92. 150 reviews

    Dhairya Singh

    Best ayurvedic tablets for pain!

  93. 150 reviews

    Rajiv Verma

    I am a dancer and has to do different types of stunts and moves which are dangerous. I take these tablets if I am in pain and need to perform whether on stage or for practice.

  94. 150 reviews

    Hitesh Verma

    These tablets are actually helping with a lot with my headaches. Whenever I get headache, I take the tablet and pain is reduced.

  95. 150 reviews

    Rishabh Goel

    Good product for pain reduction.

  96. 150 reviews

    Neha Singh

    Useful product for people who always complains due to pain in the body.

  97. 150 reviews

    Daksh Singh

    You can take these tablets for any pain in the body.

  98. 150 reviews

    Pradeep Verma

    This tablet helped me in getting relief from joint pain. Aljoint tablet is an excellent product.

  99. 150 reviews

    Shrishti Trivedi

    These tablets make my bones stronger as in my age, people usually feel pain in joints and back. I am taking these tablets for 4 months and much of my pain has reduced.

  100. 150 reviews

    Piyush Sungh

    Good tablets for reducing pain and for making bones stronger.

  101. 150 reviews


    Highly effective. My mom take these tablets for her joint and back pain. She has find some relief. Thank you, Ambic!

  102. 150 reviews

    Manish Singh

    Best organic product for pain.

  103. 150 reviews

    Gaurav Singh

    Al joint tablets are good for old-age peoples and has helped my Dad to get relief from back pain.

  104. 150 reviews

    Manav Kumar

    Aljoint is the best product for any joint pain

  105. 150 reviews

    Balram Singh

    These tablets are good for pain relief.

  106. 150 reviews

    Himmat Singh

    These tablets works great in any type of pain. Highly recommended!

  107. 150 reviews

    Chaaya Yadav

    I liked this product as it it always help me when I am in pain. Nice product!

  108. 150 reviews

    Ehsaan Singh

    I have shoulder & knee issues and this al-joint tablet is the only one that works the best.

  109. 150 reviews

    Priyansh Sharma

    These tablets have instant effect and provides relief from pain.

  110. 150 reviews

    Amrit Pal

    I workout regularly & muscle pain is something that I experience every other day. At times pain gets a bit chronic, but tablet has worked wonders for me. I would highly recommend it to everyone!!

  111. 150 reviews

    Hitesh Verma

    It provides fast relief from pain.

  112. 150 reviews

    Shreya Sharma

    Good tablet for pain reduction. Liked it!

  113. 150 reviews

    Manish Singh

    Best product

  114. 150 reviews

    Kuldeep Singh

    Pain can be easily reduced with al joint tablet.

  115. 150 reviews

    Pramod Singh

    My friend recommended this product and it has helped me in reducing my pain due to an injury.

  116. 150 reviews

    Naman Bansal

    Good product for old age people and persons who have pain in bones and joints.

  117. 150 reviews

    Vipin Pal

    Best ayurvedic pain reduction tablets!

  118. 150 reviews

    Kalpana Upadhay

    I took it for 2 times in a day and I could really feel the relief from it . I did not feel any side effects like nausea or drowsiness or any other. I will recommend it to others.

  119. 150 reviews

    Garima Singh

    It is useful in relieving muscular pains which occurs sometimes in general.

  120. 150 reviews

    Amrita Singh

    Taking tablets for last 20 days and observed good relief in morning stiffness of joints.

  121. 150 reviews

    Prince Verma

    I was suffering from wrist pain due to some sports activity. I have tried many other tablets but Aljoint tablet has reduced my wrist pain.

  122. 150 reviews

    Vivek Kaushik

    I have bought this product for my sister as she was suffering from knee pain. It has worked like a charm and reduced the pain.

  123. 150 reviews

    Aditya Singh

    Al joint tablet are good ayurvedic tablet that helps in lessening pain in less time.

  124. 150 reviews

    Dhoni Verma

    Good ayurvedic tablets to reduce or prevent joint pains

  125. 150 reviews

    Varshita Verma

    Nice product!

  126. 150 reviews

    Dr.Neelesh Tripathi

    Aljoint is a very beautiful pain reliever treatment

  127. 150 reviews

    Mitesh Raj

    Best tablets for joint pain and these help in getting strong bones.

  128. 150 reviews

    Karan Verma

    Best ayurvedic bones and joints wellness tablet

  129. 150 reviews

    Kamal Gujral

    I bought this product a week ago, and my joint pain was very much reduced in knee. Thanks to this tablet I was able to walk properly.

  130. 150 reviews

    Ramesh Singh

    Due to Arthritis, it cause joint pain in fingers. I take the tablets for 4 days and I was able to move my fingers with less pain then before. It is an amazing product because of which my condition is improving.

  131. 150 reviews

    Jiya Singh

    Amazing Product

  132. 150 reviews

    Daksh Verma

    Good ayurvedic tablets

  133. 150 reviews

    Ankit Verma

    I have used it for many years now for back pain, migraine, & joint pain. This is the best till now.

  134. 150 reviews

    Gaurav Singh

    Liked it

  135. 150 reviews

    Karan Yadav

    These tablets are amazing and helps you get relief from pain.

  136. 150 reviews

    Ramcharan Singh

    Nice Product

  137. 150 reviews

    Tarun Goel

    Good product for joint pain and it is cost effective.

  138. 150 reviews

    Karan Kumar

    This Product is effective. My dad had a workout knee cramp due to which It was painfull to walk. Aljoint paint relief oil helped him and now he can easily stretch and walk after 5-6 days.

  139. 150 reviews

    Brijesh Verma

    Loved this product!

  140. 150 reviews

    Pallavi Goel

    Writing after 2 weeks of usage. The tablet does help and there is a fair amount of relief of the muscle pains I had. Highly recommended!

  141. 150 reviews

    Veer Kaushik

    Good oil for joint pain in leg & especially for people with arthritis pains.

  142. 150 reviews

    Gaurav Sharma

    I workout regularly & muscle pain is something that I experience every other day. At times pain gets a bit chronic, but tablet has worked wonders for me. I would highly recommend it to everyone!!

  143. 150 reviews

    Adhesh Sharma

    Overall a good product and is suitable for all ages.

  144. 150 reviews

    Akriti Goel

    Writing after 2 weeks of usage. The tablet does help and there is a fair amount of relief of the muscle pains I had. Highly recommended!

  145. 150 reviews

    Samar Verma

    Good tablet for joint pain in leg & especially for people with arthritis pains.

  146. 150 reviews

    Priya Sharma

    Aljoint tablet is a great product for me. I have pain in shoulder and knee. This product is the only one that works best for it.

  147. 150 reviews

    Amit Verma

    Nice product for joint pain

  148. 150 reviews

    Pallav Singh

    At my age of 46 years, I was used to have pain in my legs. After using these tablets, I was able to get relief from pain.Thank you!

  149. 150 reviews

    Priyank Tewatia

    I workout regularly & muscle pain is something that I experience every other day. At times pain gets a bit chronic, but tablet has worked wonders for me. I would highly recommend it to everyone!!

  150. 150 reviews


    Good Product

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