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Immunity Booster | Supports Bowel System

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Triphala Tablet
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Ambic Triphala tablet is an Ayurvedic formulation with a powerful combination of amla, harad, baheda. It supports the bowel system as it improves digestion and helps with constipation. The tablets are made according to the traditional Ayurvedic remedy and are known for their gastrointestinal health benefits.

The formulation of three herbs allows many applications like balancing the three doshas. These tablets can be used every day to relieve acidity, help with loss of appetite and reduce gastric disorders. The ingredients have anti-microbial properties that make these tablets effective in minimising bacterial activity in the mouth.

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What are Triphala tablets used for?

Triphala tablets are used to balance doshas in order to boost immunity, balance digestion and relieve constipation. These tablets are also used in controlling bowel movements.
Yes, you can take 1 tablet twice every day. You can also consult your physician to know the suitable dose for you. 
Yes, these tablets are good for reducing constipation by balancing doshas. 

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Helps ease constipation


Removes toxins from the body


It helps in the easy expulsion of stool


Immunity Booster

Improves Digestion

Helps in Constipation

Balances Doshas

Supports Bowel System

How To Consume

Take 1 Tablet twice a day or as prescribed by the physician

Dilute the juice with 30mll lukewarm water

Continue For 3 Months

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