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Healthy Weight Loss | Controls Appetite

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Ambic Fat Loss juice acts as a fat reducer ayurvedic juice. Its potent ingredients help in weight management and keeping your body healthy. With the help of Ambic Fat Loss Juice, you can easily manage your weight as it takes control of your appetite so that you can solely focus on weight loss.

Ambic Fat Loss Juice is made with ayurvedic herbs that are highly efficient in reducing fat and managing weight. This juice makes the body feel light and dynamic without affecting health. What makes this ayurvedic juice for weight loss so effective is the selection of herbs that promote bowel wellness and improves digestion.

The juice has a unique combination of Green Coffee Seeds, Garcinia, Pumpkin Seeds, and Triphala, which together help in building energy and strength, and showing visible weight loss results.


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Does Ambic Fat Loss juice help to reduce fat and weight?

Yes, Ambic Fat Loss Juice is made with potent ingredients that help maintain your weight and keep your body healthy. With the help of Ambic Fat Loss Juice, you can lose weight because it can control your appetite by keeping you fuller for longer. 
Yes, you need the juice because its ingredients will provide you with the necessary nutrients that your body does not get with a diet. The ingredients keep you full for longer and avoid the weakness that you might get from following a strict diet. 
Ambic Fat Loss Juice is an ayurvedic weight loss juice for healthy weight management. Being herbal in nature, it tastes exactly the same.
No. All of our Ayurvedic Juices are free from Artificial Sweetners / Added Sugars or Flavors. At Ambic , we Follow NO NASTIES policy

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Green Coffee

May help in blocking fat buildup

Moringa Ras

May enhance the fat breakdown and reduce fat formation


Enhances metabolism to help in burning fat

Noni Ras

Maintains active muscle cell mass

Methi Beej

Decreases appetite and keeps you full for longer


Lower Cholesterol and helps in weight loss


Contains antioxidants & enhances the body’s fat-burning capacity

Pumpkin Seed

Contains Manganese And Vitamin K


Regulates Bowel Movement

Promotes Healthy Weight Loss

Manages Appetite

Improves Digestion & Regulates Metabolism

Promotes Fat Reduction Naturally

Rejuvenates Health

How to consume

Shake the bottle Before Use

Take 2 Tsp 30 ML Of Juice

Why Choose us

Overall Rejuvenation Of Body

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4.63 Overall
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109 reviews for Fat Loss Juice | Ayurvedic Weight Loss Drink to Reduce Belly Fat – 1L

  1. 109 reviews

    Piyush Gupta

    My sister and me both are taking this fat loss juice to reduce weight. Till now 3 kgs weight is reduced.

  2. 109 reviews

    Jeetu Singh

    I buy this juice for my sister. She started drinking this juice and it has reduced her weight by 6 kgs. She is using it for 40 days.

  3. 109 reviews

    Saurav Chaudhary

    Best product for fat loss!

  4. 109 reviews

    Trisha Verma

    Good juice. Useful product.

  5. 109 reviews

    Jatin Shukla

    Good results!

  6. 109 reviews

    Himanshi Gupta

    My sister and me both are taking this fat loss juice to reduce weight. Till now 3 kgs weight is reduced.

  7. 109 reviews

    Jatin Roy

    Amazing product for loosing fat. During lockdown I gain weight. Thanks to this juice, I have reduced 8 Kgs weight.

  8. 109 reviews

    Disha Singh

    This helped me a lot. This juice is effective and value for money.

  9. 109 reviews

    Gagan Singh

    Fat loss juice for all age groups.

  10. 109 reviews

    Himesh Verma

    Great juice and also taste is nice.

  11. 109 reviews

    Jitesh Singh

    This juice is helpful in weight loss.

  12. 109 reviews

    Janvi Verma

    I would recommend this product to anyone who is facing difficulty for more fat.

  13. 109 reviews

    Karan Singh

    Loved this product!

  14. 109 reviews

    Amit Verma

    I brought this product a few days ago, it doesn`t make u feel hungry, it`s the best part!

  15. 109 reviews

    Himesh Verma

    I would recommend this juice to all who are facing difficulty in loosing weight.

  16. 109 reviews

    Tarun Pal

    This Fat loss juice has helped me in reducing fat mass and rejuvenate cells in the system. Great product!

