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Sitopaladi Tablets
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Ambic Sitopaladi tablet is a classic ayurvedic formulation for strengthening the respiratory system. This tablet is enriched with anti-inflammatory properties which provide relief for cough and sore throat. These tablets are beneficial in relieving the congestion in your chest and quickly helping with breathing. This completely natural formulation is highly effective to get relief from cough and drowsiness.

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What are the benefits of Ambic Sitopaladi Tablets?

Ambic Sitopaladi Tablets are beneficial in relieving chest congestion, reducing cough, and controlling drowsiness. 
Yes, these tablets are good enough to control cough. It is an ayurvedic formula made with a natural herb called Sitopaladi, effective in reducing cough and congestion.
No, these tablets are made with ingredients sourced from nature and hence do not pose any side effects. 
No. These tablets are in fact, effective in controlling drowsiness caused by cough or chest congestion.

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Boosts respiratory function


Relieves Chest Congestion

Quick Relief

Controls Cough

Non Drowsy

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25 years of trust and legacy


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GMP Certified

No Artificial Color

How To Use


Take 1-2 Tablets Twice A Day With Lukewarm Water / Milk Or As Directed By Your Physician


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