Smart N Slim Capsule Ayurvedic Medicine to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally

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Goodness of Garcinia | 40+ Herbs Used

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Made with 100% natural ingredients, the Smart n Slim capsule is useful for men and women to maintain body weight. These ayurvedic weight loss capsules have the power herbs that are highly beneficial for maintaining your metabolism and keeping your body’s weight balanced.

Ingredients like green coffee seeds and green tea extracts cut fats and boost metabolism. While other ingredients like moringa leaf, and Garcinia Cambogia reduce your appetite by providing fibre and keeping you full for a longer time.

These tablets help to balance your weight and lead you to a healthy lifestyle. These slimming capsules have no side effects and even avoid any strains.

The capsules are efficient enough in decreasing weight by enhancing the metabolic rate and improving the utilization of body fat. These also reduce cortisol levels and support your emotional and mental health by balancing the body.


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What does Ambic Smart n Slim Capsule actually do?

Smart n Slim capsule is useful for men and women to maintain body weight. These ayurvedic weight loss capsules are made with power herbs that are highly beneficial for maintaining your metabolism and keeping your body’s weight balanced.
These ayurvedic slim capsules are suitable for both men and women who want to lose weight.
No. Smart n Slim Capsules are made with natural plant-based ingredients that do not possess like Triphala, Panchlavan, and Agnimuh Churna. Every product by Ambic Ayurveda is 100% plant-based and free from possessing any side effects.

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Garcinia Cambogia

Boosts weight loss

Green Coffee Seeds

Acts as an antioxidant

Medohar Guggal

Suppresses appetite

Green Tea Extracts

Helps the body lose more calories

Moringa Leaf

Rich in antioxidants

Why Choose Us

ISO Certified

GMP Certified

Super Handy



25 Years Of Trust & Legacy


Goodness of Garcinia

40+ Herbs Used

Helps in Weight Management

Improves Metabolism

No Side Effects

How To Consume

1 Capsule In Morning After Breakfast

1 Capsule In The Night Before Sleep

Preferably Consume With Lukewarm Milk/Water

Minimum Course Duration 3 Months

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4.40 Overall
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72 reviews for Smart N Slim Capsule Ayurvedic Medicine to Reduce Belly Fat Naturally

  1. 72 reviews


    This smart n slim capsule helped me lose weight and feel more confident. 😍

  2. 72 reviews


    Love this Ayurvedic capsule for reducing belly fat.🌟

  3. 72 reviews

    Disha Gupta

    Improved my metabolism.👍

  4. 72 reviews

    Kiran Rawat

    Effective and natural solution for weight management.👌

  5. 72 reviews

    Nisha Singh

    Fantastic product… Lost some inches around my waist.😊

  6. 72 reviews

    Kavya Reddy

    Smart N Slim capsule made my weight loss journey easier.😊

  7. 72 reviews

    Tara Bains

    Healthy and safe way to reduce weight.😍

  8. 72 reviews

    Rashi Sharma

    Lost belly fat with ease.😍

  9. 72 reviews

    Anaya Khanna

    Love the way it helps me stay slim.😍

  10. 72 reviews


    These capsules help me to maintain a healthy lifestyle.😊😊😊

  11. 72 reviews


    This capsule increases my metabolism and reduces my weight naturally.😊😊😊

  12. 72 reviews


    These capsules don’t have any side effects😊😊😊

  13. 72 reviews


    These capsules don’t have any side effects

  14. 72 reviews


    After using lots of medicines I didn’t get any results but when I used this capsule I got good results.

  15. 72 reviews


    This capsule helps me to maintain my body weight

  16. 72 reviews


    Easy to take and convenient.

  17. 72 reviews

    Swati jain

    So happy with the results.

  18. 72 reviews


    Fits into my busy lifestyle easily.

  19. 72 reviews

    Malti Singh

    Best weight loss supplement.😍

  20. 72 reviews


    Nice product.😊

  21. 72 reviews

    Sakshi Tanwar

    Smart n Slim capsule worked well on my body.

  22. 72 reviews

    Dipti Solanki

    These ayurvedic slimming capsules help control my cravings and hunger.

  23. 72 reviews


    Love the way I feel after taking these capsules.

  24. 72 reviews


    These ayurvedic slim capsules burn fat fast. 😍

  25. 72 reviews

    Jasleen Kaur

    Great for boosting metabolism and energy.