  17. 109 reviews

    Sushant Verma

    Helpful but good with diet and excercise.

  18. 109 reviews

    Lakshit Kumar

    Excellent product and easy to take. I also recommend the fat loss juice to my sister.

  19. 109 reviews

    Janak Sharma

    Great product for maintaining and loosing weight.

  20. 109 reviews

    Riya Sharma

    This fat loss juice is good for maintaining a healthy diet and works amazingly well.

  21. 109 reviews

    Kartik Sharma

    Great product. You can also do dieting and exercise for best results.

  22. 109 reviews

    Saurabh Sharma

    Packaging is good and this fat loss juice is good for loosing weight.

  23. 109 reviews


    Ambic fat loss juice helps in suppressing hunger. We need to control carbohydrates for the best results.

  24. 109 reviews

    Deepak Tyagi

    I brought this product a few days ago. This is an excellent product and it has helped me to lose the weight I thought was not possible. For best results, you can combine with excercise and diet.

  25. 109 reviews

    Kiran Sharma

    Taste is good. Packaging is nice.

  26. 109 reviews

    Neha Singh

    This fat loss juice help you lose weight but and also offer a host of other health benefits.

  27. 109 reviews

    Priya Sharma

    This product works amazingly well as I lost 5 kgs in 1.5 months.

  28. 109 reviews

    Abhishek tyagi

    The packaging of Ambic fat loss juice is good and quantity is also good in this price range.

  29. 109 reviews

    Prahas Singhal

    I have been using this product for 20 days. Thanks to this product, my weight was reduced by 4 kgs.

  30. 109 reviews

    Priyanka Tyagi

    Great fat loss juice. This juice has given me great results.

  31. 109 reviews

    Raju Verma

    Flavor is also good and we can easily consume with water.

  32. 109 reviews

    Gaurangi sharma

    This fat loss juice helps in reducing blood and reduce acne visibility and skin issues.

  33. 109 reviews

    Shikhar Verma

    Liked this juice as it is a great fat burner. Great Product!

  34. 109 reviews


    It is an excellent product as it helps in hormonal balance which causes acne or even ithcing with red skin.

  35. 109 reviews

    Rashmi Sharma

    Packaging and pricing is good when compared to other ayurvedic brands.

  36. 109 reviews

    Saurav Pandey

    Useful product and great result.

  37. 109 reviews

    Harsh Verma

    Good juice for reducing weight.

  38. 109 reviews

    Rupali Yadav

    I am reviewing the fat loss juice after 12 days(of course I was trying it), I lost 2.5 kg( without exercise).

  39. 109 reviews

    Mansi Yadav

    I have tried other product also but this one is good. More effective and also the quality of product is great.

  40. 109 reviews

    Girish Sethi

    Fat loss juice will help you to clear your stomach, in a week u will get shiny or glowing skin.

  41. 109 reviews

    Meena Kumari

    I love Ambic fat loss juice as it helps me in maintaining my weight and also in weight loss.

  42. 109 reviews

    Gaurav Mehta

    I have been using this product for 20 days. Thanks to this product, my weight was reduced by 4 kgs.

  43. 109 reviews

    Kishore Verma

    After taking this juice for a week, my cholesterol levels are reduced. Great for loosing fat easily.

  44. 109 reviews

    Hitesh Deol

    Earlier my weight was 86 Kg but after using this product for a month, it was reduced to 78 Kg.

  45. 109 reviews

    Tanvi Verma

    I use to take 2 spoons daily and because of this my weight got reduced in just a week.

  46. 109 reviews

    Priyansh Verma

    Fat loss juice is an easy way to consume lots of nutrients without having to eat whole fruits and vegetables. It supports healthy weight loss.

  47. 109 reviews

    Priyanshu Verma

    I like this juice and now my higher cholesterol levels are reduced. Great for reducing weight!

  48. 109 reviews

    Shreya Sharma

    Effective product for those who want to loose weight fast. Good results!

  49. 109 reviews

    Raj Bansal

    With this drink I lost much weight & reduce belly fat. It is a miracle in very natural way. Take it with proper diet and exercise for best results.

  50. 109 reviews

    Divya Chauhan

    Great Product! Start getting results from the first month. Helpful in wait loss.

  51. 109 reviews

    Prashant Bedi

    Earlier my weight was 86 Kg but after using this product for a month, it was reduced to 78 Kg.

