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Best powder for weight gain in India - Ambic

Best Powder for Weight Gain in India

You are, what you eat. The simple meaning of this saying is that your body responds to the food you consume. Our bodies are made from three doshas; Vata, Pitta, and Koshas. When these doshas are in perfect balance, we could say that the person’s stomach and health are in a perfect state. However, even a little imbalance between these doshas can create unwanted health complications in our stomach, resulting in problems like lean body and weaker immune.   

There is certain medicine for weight gain which could eventually harm your body with various side effects, unlike Ambic Ayurveda that is known to be the pioneer of a complete solution of herbal health powder, Nav Paurush. It is an effective herbal formulation for sudden weight loss, lean body, weakness, weak immune, and also blurred vision.

Herbal Health Powder - Nav Paurush
Herbal Health Powder – Nav Paurush

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This herbal health powder and capsule is one of the best ayurvedic medicines for weight gain. This herbal health powder and capsule formula helps to keep your body healthy and strong. It helps you gain weight naturally.

Three Potent benefits of Nav Paurush:

Helps to Gain Weight

The goodness of Nav Paurush herbal health powder inspired by nature is an ayurvedic herbal remedy that strengthens the anatomy and helps you gain weight naturally This Ayurvedic herbal remedy strengthens the anatomy and naturally raises body weight. It’s more than just a weight gainer; it’s a whole package of good health that gives you a boost of vitality.

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Improves Metabolism

When the herbs present in this medicine for weight gain start providing the body tissue with all the necessary nutrients, the body starts improving the digestion process, building a healthy and strong metabolism. The various ingredients present in it also act upon different body parts for the digestive system. 

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Promotes Muscle Growth

Nav Paurush Powder and Nav Paurush Capsule support healthy weight gain and not unnecessary fat. It is highly beneficial for those who, despite a good diet, suffer from a weak, lean body or when the body is unable to extract nutrients from food. It helps tone up the muscle mass and healthy weight.

 Nav Paurush Capsule
Nav Paurush Capsule

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With its more than 25 years of experience, Ambic Ayurveda Nav Purush powder, you will not only manage the high cholesterol levels and metabolism, but you will be able to keep these doshas in perfect balance. A healthy diet can improve not only your body’s stamina but also your body shape.

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