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Health Benefits Of Saffron

15 Health Benefits Of Saffron


You will find several spices in your kitchen that are used to elevate the taste of many culinary delicacies. However, did you know that many of them are hidden gems when it comes to offering health benefits? 

Saffron, commonly known as Kesar, is one of them! This spice is extremely expensive due to the difficult labouring practices that are employed to harvest it. 

However, the health benefits of saffron are immense. Let us find out about them with the help of this blog!

What Is Saffron?

The spice is derived from a flower called Crocus sativus in which the stigma part of the flower is dried to make saffron or kesar. 

While the spice is mostly cultivated in North India, it is believed to have originated from Iran or Greece where it is still produced extensively. 

It not only enhances the taste of several delicacies but the health benefits of saffron are also very popular in Ayurvedic medicine.

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15 Health Benefits Of Saffron

1: Exhibits Antioxidant Properties

Antioxidants such as crocin, crocetin, safranal, and kaempferol are abundant in saffron. 

They target the free radicals and prevent them from causing damage to the body. Moreover, these also contribute to the other health benefits of saffron

2: Regulates Mood Changes

Saffron has proven itself as an effective remedy for unpredictable mood changes. 

It not only regulates your mood but can also be helpful for people suffering from mild depression. This is why it is rightly referred to as sunshine spice.

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3: Fights Cancer

Saffron is considered as a promising remedy for cancer. Records show that it not only suppresses the growth of cancerous cells and selectively kills them but also makes them vulnerable to chemotherapy. 

The crocin compound in saffron is responsible for exhibiting anti-cancer properties.

4: Helps With PMS

Premenstrual syndrome is when an individual goes through emotional and physical symptoms before the start of a menstrual period. It is characterized by severe mood swings, cramps, headaches, and depression. 

The health benefits of saffron are so powerful that simply smelling the spice can reduce PMS symptoms to a considerable extent. Consuming it has further effects of relieving you from pain and regulating your mood.

5: An Effective Aphrodisiac

People who take anti-depressants may have low sex drive. 

Saffron effectively acts as an aphrodisiac for them and increases their libido, improves their erectile function, and also boosts the satisfaction of sexual activities. 

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6: Facilitates Weight Loss

The health benefits of saffron include helping you lose weight. The spice affects your appetite by reducing it. 

Thus, when you eat less food throughout the day, it greatly impacts your weight. If you want a significant change in your body weight, consider including a saffron supplement in your diet.

7: Reduces Risks Of Heart Diseases

The antioxidants from saffron also impact your heart health. If you suffer from high cholesterol, the antioxidant compounds from this spice can lower it to a considerable extent. 

Moreover, the compounds also promote blood circulation and prevent blockage in the blood vessels.

8: Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

People suffering from diabetes can highly benefit from the properties of saffron. The spice increases your body’s reaction to insulin. 

Thus, when your body naturally produces the hormone or if you introduce it from external sources, the blood sugar levels are gradually lowered.

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9: Restores Healthy Skin

The health benefits of saffron extend to your skin as well. The skin loses its glow and elasticity with age due to low collagen production. 

However, saffron slows down this process while the antioxidant compounds form a protective barrier around your skin keeping it safe from the damaging effects of free radicals.

10: Improves Eyesight In Adults

Some people suffer from age-related macular degeneration (AMD) which can affect their eyesight. 

Consuming saffron can be a perfect solution for such adults because the spice has a record of improving eyesight in such cases.

11: Promotes Healing Of Burns

The spice does not just exhibit antioxidant characteristics but also offers anti-inflammatory properties. 

These prove to be highly beneficial in case of burn wounds. Saffron not only reduces the swelling and severity of the wound but also quickens the healing process.

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12: Boosts Hair Growth

Is your hair gradually losing its volume? Then use the health benefits of saffron to restore its volume and growth. 

If you apply saffron paste to your scalp, it can boost your hair growth promoting thick hair.

13: Enhances Memory

While the disease of Alzheimer’s has no treatment, the antioxidant properties of saffron can slow down the degeneration. 

The spice has been proven to boost memory and improve the cognitive abilities of people suffering from this disease.

14: Treats Insomnia

Are you unable to sleep at night? It is extremely inconvenient and exhausting especially when you have a busy schedule the next day. 

However, the health benefits of saffron can act as your saviour by improving your sleep quality and promoting a deep sound sleep throughout the night.

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15: Increases Body Immunity

Last but not least, the antioxidant compounds in saffron greatly improve and boost the powers of your immune system

This not only prevents you from catching a fever or cold but also helps you tackle other health issues.

5 Ways You Can Use Saffron

1: As A Spice

Despite its high price, saffron is an extremely popular spice. It greatly enhances the taste of recipes. 

Once you start using them in your dishes, eating without saffron will make the delicacy taste bland.

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2: Used In Tea

The health benefits of saffron tea as well as its colour are extremely popular. The price may be high but it is worth every penny.

3: Acts As A Natural Dye

The vibrant red colour of saffron acts as a natural dye. Some food recipes increase in appeal and look more delicious with a little bit of colour in them. 

Saffron can be used as a natural food dye which enhances the colour of several delicious dishes.

4: An Effective Remedy For Acne

If you suffer from acne, saffron can be an effective remedy to treat it. All you need to do is soak the spice with a few basil leaves and then apply it to the affected areas. 

You will see great results after only a few days.

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5: To Enhance Facial Blood Circulation

Our faces often look pale due to a lack of effective blood circulation. However, saffron can be used to enhance facial blood circulation. 

You must mix the spice with olive oil, coconut oil, or raw milk, and gently massage on your face.

Side Effects Of Saffron And Precautions You Must Take

Since the health benefits of saffron are immense, people sometimes forget to pay heed to the side effects it brings. 

While a healthy dose of saffron is appropriate, if you consume more than 5 grams, it can lead to harmful effects on the human body. 

Side effects like dry mouth, anxiety, severe headache, numbness, and nausea are common. 

Moreover, it is highly recommended to avoid the consumption of saffron if you’re pregnant. Its effects can even lead to miscarriage. 

Since the cost of cultivating saffron is very high, sometimes it is sold by mixing beet, turmeric, red-dyed silk fibres, and paprika in it. Thus, it is a huge red flag if the saffron is cheap. 

Instead, you should always purchase it from an authentic and trustworthy brand that you trust. 

Finally, it is best to avoid giving this spice to children or elderly people as it may cause adverse effects and their weak immune systems may not be wired to handle them.

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Thus, we can conclude that the health benefits of saffron are immense. The spice is rich in antioxidant compounds that regulate our mood, restore healthy skin, boost our immune system, prevent cancer and heart diseases, reduce PMS symptoms, and affect weight loss. 

It can be used as a spice in the kitchen, a natural red dye, and a paste, and the health benefits of saffron tea are also much in demand. 

However, precautions must be maintained while consuming the spice to avoid any harmful consequences.

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