Period Care Juice for Delayed & Irregular Periods I Manages PCOD, PCOS & Hormonal Imbalance

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Relieves Period Pain | Regulates Menses Cycle

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The ayurvedic formulation of this juice can help with irregular menstrual cycles and period discomfort. The period care juice is made with natural ingredients that are highly effective in providing relief during periods. 
The ingredients include Chaste Berry, Ashoka, Lodhra, Shatavar, Noni, and Mulethi. Lodhra helps to balance estrogen and progesterone. 
On the other hand, chaste berry helps to reduce the symptoms of PMS. It can reduce breast pain, and headaches and even control mood changes. This juice blend overall helps to improve women’s health for a lasting time.


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Who should consume Period Care Juice?

Period care Juice is ideal for women fighting period cramps and hormonal imbalances. This juice can provide relief to all women from menstrual cramps. It can also be considered by women experiencing irregular periods or PCOS and PCOD.
This juice can be consumed for 36 months after its manufacturing date.
Consume 30 ml of this juice mixed with a glass of water. Drink it twice a day after your meals. Ensure to shake the bottle before consumption.
No. Ambic Ayurveda's range of products is made with 100% natural ingredients sourced from mother earth. Our products do not contain any added preservatives, artificial colors, or added sugar.
Period Care Juice is formulated with potent herbs and all-natural ingredients, whereas hormonal pills are made with artificial ingredients. While hormonal pills may pose some risks of side effects, period care juice is completely natural- free of any side effects.

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Chaste Berry

Manages menstrual cycle irregularities


Helps to manage irregular and painful periods


Contains astringent and hemostatic properties, helps to manage the heavy flow of blood


Helps in prolonged or abnormal bleeding


Copes with menstrual pain


Antispasmodic properties relaxes muscle pain


Relieves Period Pain

Regulates Menses Cycle

Balances Hormones

Enhances Women’s Health

Purifies Blood

Reduces Pre Menstrual Symptoms

Why Choose Us

ISO Certified

GMP Certified

25 Years Of Trust & Legacy




How To Consume


Shake the bottle properly


Dilute 30ml juice with lukewarm water

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4.17 Overall
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92 reviews for Period Care Juice for Delayed & Irregular Periods I Manages PCOD, PCOS & Hormonal Imbalance

  1. 92 reviews


    Enhanced my health and relieved period discomfort.💖

  2. 92 reviews

    Nisha Verma

    Amazing juice…purified my blood.😍

  3. 92 reviews

    Riya Patel

    Effective juice for period.

  4. 92 reviews

    Aanya Kapoor

    Natural remedy for regular periods.💖

  5. 92 reviews

    Shalini Patil

    No more feeling weak and tired on periods.🌟

  6. 92 reviews

    Samira Shah

    Helps with my PCOS and weight loss.

  7. 92 reviews

    Nikita Dayal

    Reduced cramps, bloating, and acne.💜

  8. 92 reviews


    it really does work to reduce pain and discomfort. And very affordable.

  9. 92 reviews


    This helped a lot in curing my period cramps and also gave me so much relief after using it for 1 month. Must buy, a great product.

  10. 92 reviews


    I am consuming it and believe me, it’s very good and effective for females.

  11. 92 reviews


    It is an amazing juice. Also very affordable in price.

  12. 92 reviews


    great product and has multiple benefits. Really liked the taste.

  13. 92 reviews


    I really like the juice…it is really very nice product.

  14. 92 reviews


    Really helps to regulate irregular menstruation cycle and helps hormonal imbalance

  15. 92 reviews


    It helps ease my cramps making me feel much more comfortable during my period and very affordable.

  16. 92 reviews

    Ishika singh

    This juice makes my period more manageable, highly recommend.🌟

  17. 92 reviews


    Thankful for this natural remedy.💜

  18. 92 reviews

    Sonia Bhadana

    So refreshing, helps ease PMS symptoms.

  19. 92 reviews


    Organic and natural juice to drink during periods.

  20. 92 reviews

    Misha jain

    Calming effect on my mood swings during periods.

  21. 92 reviews

    Sangeeta Singh

    Refreshing and hydrating menstrual juice.

  22. 92 reviews

    jiya chaudhary

    No more painful cramps… love this period care juice.😍

  23. 92 reviews

    Rashi Rawat

    This juice for period is better than painkillers.

  24. 92 reviews

    Diksha Sharma

    This Period care juice is helpful for my periods cramps.💜

  25. 92 reviews

    Anita Joshi

    Amazing juice, regulated my periods perfectly.😍

  26. 92 reviews

    Saanvi Bhatia

    Love this juice for managing my PCOD symptoms.

  27. 92 reviews

    Gaurvika Rajput

    Thankful for this periods pain relief juice.🌟

  28. 92 reviews


    Refreshing helps with bloating.🍹

  29. 92 reviews

    Diya Reddy

    Improved my overall well-being during my periods.😍

  30. 92 reviews


    Tastes great and helped my PCOD.

  31. 92 reviews

    Palak Arora

    Less cramps, more comfort with Period Care Juice.

  32. 92 reviews

    Ishita Bhardwaj

    Best juice to drink during periods.

  33. 92 reviews

    Aaradhya Joshi

    Best juice for hormonal balance and regular periods.🌸

  34. 92 reviews

    Chitra sinha

    Happy with the purchase.😊👍

  35. 92 reviews


    Refreshing juice best juice to drink during periods.

  36. 92 reviews

    Manisha Rathore

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural and effective way to manage their menstrual cycle.

  37. 92 reviews

    Saloni chaudhary

    Nice product.