  52. 109 reviews

    Kuldeep Yadav

    Loved this juice, it has made me easy to loose weight.

  53. 109 reviews

    Rashmi Sharma

    My sister recommend fat loss juice as it has helped her to lose weight. It is one of the best product and can be used as an alternative for diet for weight loss for females.

  54. 109 reviews

    Pranit Das

    Best fat loss juice in the market.

  55. 109 reviews

    Pooja Singh

    It gives best result when taken with belly fat workout. With proper dosage you will be able to loose weight in less time.

  56. 109 reviews

    Manish Singh

    Fat loss juice will help you to clear your stomach, in a week u will get shiny or glowing skin.

  57. 109 reviews

    Shivani Saxena

    I was worried about my sudden weight gain. This juice saved me for getting fat.

  58. 109 reviews

    Nisha Arora

    This fat loss juice has various ingredients that help in fast burning of belly fat. I have started drinking this juice as my friend recommended it.

  59. 109 reviews

    Priyanka Tyagi

    Delivery is good and on-time. The product was safe and taste is ok!

  60. 109 reviews

    Mitesh Jain

    I am using this product for a week only. Still, I was able to reduce 3.5 kg weight.

  61. 109 reviews

    Piyush singh

    This juice does what it claims and it reduces weight. Good juice for reducing cholesterol.

  62. 109 reviews

    Veetika Goel

    I am using the fat reducer juice from 20 days and it helps in losing belly fat fast. I lost 1.6 Kg & I ordered again to continue the juice

  63. 109 reviews

    Shashank Singh

    Good product for skin & hair.

  64. 109 reviews

    Aarav Kumar

    I was worried about my sudden weight gain. This juice saved me from getting fat.

  65. 109 reviews

    Karan Singh Rajput

    I buy this product for myself before my marriage. This has reduced 5 kgs weight. Loved the product!

  66. 109 reviews

    Gaurav Tyagi

    This juice is amazing and it has reduced my cholesterol and calories.

  67. 109 reviews

    Riya Singh

    This fat loss drink helped me lose a lot of weight. It is a natural way to lose weight. For best results, combine it with a healthy diet and exercise.

  68. 109 reviews

    Lalit Singh

    Fat loss juice flavor is good and helps in lowering cholesterol.

  69. 109 reviews

    Kavita Pandey

    Juice is nice. I liked it!

  70. 109 reviews

    Kahan Saini

    Effective juice for people who want to burn fat and reduce cholesterol.

  71. 109 reviews

    Kabir Mani

    Taste is ok! Great work

  72. 109 reviews


    Useful product!

  73. 109 reviews

    Nikhil Verma

    If you are looking for best juice for digestion problems this is the best one. I tried this juice as it was suggested by my mother and this is the best one till today

  74. 109 reviews

    Pankaj Sharma

    My friend was having trouble with so much of weight she gained. So she asked me to suggest me any healthy weight loss juice. I tried looking for one and I found this. She says this is the best one I suggested. Thanks to ambic. I will also be trying this juice soon as it also improves our metabolism

  75. 109 reviews

    aarti Kumari

    This is the best fat loss juice for me till today. It works wonderfully in our bodies. It has been 3 months since I started using this. This juice started showing the result in just 2 months which is why am continuing with this juice. I suggest you this so pocket friendly yet so effective healthy weight loss juice.

  76. 109 reviews

    Yogi bansal

    I have put on too much fat since the pandemic started. I really wanted to get rid of this unwanted fat and when I tried searching for an Ayurvedic fat reduction juice I found lots of good reviews on this healthy weight loss juice and everything is so true. Now am liking it a lot. Thanks

  77. 109 reviews

    Ambika malik

    I was looking for a juice that will not only help me lose fat but also improve my metabolism altogether. Thanks to ambic I found this amazing juice. My whole family drinks this juice and everybody really likes it.

  78. 109 reviews

    Kanika Kaul

    This ayurvedic fat reduction juice by ambic is one the best and the most effective juice I have ever come across. These days am stuck with this good for metabolism juice. If you are looking for an overall body improver juice this is the best. I suggest this to everybody.

  79. 109 reviews

    Jitesh Verma

    Best juice for fat loss. Loved this product!

