Hair Care Juice for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control I Ayurvedic Biotin & Natural DHT Blocker

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For Hair Wellness and Growth

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The Ambic Hair Care Juice is a natural formulation of potent ingredients that aid in better hair growth and strengthen the hair follicle. The juice includes the goodness of ingredients like Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakakai, and more.
These ingredients are popularly known for their lasting benefits on the hair including lesser hair fall, stronger scalp, and more. The old-age hair recipe of grandmothers is now formed into this juice.
Amla helps to repair the scalp by providing it with Vitamin C. It is also a rich source of Iron and Carotene, preventing hair breakage. Other ingredients like Shikakai and Hibiscus help to make your hair look healthy and lustrous.
They thicken the hair and also aid against frizz, breakage, and dryness. This juice, in all, is a combination to give you healthier and thicker hair.


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What are the advantages of drinking this Hair Care Juice?

You can consume this juice as a hair care therapy that helps to combat hair fall and hair breakage. It makes the hair follicles stronger and makes your scalp healthier. The juice is perfectly ideal for people who are tired of hair fall.
No. Ambic Ayurveda's range of products is made with 100% natural ingredients sourced from mother earth. Our products do not contain any added preservatives, artificial colors, or added sugar.
Yes. This juice is suitable to be consumed by men and women above the age of 18.
The shelf life of this juice is 36 months.
You should consider consuming this juice for at least 3 months to see visible results. Most users notice a reduction in hair fall in two months of consuming this juice.

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Promotes Hair Growth

Restores Hair Quality

Reduces Hair Fall

Strengthen Hair Follicle

Adds volume to hair

Promotes new hair growth


Sesbania Agati

Rich source of biotin controls thinning


Antimicrobial and antifungal properties reduces dandruff


Increases blood circulation in the scalp makes roots stronger 



Rich source of Vitamins A, C, D, and E, boosts hair growth.


Loaded with Vitamin C, Stops hair loss

Saw Palmetto

Has antiandrogenic properties, and may prevent hair loss

Why Choose Us

ISO Certified

GMP Certified

25 Years Of Trust & Legacy




How to Consume


Shake the bottle properly


Dilute 30ml juice with lukewarm water

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4.23 Overall
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77 reviews for Hair Care Juice for Hair Growth & Hair Fall Control I Ayurvedic Biotin & Natural DHT Blocker

  1. 77 reviews

    Nisha Shah

    Best juice for hair growth… Nice product.😍

  2. 77 reviews

    Lakshmi Srinivasan

    Amazing hair care juice for hair growth and volume.👍

  3. 77 reviews

    Zara Kapoor

    My hair feels healthier and stronger.

  4. 77 reviews


    Great ayurvedic juice for hair growth.😍

  5. 77 reviews

    Sheela Kumari

    Best hair care juice I’ve tried.

  6. 77 reviews


    I have been drinking this juice for 2 months and the result are pretty good it is easy to use also.

  7. 77 reviews


    It’s affordable, easy to use, and delivers amazing results.

  8. 77 reviews


    After using this product I got beautiful, healthy hair

  9. 77 reviews


    I love the natural ingredients used in this product and it causes no damage to my hair.

  10. 77 reviews


    After a few months of using this product, my hair looks amazing! It’s healthier and has grown longer and stronger

  11. 77 reviews


    It’s simple to use and works wonders. Very affordable price😍👍

  12. 77 reviews


    It made a big difference in my hair’s health, and it tastes good!👍

  13. 77 reviews


    “After just a few weeks my hair looks so much better!

  14. 77 reviews


    “I love this Hair Care Juice! It transformed my hair😍😍😍

  15. 77 reviews

    Meena Mehta

    Best hair care juice ever.

  16. 77 reviews


    This hair growth juice improved my hair texture… love it.

  17. 77 reviews

    Riya Tiwari

    Love this hair growth drink! 🍹

  18. 77 reviews

    Priyanka Pandya

    Natural DHT blocker really works.🌟

  19. 77 reviews


    Hydrates hair and promotes growth. Love it!

  20. 77 reviews

    Aditi Gupta

    This hair care juice helps in restoring my hair’s natural beauty and shine.🌟

  21. 77 reviews

    Ayushi Dagar

    Good product.😊👍

  22. 77 reviews

    Aarti Singh

    Highly recommend for damaged hair.🌟

  23. 77 reviews


    Best juice for hair fall control.

  24. 77 reviews

    Anshika Tyagi

    This hair juice strengthens my hair.

  25. 77 reviews

    Tanvi Arora

    Love this Ambic hair care juice! So nourishing.

  26. 77 reviews

    Devika Sampath

    Effective hair juice, smells great, and works.😍

  27. 77 reviews

    Priya Das

    My hair feels thicker and healthier.🌟

  28. 77 reviews

    Anjum Rathore

    My new go-to hair product!