  38. 92 reviews

    Geetika singh

    I appreciate that this product is made with natural ingredients which are really good for health.

  39. 92 reviews

    Zeenat Ahmed

    Great alternative to pills… very effective juice.

  40. 92 reviews

    Sonal Bareja

    It’s a great option for anyone who is looking for a natural and gentle period care solution.

  41. 92 reviews


    I appreciate that this product is designed specifically for period care… Great product.

  42. 92 reviews


    Keeps me calm and centered during periods.

  43. 92 reviews

    Aradhaya Chaudhary

    This period care juice is great overall health booster.

  44. 92 reviews

    Anita Mishra

    Great juice for reducing stress and anxiety.

  45. 92 reviews

    Aparna jain

    Can’t believe I didn’t try this juice before.😍

  46. 92 reviews

    Pratibha singh

    I have recommended this product to my friends and family who also struggle with women’s health issues.

  47. 92 reviews

    Preeti Chandila

    It’s a great investment in your health… value for money

  48. 92 reviews

    Rashi Rawat

    Great option for anyone looking for a natural way to manage their menstrual symptoms.

  49. 92 reviews

    Sonika Bhadana

    I have noticed that my periods have become more regular since I started using this product.

  50. 92 reviews

    Sandhya Sharma

    This period care juice balances my hormones naturally.

  51. 92 reviews

    Ishika Sharma

    Balanced my hormones.

  52. 92 reviews

    Tanisha Nagar

    Improved my skin, and purified my blood too.😍

  53. 92 reviews

    Ritika chaudhary

    This juice helped me balance my imbalanced hormones and is really helpful.

  54. 92 reviews

    Arushi singh

    Self-care during periods made easy with this Juice.💕

  55. 92 reviews

    Radhika singh

    This period care juice has helped reduce my cramps and bloating during my menstrual cycle.

  56. 92 reviews

    Veena Kapoor

    Improved my menses cycle… highly recommended.🌟

  57. 92 reviews

    Saroj verma

    I always used to go through lots of cramps during periods but this juice helped to bear it all…it’s like a blessing for person like me who go through dying pain during menstruation.

  58. 92 reviews

    Sana khan

    Boosts energy and balances my hormones.

  59. 92 reviews

    Amita Agrawal

    Less bloating and cramps, I’m happy.😍

  60. 92 reviews

    Kanchan Rajput

    Tastes great, eases cramps.💜

  61. 92 reviews

    Maya Chauhan

    This period care juice has helped regulate my hormones and reduce my acne breakouts.

  62. 92 reviews

    Ankita Kumari

    It’s very effective and has improved my overall quality of life… no side effect.

  63. 92 reviews


    It’s definitely helped me feel more productive… Thank you Ambic Ayurveda.

  64. 92 reviews


    Period pain is gone with this juice.💜

  65. 92 reviews

    Komal Dagar

    It’s very effective and I highly recommend it.

  66. 92 reviews


    This ayurvedic period care juice has a great blend of herbs that have been traditionally used for menstrual health… Good product.

  67. 92 reviews


    Perfect for maintaining a healthy flow.

  68. 92 reviews

    Shreya Mannan

    This period care juice improved my mood and energy levels.💜

  69. 92 reviews

    Rachna Sharma

    This period care juice is affordable & value for money

  70. 92 reviews

    Tarini Bisht

    All natural ingredients, no more chemicals.👌💯

  71. 92 reviews

    Rhea Malhotra

    Improved my period health…amazing juice.💖

  72. 92 reviews

    jiya khan

    This ayurvedic juice for periods definitely works well on body pain.

  73. 92 reviews

    Nandini Kajla

    Relieves cramps, tastes great too!

  74. 92 reviews

    Sheenu Singh

    Amazing juice to drink during periods…Nice product.

  75. 92 reviews


    Best juice to drink during periods… very effective.

  76. 92 reviews

    Ayesha khan

    Best ayurvedic syrup for irregular periods… must try.

  77. 92 reviews

    Kanika Biswas

    Best juice for regulating periods.😍

  78. 92 reviews

    Yogita Sharma

    This juice is perfect solution for my irregular periods.🌺

  79. 92 reviews

    Nishu Sharma

    Easy to drink, calming effects.

  80. 92 reviews

    Sanjana Gupta

    Effective remedy for managing hormonal imbalances.

  81. 92 reviews

    Tiya jain

    I have tried a lot of different period care products, but this is by far the best one I’ve tried.

  82. 92 reviews

    Gunjan kunwar

    This period care juice reduces cramps and regulates my irregular menses… Thank you Ambic Ayurved.

  83. 92 reviews


    This juice is very easy to digest and doesn’t have any side effects.

  84. 92 reviews

    Shinu Tokas

    I have noticed that I have more energy during my periods since I started using this product.

  85. 92 reviews

    Niharika Phogat

    Really helps to regulate my irregular menstruation cycle and helps hormonal imbalance.

  86. 92 reviews

    Sonia Bhatia

    I have tried a lot of period care products over the years, but this one of the few that has actually made a noticeable difference in my symptoms.

  87. 92 reviews

    Akshita singh

    Finally found something that works for me!

  88. 92 reviews

    Simran Tanwar

    It’s definitely worth trying… Amazing results.

  89. 92 reviews

    Nistha Singh

    This period care juice helped regulate my irregular periods.

  90. 92 reviews

    Mansi singh

    The results are awesome.

  91. 92 reviews

    Palak sharma

    This juice is very easy to consume and has a good taste.

  92. 92 reviews

    Sameera Choudhury

    Regular periods! Love this juice.

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