  80. 109 reviews

    Chavvi Gupta

    I decided to lose fat 2 months back and am still using AMBIC fat loss juice and it is really helping. I have lost 4 kilos in just 2 months. This is my favourite juice.

  81. 109 reviews

    Vivek Shukla

    The fat loss juice doesn’t just help you burn fat; it also suppresses untimely hunger pangs and improves digestion. After taking it four times a week for a month, I lost 2.5 kg.

    There were days I skipped. In addition, I walked and did yoga. I would say that it is not just the product that helps. However, it controls your hunger when you try to eat less according to your calorie needs.

  82. 109 reviews

    Nimrala Sharma

    Works excellent. No side effect. Only benefits.

  83. 109 reviews

    Jagat Singh

    Ambic fat loss juice is nutritious and rich in nutrients and is specifically designed to flush out harmful ceramides from your system.

  84. 109 reviews

    Viraj Kumar

    This fat loss juice helped me a lot in my weight reduction. Thanks to Ambic !

  85. 109 reviews

    Kishan Singh

    I liked this juice. I have been taking this juice for 3 months from now. First, it taste good and it helps in reducing calories. Great product!

  86. 109 reviews


    I started intake of this fat loss juice from previous month.. I went on good diet & started intake natural drink that helped me loose 2 kg in one month.

  87. 109 reviews

    Vipul Kumar

    Nice product!

  88. 109 reviews

    Shubhangi K


  89. 109 reviews

    Rajat Saxena

    Liked it!

  90. 109 reviews

    Kavish Goel

    Packaging is good. Taste is nice.

  91. 109 reviews


    This is my second time ordering this purely herbal fat loss juice. I like most of the products by AMBIC but this was the most effective one. I lost 2kg in just a month. It has no side effects like any other fat loss juice in the market. I feel that this is the perfect match for my body. I would surely suggest this if you are looking for a budget-friendly juice.

  92. 109 reviews

    Jitu Singh

    This fat loss juice is good for those who are facing difficulty in loosing weight.

  93. 109 reviews

    Kavi Singh

    Great product!

  94. 109 reviews


    This is purely herbal and has no side effects like other market products. Now finally I have lost weight and I must say it is matching perfectly with me. It is in my budget too!!

  95. 109 reviews

    Hemant Singh

    I would recommend taking this product and doing yoga/excercise daily in order to loose belly fat fast.

  96. 109 reviews

    Puneet Singh

    My wife started using this product and found it quite effective. Based on her feedback, I ordered next bottle from amazon. This is quite good and giving positive results for my wife! She earlier tried to lose weight using diet but failed.

  97. 109 reviews

    Brijesh Singh

    It`s a nice product!

  98. 109 reviews

    Meenu Yadav

    Great product for loosing weight.

  99. 109 reviews

    Girish Kumar

    My friend suggested it, so I am using it for more than two weeks ,it really makes yours skin better glow and for best result you can combine with a diet, makes you see the change fast.

  100. 109 reviews

    Rishabh Gupta

    I like this product as it much more easier to have than going for diet food. I even suggested my sister to use it as she also wants to loose her weight.

  101. 109 reviews

    Prakash Yadav

    Great product!! I have used it for 6 days, astonishingly I have reduced more than 1.2 kg!! This is unbelievable and it is better than the fat burning foods! I am so excitef to see the result after consuming the whole bottle!

  102. 109 reviews

    Rohit Verma

    My wife started using fat loss juice and found it quite effective. Having received such good feedback, I ordered again for the next bottle. She is pleased with it & so am I.

  103. 109 reviews

    Kuldeep Verma

    This fat loss juice is good and has helped me a lot to loose weight in less time.

  104. 109 reviews

    Sanyam Tyagi

    With this drink I lost belly fat. It is a miracle for weight lost in a very natural way. You can take it with proper diet and exercise for best results.

  105. 109 reviews

    Riya Saini

    Overall a good product!

  106. 109 reviews

    Anamica Verma

    Fat loss juice is one of the best fat burning juice. It has helped me lose weight.

  107. 109 reviews

    Rishabh Bansal

    I have been drinking fat loss juice from past 5 days, feeling light now. There is a lot of relief in indigestion issue, as a result I almost lose 2 kgs and my belly fat is also reduced.

  108. 109 reviews


    good product

  109. 109 reviews

    Priya Rastogi

    Nice Product

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