Navroop-DS For Swasth Nari Women Syrup 300ml with 30 tablets



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Navroop DS Syrup is an effective formula for women’s health. The syrup is made with natural herbs that are great to boost your overall health.
This syrup helps to regulate menstrual cycles. If you experience irregular cycles, Navroop DS Syrup is a great solution to bring them to the right cycle again.
This also helps in maintaining a hormonal balance. You can take this syrup to get help with your menstrual cycle, PCOs, and PCOD and to gain better hormonal balance.
It helps females pass through several psychosomatic changes during which they are prone to developing several physiological as well as pathological disorders from the onset of the first menstruation year to menopause, the cessation of menses. It also helps to reduce fatigue, stress problems, and various diseases in women.

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Who should consume Navroop DS Syrup?

Navroop DS Syrup is suitable for all women over 18 who want to achieve healthier bodies with regulated menstrual cycles.
This syrup is consumable for 36 months after manufacturing.
Consume 15 ml of this syrup with lukewarm water or milk. Shake well before use.
Navroop DS Syrup is a natural formulation of ingredients like ShankhPushpi, Lodra, and Anantmool. This syrup is natural and does not cause any harm. It is different from other products as it is easy to consume and is free from any preservatives or added sugar.

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Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory manages female disorders

Anantamool majeeth

Anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, helps prevent many diseases


Brahmi shankhpushpi

Treats anxiety and depression improves skin health



Helps regulate irregular periods

Maintain hormonal balance

Optimises urinal health

Reduces period discomfort

Helps in timely ovulation

Manages uterine problems

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