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Improves Muscle Mass | Enhance Strength & Energy

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Nav Nirman Capsule
Nav Nirman Advanced Muscle Build Capsule for Natural Muscle Gain | Ayurvedic Weight Gain Capsules 594 460
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NNT Advanced Capsules are made with powerful herbs including Ashwagandha, Konch Beej, Safed Musli, Milk Thistle, Garcinia Cambogia, and Dandelion Root. These powerful herbs help to enhance muscle tissue’s energy, give your body better protein intake, boost muscle recovery, and improve muscle contraction and expansion.

Due to the potential herbs, this formulation is rich in essential nutrients, and amino acids. NTT Advanced capsules are helpful in increasing muscle protein. It enhances stamina and endurance.

This ayurvedic weight gain medicine also boosts the effectiveness of the protein and reduces the soreness in the muscles. The capsules not only help to increase the impact of your workout but also enhances the efficiency of the protein you consume.

The mix of herbs works on different systems of the body including the digestive system, and muscular, restores the physiology of the body, and offers long-term results.

The ingredients present in the capsules help you to reach your fitness goals without any side effects. It improves your performance by enhancing the flow of blood to the muscles. Ultimately, it helps to improve workouts and help in post-workout recovery.

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No. NNT Advanced Capsules are made with completely natural ingredients. These ingredients are sourced from plants and hence do not possess any side effects. Every product by Ambic Ayurveda is 100% plant-based and free from possessing any side effects.
For optimal results, it is suggested to consume these capsules for a minimum period of 3 months.
Anyone above the age of 18 years is eligible to use this product.

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May help increase muscle strength

Konch Beej

May improve body composition

Safed Musli

Contains Saponins that promote muscle growth

Milk Thistle

Removes toxins from the body

Garcinia Cambogia

May help remove extra fats


stress (1)

Enhance Strength & Energy


Improves Muscle Mass


Helps In Muscle Gain & Weight Gain


Boosts Muscle Contraction


Helps Manage Edema

How to Use


1-2 Tablets two times in a day or as prescribed by your medical practitioner

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112 reviews for Nav Nirman Advanced Muscle Build Capsule for Natural Muscle Gain | Ayurvedic Weight Gain Capsules

  1. Raghav Iyer

    Amazing Ayurvedic capsules for natural muscle growth.💯

  2. Sunil yadav

    Great supplement for muscle building.💪

  3. Anuj Bhatt

    These capsules really help me in gaining muscle mass.🌟

  4. Govind Dhawan

    Good product… very effective.

  5. Kartik Singh

    Enhanced my strength and energy levels.👍

  6. Gopal Singh

    I always want to gain weight, I tried other methods but this doesn`t help me out. After taking these tablets, I gain weight and I am ordering again.

  7. Nakul Singh

    Best tablet for increasing weight!

  8. Maanav Singh

    Great product so far!

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