Kandarp Syrup

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Enhance Performance & Increases Timing | Acts as Daily Energizer

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Kandarp Is a Male Wellness Ayurvedic Supplement. Carefully Crafted with Handpicked Herbs Like Ashwagandha, Shilajit, Salam Panja, and Loh Bhasma Which Helps Enhance Performance & Increases Timing in Men. Kandarp Acts as Daily Energizer & Helps Cope with Stress & Anxiety. It Is Any Man’s Go to Product When It Comes to Men Wellness Products. This Ayurvedic Testosterone Booster Also Helps to Revitalize the Body.


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Loh Bhasma


Praval Pishti

Salam Panja


Enhance Performance & Increases Timing

Acts as Daily Energizer

Helps Cope with Stress & Anxiety

Overall Energy & Stamina Booster

Effective Mood Enhancer

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ISO Certified

GMP Certified

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25 Years Of Trust & Legacy

How To Consume

Morning – Take 15ml Kandarp Syrup with Lukewarm Milk

Evening  – Take 15ml Kandarp Syrup with Lukewarm Milk 1hr Before Sleep  or as Directed by a Physician

Note: for Effective Results Continue This Dosage for at Atleast 3 Months

For Enhanced Results:-

1. Switch to an Active Lifestyle Involving Daily Running / Brisk Walking

2. Follow Balanced Diets Including Fruits, Juices & Soups

3. Carry Out Moderate Exercise on a Regular Basis

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31 reviews for Kandarp Syrup

  1. 31 reviews

    Raj Yadav

    I am using this product daily, me and my wife start noticing that I am more active after my job at home. Thanks Ambic!

  2. 31 reviews

    Piyush Gupta

    I am using this product for more than 5 months and I liked the taste and also the spike it gives me to boost my performance. It has also helped me to increase the immunity.

  3. 31 reviews

    Nikhil Singh

    Kandarp syrup is a great product and it`s delivery is on time. Loved the product and it has helped me to increase sperm count.

  4. 31 reviews

    Kavish Gill

    I liked this product and it has helped me to boost energy levels, stamina and performance.

  5. 31 reviews

    Arun Jha

    Very good stamina booster product and also helps in treating impotence. I liked it!

  6. 31 reviews

    Prekhar Jha

    Review after 12 days of use. It`s working great and helped me to increase testosterone levels.

  7. 31 reviews

    Pankaj Raj

    My friend recommend this product and I have been taking it on daily basis and reports show that it has increased my sperms count.

  8. 31 reviews

    Priyansh Singh

    Great product for boosting stamina and performance. I liked the product and re ordering again.

  9. 31 reviews

    Jay Khatri

    Review after 12 days of use. It`s working great and helped me to increase testosterone levels.

  10. 31 reviews

    Rajiv Singh

    Ambic ayurveda provides great ayurveda products. They are organic and have long lasting effect.

  11. 31 reviews

    Dev Priya

    My kandarp syrup is good and it helped me a lot to get better performance and immunity. Great product!

  12. 31 reviews

    Moksh Lal

    This ayurveda syrup is good and I got immediate results after using this product.

  13. 31 reviews

    Ishan Dayal

    This syrup has really helped me and also helped me to increase sperm count and boost testosterone levels. Loved it!

  14. 31 reviews

    Aditya Singh

    Kandarp syrup is good. After taking it on a daily basis, I can see a spike in energy. It is an organic product and has helped me in increase performance and energy.

  15. 31 reviews

    Daksh Ghosh

    Great syrup, herbs used to boost testosterone levels and treat impotence. Nice product!

  16. 31 reviews

    Akash Patel

    Kandarp syrup is good product and it is best supplement to boost testosterone. It also helped me to boost my performance.

  17. 31 reviews

    Rishabh Singhal

    This is an amazing sexual wellness product that helps cope with stress and anxiety and boost stamina. My energy levels are fired up.

  18. 31 reviews

    Sahil Singh

    It does exactly what it says, it improves your mood and helps you to gain energy, stamina and sperm count.

  19. 31 reviews

    Rishabh Verma

    Kandarp syrup is good ayurvedic supplement that has help me to enhance my energy and boost testosterone levels naturally.

  20. 31 reviews

    Jiya Sharma

    My husband was getting worn out and looks tired. His mood remains upset most of the time due to fatigue. He then buy kandarp syrup for the problem. After having for a week, his energy is elevated and he has more stamina and also his mood is elevated.

  21. 31 reviews

    Kavish Singh

    Amazing product by Ambic. Liked it as it helps in increasing sperm counts.

  22. 31 reviews

    Ishan Arya

    The best ayurveda product for people like me who are suffering from stress, anxiety and mood disorders.

  23. 31 reviews

    Kanika Tyagi

    My husband gets exhausted at the end of the day, so he buy this product and after taking this, his energy levels are great and also his performance is increased.

  24. 31 reviews

    Deepak Singh

    Kandarp syrup is a value for money product and helps in boosting testosterone levels naturally. Great syrup by Ambic Ayurved.

  25. 31 reviews

    Rishabh Singh

    Kandarp syrup is good for both mind and body as it helps to treat impotence and boost testosterone naturally.

  26. 31 reviews

    Laksh Chabra

    Kandarp syrup is an amazing product and I am using it on a daily basis. Results are amazing.

  27. 31 reviews

    Gaurav Singh

    I buy this syrup 3 weeks ago and it has all herbs to boost testosterone levels. Nice product!

  28. 31 reviews

    Sahil Singh

    Liked it!

  29. 31 reviews

    Pavan Chawla

    Great sexual wellness product. I am using it for more than 6 months.

  30. 31 reviews

    Rudra Deol

    I am very much satisfied with the kandarp syrup. I did try others brand products but they were not satisfying.

  31. 31 reviews

    Piyush Dayal

    Great product by Ambic. I like taking it on a daily basis.

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