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Wheatgrass juice: An Ayurvedic detoxifying drink

Wheatgrass Juice: An Ayurvedic Detoxifying Drink

Wheatgrass juice is made out of newly sprouted leaves which are considered a super potent food as it is rich in highly beneficial nutrients that provide important health benefits. It has a high level of chlorophyll and hundreds of other vitamins and minerals that help in detoxifying your body.

The consumption of wheatgrass juice reduces the risk of chronic inflammation, diabetes, and various type of cancer. This juice can be consumed on a daily basis to fight various diseases as it is considered one of the best ayurvedic care for your health.

Wheatgrass juice

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AMBIC Ayurveda offers you various health-conscious ayurvedic juice which is safe to consume. Noni Moringa Wheatgrass juice as such by AMBIC can be consumed on daily basis as a health tonic. It not only provides your body with the goodness of Wheatgrass but also the benefits of Noni and Moringa making it highly beneficial ayurvedic juice.

It acts as an anti-inflammatory, natural mood enhancer and also supports the healthy function of the liver and kidney.

What does wheatgrass do for your body?

Wheatgrass is low in calories but high in nutrients and also includes antioxidants such as glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These antioxidants help your body to fight free radicals in the body in order to reduce oxidative stress and to protect your body against various health conditions like arthritis, cancer, and neurodegenerative diseases.

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Wheatgrass with its nutrients vitalizes our body to be able to fight against various diseases. Its amazing health benefits include-

1. Eliminates toxins

The nutrients in wheatgrass aid your body in getting rid of impurities and stored toxins. The presence of chlorophyll in it aids in the removal of every toxic substance present in your body enabling a healthy liver function.

2. Helps in Digestion

Wheatgrass consists of high enzymes that aid in digestion by helping your body to break down food easily and absorb every potent nutrient. This helps you get relief from indigestion, bloating, and abdominal discomfort.

Also, its detox effects clean your intestine and give you relief from constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, and other digestive issues.

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3. Boosts the Metabolism

Drinking wheatgrass juice can boost your metabolism and aid in weight loss naturally as it is low in calories and has no fat. The antioxidant agents in wheatgrass help prevent diseases, reduce oxidative stress and boost metabolism.

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4. Improves Hair Health

Wheatgrass has catalase that can help in reversing the greying of hair and slowing down the process of aging in hair. Applying wheatgrass on hair also works wonders in getting rid of dandruff and makes your hair look glossy. It can help improve your hair health impressively.

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