Our Story

The curiosity to facilitate permanent treatment with no side effects forced two brothers to set on a journey at the end of the year 1995. After exploration through the mystery of nature, they finally stuck to the natural healing power of Ayurveda.

While exploring nature and Ayurveda, an idea clicked into the mind of our co-founders to set up an Ayurvedic company and as a result in 1997 AMBIC AYURVED INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED came into existence based in MEERUT.

Ambic Ayurveda was founded with the goal “Ayurveda for everyone”. The main objective behind this is to facilitate a “healthy and happy life” for every human being irrespective of their age. The vision of Ambic Ayurveda is to hold people’s hands with the aim of healing their life with authentic Ayurveda.

The first herb which gave inspiration of Ayurveda to the founders was Withania somnifera through which our first research Ayurvedic product Naupaurush came into existence in the year 1997.

Our expert team is meticulously engaged in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic medicines which is guided by the team of Ayurvedacharya. All of our products follow the principle of Ayurveda given by our acharyas and rishis (Charak, Sushrut, vagbhata) with the latest innovative research technologies.

Our company conforms to international standards and our products are ISO 9001:2008, Ministry Of Ayush certified and follow GMP(Goods Manufacturing Practice) to make our products environment-friendly. Apart from providing medication to our country people, patients from across the globe are satisfied with our products. Our Ayurvedic products are send overseas to various countries which includes UK, Oman, Saudi Arabia, USA to name a few.

Our research team explores a variety of herbs found in the Himalayan region, valleys of Uttarakhand. The result of this exploration is incorporated in the manufacturing of Ayurvedic products.

We vouch for you that our extensive product range is GMP, ISO 9001:2008 and Ministry of Ayush certified. Our company has successfully completed its 25 years in the manufacturing and exportation of Ayurvedic products. We have a range of 100+ products and are meant for all age groups.

We ensure you that we have effective Ayurvedic treatment meant for your body which is effective and safe to use. Our unique blend of Ayurvedic ingredients offers you a nurturing approach to stay healthy. We assure you that our treatment is free of side effects with many other side benefits. Our Ayurvedic products are manufactured under the supervision of highly qualified doctors and research teams. Furthermore, all products are research-based.

For the upcoming years, we are looking forward to expanding our range of products. We are thriving to take the legacy of Ayurveda and diligently working each day to incorporate the goodness of essential herbs in our Ayurvedic products. Our vision is to facilitate vivid healthcare Ayurvedic products across the globe which are efficient for chronic ailments.

AMBIC AYURVED INDIA PVT. LTD. presence across the globe is through its subsidiary company ANANTJEEVAK HERBOTECH PVT. LTD. for all its E-commerce operations.

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