Ashwagandha, Musli, Konch with shilajit Juice

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Ashwagandha Musli Konch Juice is crafted with potent ingredients such as ashwagandha and shilajit for men that are proven effective in treating mood, stress, and low immunity. According to Ayurveda, Ashwagandha powder increases muscular energy and strength. The perfect blend of herbs makes it the best remedy for both men’s and women’s memory, longevity, and blood circulation.



Safed Musli

Konch Beej



Nourishes Body Tissues

Effective Mood Enhancer

Boosts Immunity

Stress And Fatigue

How to Consume


Shake the bottle properly


Dilute 30ml juice with lukewarm water

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ISO Certified

GMP Certified

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43 reviews for Ashwagandha, Musli, Konch with shilajit Juice

  1. Yashvant Verma

    Excellent product and there are amazing benefits of drinking Ashwagandha juice. It is great for increasing muscle and strength.

  2. Mayank Aggarwal

    I prefer this juice when compared with ashwagandha tablet as it is more effective in energy boost and reducing stress and anxiety.

  3. Neeraj Mishra

    The price of Ashwagandha juice is much lower than Ashwagandha tablet. I loved the product as it helped in lowering the blood sugar.

  4. Akash Kulkarni

    I bought Ashwagandha juice two weeks ago as my friend suggested it. It has helped me a lot. Thanks to this product, I have gained weight which I always wanted.

  5. Hitesh Goel

    I like taking this juice and it has lessen my weight and improved my height. I take it daily in proper dosage for best results.

  6. Anuj Goswami

    I bought this product a week ago as my wife recommended it. This product is made from various parts of ashwagandha tree and is good for enhancing mood.

  7. Amit Kumar

    This ashwagandha juice is mixed with safed musli, konch and shilajit that is why it is a better product than having ashwagandha capsule only. I bought it for myself and it does what it says!

  8. Ravindra Singh

    This product is nice and has amazing taste than ashwagandha churna. It has solved many issues.

  9. Hitesh Verma

    Ashwagandha helps in enhancing mood and strength for men. This product is amazing and daily intake will improve the health.

  10. Deepak Malik

    This juice is amazing as it has the right combination of shilajit & ashwagandha.

  11. Gagan Kumar

    One of my friend suggested this product and it has great benefits if taken in proper dosage.

  12. Prekhar Gupta

    I used to take ashwagandha powder but price is really high when compared to ashwagandha juice. So I choose this product and felt quite a improvement in my blood sugar after I take it for a week.

  13. Himanshu Verma

    I prefer having ashwagandha juice as it has active components due to ashwagnadha leaves. It is good for anyone who wants to improve my agility and endurance.

  14. Pallav Tyagi

    This ashwagandha juice has amazing benefits as it is clubbed with shilajit. After drinking it for a week, I can see the difference in my mood and anxiety levels. Highly recommended!

  15. Raghav Sharma

    Organic Ashwagandha juice helps in relaxing your mind and also helps to relieve stress from everyday work.

  16. Naman Tyagi

    Great Product!

  17. Ranveer Singh

    Ashwagandha juice has amazing benefits and is good for muscle strength.

  18. Bharat Aggrawal

    Ashwagandha has immense stress-management properties and also helps in increasing weight if your body weight is less.

  19. Priya Sharma

    I bought this ashwagandha juice for my cousin and as it is used for reducing anxiety and stress level, it has definitely helped her after taking it for a few days.

  20. Rupali Sharma

    This juice is nice in taste.

  21. Aman Singh

    This is a great product and helped me in increasing my height. I have been take it daily for 2 weeks.

  22. Gaurav Sharma

    The quantity and price of this product is great.

  23. Harshita Singh

    Great product and all age group can drink it.

  24. Janak Verma

    The product is great and it effectively works on internally stomach part when taken on daily basis.

  25. Piyush Gupta

    Intake of ashwagandha juice has lowered my blood sugar levels and also my fat is reducing gradually, it is more useful than ashwagandha tablet.

  26. Jeevan Lal

    This ashwagandha juice has amazing benefits as it is clubbed with shilajit. After drinking it for a week, I can see the difference in my mood and anxiety levels. Highly recommended!

  27. Sanjal Jaiswal

    I found ashwagandha juice useful when my friend tried. He had overweight Problem and anxiety. Both problems have been cured after usage of 2 months..

  28. Shashank Yadav

    Ashwagandha helps fight inflammation due to its anti-bacterial properties. It is the best Ashwagandha juice to loose weight.

  29. Gaurav Khanna

    Good Product!

  30. Pankaj gupta

    The benefits of ashwagandha juice is more than ashwagandha powder and daily intake has improved my health. Thank you!

  31. Rishabh Verma

    Ashwagandha boost height growth and also lowers blood sugar. This product is good for all ages.

  32. Aman Goel

    I previously used to take ashwagandha tablets but this ashwagandha juice is way better and has improved my blood sugar.

  33. Pankaj Goel

    Ashwagandha is a fairly small shrub with small pale green flowers, simple leaves and red berries. This juice is good for health.

  34. Rajesh Tyagi

    I bought this product and it has reduced improved my athletic performance. Ashwagandha has many benefits for men and anyone feeling anxiety, stress or mood issues must take it.

  35. Pankaj Goel

    I found Ashwagandha juice useful as my friend tried this. He had overweight Problem and anxiety. Both problems have been cured after usage of 2 months

  36. Suresh Yadav

    This product is amazing. Ashwagandha juice is made from using ashwagandha root and has amazing benefits.

  37. Amrish kapoor

    Overall a good product to use!

  38. Piyush Bansal

    Nice product. I liked it!

  39. Tanmay Bhatia

    This product is amazing as it is made from Ashwagandha plant and has helped me in losing weight and increasing height.

  40. Rishabh Khanna

    Ashwagandha juice has many benefits as it has improved my overall health. I’ve been taking it for 3 weeks now and have noticed my arthritis pain isn’t as painful.

  41. Ambic Ayurved

    Nice Products

  42. Anuj Singh

    Good Product

  43. Rahul Kashyap

    I was suffering from mood swings for last 2 weeks and my friend suggested to buy ashwagandha juice. I brought it from Ambic ayurveda and after drinking for 2-3 days, I have seen much improvement in mood. Thank You!

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