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Nav Paurush Powder & Nav Paurush Capsule An ayurvedic solution for healthy weight and muscle gain

Nav Paurush Powder & Nav Paurush Capsule: An Ayurvedic Solution for Healthy Weight and Muscle Gain

Ambic Ayurveda is known to be the brain behind the formulation of this comprehensive solution, Nav Paurush. It is an effective herbal formulation to fight dullness, tiredness, dark contours, weight loss, giddiness and blurred vision. Nav Paurush with its potent nutrients will also help you stay active throughout the day, no matter how much physical or mental stress you have been through.

This herbal health powder and capsule is an Ayurvedic formula to keep your body healthy and strong. It helps to naturally increase weight, improving strength and stamina in your body, and the various ingredients present in the powder act upon different body parts to keep a check on your digestive system.

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Key Ingredients of NAV Paurush Capsule and NAV Paurush Powder:

NAV Paurush Capsule and NAV Paurush Powder
  • Shatavari

This ingredient helps to boost the energy level in your body.

This is beneficial to the muscles and nervous system in your body.

  • Pippali Mool

This aids in healthy digestion and helps your body to keep anaemia at bay.

  • Shilajit

This is to provide bone and muscle strength in your body.

  • Kaunj Bee

This helps in fatigue reduction in your body.

Key Benefits of NAV Paurush Capsule and NAV Paurush Powder:

1- Helps to gain weight

This Ayurvedic herbal solution strengthens the anatomy and increases body weight naturally. Nav Paurush Powder and Nav Paurush Capsule, extracted from the goodness of nature, help to keep your body healthy and strong naturally. It is more than a typical weight gainer, with a complete package of good health, providing a burst of energy in the body.

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2- Improves stamina and endurance

Nav Paurush Powder and Nav Paurush Capsule also help in increasing the strength and endurance in your body. Those who do the gym can easily incorporate these Ayurvedic solutions into their routine to increase muscle mass and strengthen the body, enriching their diet with essential vitamins and nutrients. Also read – Deekshant Tablet: Best Ayurvedic Medicine to Naturally Treat your Thyroid

  • Promotes muscle growth

Nav Paurush Powder and Nav Paurush Capsule support increasing muscle mass and not fat. It is highly beneficial for those who, despite a good diet, suffer from a weak, thin body or when the body is unable to extract nutrients from food. It helps tone up the muscle mass and enhance the appetite.

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  • Reduces stress level

Nav Paurush Powder and Nav Paurush Capsule helps in fighting the weakness of the body, anaemia and facilitates enough sleep by relieving stress. It helps in reducing mental stress and mental fatigue. It also aids in the treatment of nerve disorders and in the reduction of physiological stress.

  • Aids in digestion

When the herbs present in it start providing the body tissue with all the necessary nutrients, the body starts improving the digestion process, building a healthy and strong body naturally. The various ingredients present in it also act upon different body parts to correct the digestive system. 

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