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Improves Muscle Mass | Helps in Muscle Toning

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Nav Nirman DS Tablets are effective to increase muscle mass, body energy by reducing work inefficiency. It helps in facilitating a strong and sturdy body and repairs torn up and damaged muscle tissue. Add these capsules in your daily life if you are a fitness enthusiast and looking for a toned body. These tablets are the best Ayurvedic treatment for bodybuilding and a healthy body. They are safe, natural, free of side effects, and help to gain healthy body weight. Go and grab these herbal tablets right now and give yourself a strong body.








Loah bhasm



Bang Bhasm



stress (1)

Strong and Sturdy Body


Improves Digestion And Metaboism


Effective Muscle Growth




Body Strength and Energy

How to Use


1-2 Tablets two times in a day or as prescribed by your medical practitioner

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GMP Certified

Super Handy



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40 reviews for Nav Nirman DS Muscle Gain Tablet | Ayurvedic Weight Gainer Tablets

  1. 40 reviews


    Best solution for all those who want to gain muscles or whose weight is less.

  2. 40 reviews

    Manan Tyagi

    Nav Nirman tablet also increase your appetite and you eat more and thus helps on gaining weight.

  3. 40 reviews

    Harsh Bhatt

    This ayurvedic weight gain tablet is good and definitely dreserve more likes. I have increase 6 Kgs weight in 2 months.

  4. 40 reviews

    Gaurav Goel

    Loved the product! It has brought me amazing results. Morever, I don`t feel any side effect.

  5. 40 reviews

    Anshul Verma

    Nice product! Good for muscle build-up.

  6. 40 reviews

    Saurabh Sharma

    1st time use

  7. 40 reviews

    Deepak Bansal

    Nav Nirman tablets are the best in the market, I have tried other tablets also but this has produced best results for me.

  8. 40 reviews

    Sanyam Singh

    This product helped me to gain weight naturally. My body has less weight as compared to my height. This product has helped me to gain weight fast.

  9. 40 reviews

    Gaurav Singh

    My height to weight ratio is not correct. So, I take these tablets and changes got reflected from the first month.

  10. 40 reviews

    Shaan Khurana

    Best weight gain tablets in a healthy way. It has make my muscles bigger.

  11. 40 reviews

    Jeevan Kumar

    Great product for all people. It has increase my body mass and also helped to grow more muslces. I also found that my skin is also radiating.

  12. 40 reviews


    Kese leni hai tablet?

  13. 40 reviews

    Hitesh Singh

    After workout, I feel tired and low on energy. These tablets have helped me to repair broken muscles.

  14. 40 reviews

    Ramesh kulkarni

    Product is just ok

  15. 40 reviews

    Gaurav kapoor

    I prefer working out in gym but my slim body was unable to lift more weights. Then I started taking these tablets. Now, I have seen teriffic changes in my energy levels, power and muscles. Thanks to this product!

  16. 40 reviews

    Amit Singh

    Nav Nirman is the best body mass gainer product. My friend recommended this product and after taking it for 2 weeks, I was able to gain 5 kgs weight.

  17. 40 reviews

    Gaurav Bansal

    I am usually washed out due to work pressure in office. So, sometimes I take these tablets to increase my weight and keep up with the energy levels.

  18. 40 reviews

    Rakesh Goel

    Great product👍

  19. 40 reviews

    Rishabh Rao

    You should really try this product. It is so amazing. The best muscle gainer i ever came across. I also suggested this to my gym friends.

  20. 40 reviews

    sachin Matta

    I have always had a very lean body which is why i started consuming this ayurvedic medicine for muscle growth and it has amazingly helped, i will really suggest this if you also have problem with lean body.

  21. 40 reviews

    Pradumn Pande

    I really like this amazing tablet. I suggest this to you if you are looking for something that can increase your body energy. I was suggested this tablet my gym partner and i really like this one now.

  22. 40 reviews

    Pankaj Ojha

    If you are a fitness freak like me you should really try this tablet. You can also take the powder one. This really helps you tone up your body. It also increases the body’s energy. I suggest this to every one who wants build muscles.

  23. 40 reviews


    Great ayurvedic medicine for body mass gain. I

  24. 40 reviews

    Ayyan Singh

    Some of my friends use to make a mockery of me and these tablets has helped me to get rid of that. Thank You!

  25. 40 reviews


    I go to gym everyday and this juice is supplementing the growth of muscles in my body. This is a great choice to build healthy muscles. I also suggested this to my friends at gym

  26. 40 reviews

    Rajiv Shakhya

    Superb mass gainer in this price segment. I gain 2 kg in a week with these tablets. It`s really awesome. Now I will buy more.

  27. 40 reviews

    Rajat Tandon

    Great product for muscle building.

  28. 40 reviews

    Aviral Gill

    I have always had lean body problem. The muscle mass in my body is not healthy enough. I am not weak health wise but my muscle lack makes me look weak. I have started using this product recently and I think it’s showing the results. It is really helping me with muscle growth.”

  29. 40 reviews

    Arijit Kashyap

    My friend in gym suggested this product. I have just hit the gym. It has really helped me a lot. Increasing my set reps was always not so easy. Thanks a lot!

  30. 40 reviews

    Viky Verma

    Nav nirman mass gainer tablet does what it claims. I bought this product a few weeks ago, I have gained 6 kg weight and my muscles looks amazing.

  31. 40 reviews

    Akash Raj

    Got these tablets for myself as my friend suggested it. I have tried others also but they were not so effective.

  32. 40 reviews

    Prekhar Singh

    Nav nirman tablets has helped me to gain 4 kg in just 1.2 months.

  33. 40 reviews

    Amit Sharma

    This product helped me gain weight. It is a good product.

  34. 40 reviews

    Rajat Gujral

    I am using this product for 6 months from now. It`s really a terrific product. It has bring good results for me.

  35. 40 reviews

    Gaurav Goel

    I bought these tablets one month ago. After having these I was able to gain weight fast and also my energy levels during gym is good. Seen much improvement from before!

  36. 40 reviews

    Jeevan Singh

    Nice Product!

  37. 40 reviews

    Rahul Kumar

    I bought this product 20 days ago, I want to gain body mass and there after using this product, I gain 1.6 kg. Now my body is transforming and looking good.

  38. 40 reviews

    Varun Pal

    Nav Nirman tablets are good and it has helped me to repair muscle tissues.

  39. 40 reviews

    Sandeep Verma

    These tablets are amazing as it helped me to get those pumps and muscle gain I wish for. It is an effective muscle growth and repair muscle tissue.

  40. 40 reviews


    Nice Products

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