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How to Stop Balding and Hair Loss in Young Men Naturally?

How to Stop Balding and Hair Loss in Young Men Naturally?

Hair loss is very common among men which can be triggered due to various kinds of reasons such as, stress, hormonal changes, aging, medical conditions, etc.

Everyone losses 100 strands of hair every day. The hair loss process could be different for every individual. For some, it could be a slow process, while others may lose hair at a very young age.

It is a natural process; so it is nothing to worry about. There could be a lot of reasons behind your hair loss such as diet, pollution, vitamins and minerals deficiency, medications, stress, and genetics. According to the doctors, putting on a cap or helmet for a longer period of time could also make your hair roots weak, resulting in hair fall.

Here are 10 ways you can try to stop hair fall naturally:

1. Regularly Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair daily with a good shampoo can reduce your chance of hair loss. Shampoo keeps your scalp clean and healthy, and also keeps your hair dandruff free which is the most common reason for hair fall.

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2. Eat Your Vitamins

To keep your hair healthy, vitamins are very important if taken in the proper amount required by your body. Vitamin A produces sebum in the scalp, Vitamin E improves blood circulation in the scalp, and Vitamin B takes care of your hair color.

Ambic Ayurveda Amla Juice and Arjun Punarnava Jatamansi Juice can help you in keeping your hair healthy and will provide you with all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

3. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Water is very important when it comes to hydrating your body. It is advised to drink at least four to eight glasses of water daily to keep your scalp hydrated and healthy.

Ambic Aloe Vera juice which is made from 100% natural aloe vera plant will help you in staying hydrated all day long and will keep your hair and skin healthy.

4. Know Your Hair

Nobody knows your hair better than you. Notice what causes your hair to fall and try avoiding it. Also, avoid drying your wet hair with a towel and let it dry naturally.

5. Avoid Alcohol

If you are experiencing hair loss, then it is suggested that you lessen your alcohol intake, as it reduces hair growth. If you can then eliminate alcohol from your lifestyle completely and you will for sure see the change in your hair growth.

6. Avoid Smoking

Smoking cigarettes reduces the blood circulation to your scalp resulting in hair fall and less hair growth.

7. Watch Your Medications

Not all but several medications have side effects where you start losing your hair. If you are on any medications which you take regularly, then maybe, that’s what is causing you hair loss. Consult your doctor and see if you can change the medications.

Ambic Ayurveda has 100 percent natural products that don’t have any side effects and you can use them without worrying about any health complications.

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8. Change Your Hairstyle

People with short hair lose less hair compared to people with long hair. Hairstyles such as open long hair, ponytail, or braided hair, can eventually cause hair loss and baldness. So, if you are losing hair, then try changing your hairstyle to a short hair hairstyle.

9. Avoid Constant Heating and Drying

Constant heating and drying your hair could result in hair loss, as heating weakens hair’s protein and could lead to baldness or hair fall.

10. Try Living Healthy

If you haven’t got enough time in your hand to go to gymming or perform other healthy activities, try including a morning walk or evening walk in your daily routine. This will keep your hormone levels in check and reduce stress to a great extent.

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You can also try other juices from Ambic. They produce a whole range of ayurvedic juices which are very beneficial for health.

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