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Health Benefits of Honey

10 Health Benefits Of Honey

Mother Nature offers us several substances, products, and ways that can improve our lives to a great extent. Instead of spending thousands of money on industrially manufactured medicines, why not try natural remedies to alleviate your troubles? One such substance which has a plethora of benefits is honey. It is not only a natural sweetener […]

Natural Remedies For Managing Your Stress

10 Natural Remedies For Managing Your Stress

Are you unable to cope with the burdens of your life? It can often end up making you feel drained and extremely stressed. While a certain amount of stress can increase your efficiency and productivity, prolonged stress can lead to many health complications. It not only affects you physically but can also have a toll […]


10 Memory Boosting Foods

If you want to lead a long and fulfilling life, you must pay attention to what you eat. However, physical health should not seize all your focus because your mental well-being is equally important. Ensuring your brain is working at its finest not only promotes your mental activities but also paves a clear way for […]

Post-Workout Snacks To Eat

Top 9 Post-Workout Snacks To Eat

Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. However, every meal you eat in a day is as important as any other. Yet, quite a lot of significance is reserved for post-workout snacks. Why is that so? Let’s find out!  The idea behind working out is to break down your muscles, […]

Benefits of Turmeric For Skin

8 Benefits of Turmeric For Skin

Turmeric has been a cherished ingredient in the Indian kitchens for many years now. It proudly adds a burst of colour and taste to any dish it comes across. However, the potential of this golden spice extends beyond its culinary delights.  Generations of people have recognized and utilized the healing properties of turmeric. Naturally, it […]

Ayurvedic Ways of Boosting Your Immunity

10 Ayurvedic Ways of Boosting Your Immunity

Your body is your strongest suit of armour, hence you must ensure that it remains functional, polished, and shiny. Prioritizing a strong immune system through healthy habits is key to long-term health and well-being. Unfortunately, modern lifestyles often challenge this resilience, leaving us susceptible to illness and fatigue.  But, the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda offers […]

Plant-Based Protein Sources 

8 Plant-Based Protein Sources 

Proteins are the building blocks of the body. They boost metabolism and increase fat-burning capacity. People are often recommended a high-protein diet for better metabolic health and weight loss. Whenever one thinks of protein-rich meals, the images of meat, poultry, eggs, and seafood pop into our heads.  But what if you practice vegetarianism? Well, you […]

Worst Foods For The Immune System

10 Worst Foods For The Immune System

To maintain good health and well-being, it is important to eat certain foods. However, it is equally crucial to make sure that you don’t consume certain foods as per Ayurveda to protect your immune system and keep it robust. The fact is some foods build your immunity while others weaken it. We talk plenty about […]

Benefits of Ash Gourd Juice

10 Benefits of Ash Gourd Juice Consumption

Often called by various names such as wax gourd, winter gourd, or ash pumpkin, ash gourd (petha) has made itself the new age elixir and is gaining ranks in popularity charts for its high nutritional value and amazing health benefits. If you are looking to shed some kilos, ash gourd juice that’s rich in dietary […]

Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Vessel

12 Benefits Of Drinking Water From Copper Vessel

Many health trends have come and gone but there is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that has emerged time and again, withstanding the test of time – drinking water from a copper vessel.  You may have seen your parents or grandparents follow the practice of drinking water from the copper vessel and wondered why is that […]

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