  26. 72 reviews


    Effective weight loss capsules, highly recommend!👍

  27. 72 reviews

    Nitish Garg

    No side effects, safe to use.😊

  28. 72 reviews

    Abhishek Dwevedi

    Love these ayurvedic slim capsules.

  29. 72 reviews

    Ayushi Malik

    Effective weight loss capsule.

  30. 72 reviews

    Swati goyal

    Very effective slim capsules… worth money.

  31. 72 reviews

    Sanaya Gupta

    These slimming capsules boosted my metabolism and helps in weight loss.

  32. 72 reviews

    Leena Mathur

    Lost inches, gained confidence… Thank you Ambic Ayurved.🌟

  33. 72 reviews

    Bimla Verma

    Love these smart n slim capsules… Visible results in weeks 👀

  34. 72 reviews

    Anshika Bhardwaj

    Highly recommended 👍

  35. 72 reviews

    Rakesh singh

    This smart n slim capsule controls appetite, no side effects 👍

  36. 72 reviews

    Santosh Rajput

    Easy to swallow capsules.

  37. 72 reviews


    These capsules don’t have any side effects.😊😊😊

  38. 72 reviews

    Karan Singh

    Great ayurvedic product for fat loss.

  39. 72 reviews

    Ishaan Singh

    Effective for people who wants to burn fat and reduce cholesterol.

  40. 72 reviews


    Effective fat burner 🔥

  41. 72 reviews

    Hitesh Goel

    Product is nice! Great work

  42. 72 reviews

    Varun jaiswal

    Boosted my metabolism.😊👍

  43. 72 reviews

    Vandana Chaudhary

    Reduces appetite.

  44. 72 reviews


    Great product for my weight loss journey.

  45. 72 reviews

    Myra Singhania

    Effective and natural slimming solution… love it.👍

  46. 72 reviews

    Kiran Sarkar

    This smart n slim capsule helps in controlling food cravings.👍

  47. 72 reviews


    Boosted metabolism, burned fat.😍

  48. 72 reviews


    Great results, I lost inches off my waist!

  49. 72 reviews

    Abhishek Chaudhari

    Effective ayurvedic capsules for fat burning👍

  50. 72 reviews

    Ritik jain

    This slim capsule improved my metabolism! 🌟

  51. 72 reviews

    Balendra Singh

    Best capsule for fat loss in the market

  52. 72 reviews

    Kapil Singh

    It is one of the best capsule for losing fat. It has lower my cholesterol levels.

  53. 72 reviews

    Lalit Singh

    Earlier my weight was 89 Kgs but after using this product for a month, it was reduced to 78 Kgs.

  54. 72 reviews

    Naman Bansal

    Great product. You can also do dieting and exercise for best results.

  55. 72 reviews

    Priya Singh

    Useful product!

  56. 72 reviews


    Good Product… No side effects 😇

  57. 72 reviews

    Bhagwant Rai

    Good product combined with yoga and diet. You will get the best results.

  58. 72 reviews

    Shelly jain

    This Smart n Slip capsule helps me to control my sugar cravings😍

  59. 72 reviews

    Sadhna Raina

    It Boosts my energy levels.😊

  60. 72 reviews

    Anju Sharma

    Natural and safe, with no side effects.

  61. 72 reviews

    Vedika Bhatia

    Ayurvedic slimming capsules that actually work.🌟

  62. 72 reviews

    Dev Singh

    I am using this product for 2 weeks only. Still, I was able to reduce 2 kgs weight.

  63. 72 reviews

    Deepak Verma

    All my skin problems were solved because of this. Also, the glow on my face is returned.

  64. 72 reviews

    Pankaj Sharma

    Great product as I have been using it for 3 months. Nice!

  65. 72 reviews

    Lalit Verma

    Good capsule for all people who wants weight management.

  66. 72 reviews

    Hitesh Singh

    I like this syrup. The taste is ok. Results are amazing.

  67. 72 reviews

    Mahima Singh

    This is one of the best capsule for weight loss.

  68. 72 reviews

    Varun Kumar

    This syrup acts as a natural blood purifier. It clears your skin from inside.

  69. 72 reviews

    Jatin Goel

    Good results so far.

  70. 72 reviews

    Vipul Pal

    Good product!

  71. 72 reviews

    Piyush Singh

    This capsule has helped me a lot in my weight reduction. Thanks to Ambic !

  72. 72 reviews

    Kajal Tyagi

    Liked this capsule as it is a great fat burner. Great Product!

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