  29. 77 reviews

    Mayuri chaudhary

    So happy with my results.🌟

  30. 77 reviews

    Trisha Kumari

    Best juice to strengthen hair follicles.👍

  31. 77 reviews

    Payal singh

    It’s a great choice for all hair types.

  32. 77 reviews


    Absolutely Amazing product with zero side effects.

  33. 77 reviews

    Tina Singh

    This juice is very affordable… value for money

  34. 77 reviews


    Good product.

  35. 77 reviews

    Pakhi Aggarwal

    This Ambic Hair Care Juice helped me in controlling my hair fall.

  36. 77 reviews

    Chavi verma

    I was confused about trying this product, but I’m so glad I did! My hair feels so much stronger and healthier now.

  37. 77 reviews


    I love that this product is all-natural and doesn’t have any harsh chemicals.

  38. 77 reviews

    Nandini Malhotra

    Effective juice in reducing hair fall.

  39. 77 reviews

    Saloni Pai

    Lovely shine & bounce to my hair… nice product.

  40. 77 reviews

    Samira Sandhu

    Great juice for overall hair health and growth.👍

  41. 77 reviews

    Jasmin Ahuja

    Natural ingredients make this Hair Care Juice perfect.

  42. 77 reviews

    Swati yadav

    Easy way to get daily nutrients.

  43. 77 reviews

    Chahat jain

    Highly recommend Hair Care Juice to everyone!

  44. 77 reviews

    Shree dhar

    Nice product… go for it!

  45. 77 reviews

    Richa Subramaniam

    My hair feels healthier.😍

  46. 77 reviews

    Reema Parmar

    I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural and effective hair care solution.

  47. 77 reviews

    Pakhi singh

    Best juice to drink for hair growth.

  48. 77 reviews

    Gaytri sharma

    I’ve tried a lot of hair care products over the years, but this is one of the few that has actually made a noticeable difference in my hair.

  49. 77 reviews

    Dimple Chauhan

    This Hair care juice improved the overall health of my scalp.

  50. 77 reviews

    Rahul Sharma

    Amazing product, very effective results.

  51. 77 reviews


    Amazing taste and my hair feels stronger!

  52. 77 reviews

    Nikita Kapoor

    It’s definitely worth trying if you’re dealing with hair issues.

  53. 77 reviews

    Shinu Dagar

    Tastes amazing and adds shine to my hair.😍

  54. 77 reviews

    Kavya singh

    This hair care juice has a great taste, It makes my hair healthier and soft.

  55. 77 reviews


    This Haircare juice is very hydrating and made my hair look and feel much healthier.

  56. 77 reviews


    Smells great and adds volume to hair.

  57. 77 reviews

    Shirin Mital

    Hair fall reduced after using it.🌟

  58. 77 reviews


    All natural ingredients, love it!

  59. 77 reviews

    Aisha Sharma

    Love this juice for hair growth.🌸

  60. 77 reviews

    Ajay yadav

    For a few weeks now, I’ve been using Ambic Ayurveda’s Hair Care Juice, and I’m already seeing benefits… Good product.

  61. 77 reviews

    Naina Dagar

    Tasty and effective hair care juice 👍

  62. 77 reviews


    This hair-growth juice adds hydration and bounce in my hair.

  63. 77 reviews

    Shikha Solanki

    Great Product, Highly Recommended.

  64. 77 reviews

    Kyra Verma

    My hair feels nourished.😍

  65. 77 reviews


    It’s very effective and really works well on hair.

  66. 77 reviews


    Easy to consume… good in taste, effective Juice.🍹

  67. 77 reviews

    Shubhangi Chaudhary

    Amazing product for hair growth.

  68. 77 reviews

    Nancy Tyagi

    Great hair care juice… Taste is also good.

  69. 77 reviews

    Bani Sharma

    I am really impressed with this product.. Amazing results

  70. 77 reviews


    This product’s all-natural ingredients are fantastic for the health of your hair.

  71. 77 reviews

    Ayesha malik

    I have noticed less hair fall and breakage since I started consuming this juice.

  72. 77 reviews

    Sheetal Chandila

    My hair feels so silky after using it!

  73. 77 reviews

    Priya Bhatia

    It’s gentle on my hair and scalp… very effective juice.

  74. 77 reviews

    Deepika Rawat

    My hair feels softer and looks shinier.

  75. 77 reviews

    Rekha Tiwari

    Refreshing taste, improved hair thickness & strength.😍

  76. 77 reviews

    Reena Chandila

    Best hair growth drink… love it.

  77. 77 reviews

    Zayd Kunda

    Adds volume and shine to my hair.👍

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