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Triphala: 3 Potent Health Benefits

Triphala: 3 Potent Health Benefits

One of those oldest ways of healing holistically is our traditional way. There are hundreds of potent ayurvedic herbs that have been in use to heal people internally with no side effects. One of which is our Tripahal, consisting of the ayurvedic power of three potent herbs.

It is known as one of the effective ones to boost immunity which is being consumed by hundreds in both powder and capsule form. It can treat your health and skin issues to stomach and liver issues.

Triphala Juice

AMBIC Ayurveda is as such one of the largest exporters and manufacturers of Ayurvedic products in the world. The company aims to extend the ancient Indian herbal treasure trove for the benefit of the people.

Triphala juice by Ambic is an immune system booster juice that has been taken on a daily basis by people as to best juice for anxiety and depression.

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immune system booster juice

How to consume this juice to increase immunity:

  1. Always shake the bottle before consuming it
  2. Take 2 Tsp 30ml Of Juice or as directed by the physician
  3. Consume twice a day before meals

Read on to know more about why you need to start consuming Triphala juice every day.

As this Triphala incorporates the benefits of three different fruit with various health benefits is being used to treat different health issues. Triphala is mostly used by people to treat a number of health hazards such as constipation and inflammation in the body.

If this does not satisfy your need to consume Triphala juice let us tell you how beneficial it can be for you. 

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Best Ayurvedic Immunity Booster Juice

3 More Potent Health Benefits

1. Reduces Inflammation in Your Body

Studies say that if you mouthwash with Triphala every day it reduces the chances of plaque build-up and your gums from inflammation and helps if you are suffering from arthritis problems.

Triphala has anti-inflammatory properties which will always help you to keep your body performing actively. It supports your immune system as well.

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2. Improves Your Skin Health

Triphala has been proven to protect your skin cells by feeding them with protein and required moisture. It also helps you combat skin injury by rebuilding the look of your skin with a natural glow as you consume this healthy juice or apply it to your skin. 

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3. Improves Bowel Movement

If you are one of those who wake up every day finding difficulty in bowel movement then the detoxifying power of this potent immunity booster juice will help you a lot in flushing out the toxins from your body through the stool.

As you discharge waste from your body every day with its consumption, it keeps the problem of constipation at bay. You will be amazed to see the result of a healthy intestine and your digestive system fit and fine.

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