Deekshant Thyroid Tablet | Ayurvedic Medicine for Hypothyroidism

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Effective for Hypothyroidism | Maintain TSH Levels

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With the power of Ambic Deekshant thyroid tablets, you can get your way to a healthier thyroid. It’s also an ayurvedic immunity booster with the combined potential to get you relief from thyroid malfunctioning, unhealthy thyroid, and more. Ambic has created yet another ayurvedic health product using the power of natural herbs for you to enjoy the benefits of a healthier body.



Effective digestive stimulant

Suddh Godanti Bhasm

Boosts your stamina and immunity


Promotes Digestion


Purifies the blood and boosts immunity


Treats sore throat and cough


Reduces swelling & alters the immune system


Manages Size of the Enlarged Gland

Effective for Hypothyroidism

Promotes Healthy Thyroid Hormone Levels

Regulates Symptoms Like Fatigue, Lack of Alertness & Tiredness.

How to Use


Take 1 thyroid tablet diluted with water or Green Tea twice a day

Why Choose us




25 years of trust and legacy




ISO Certified


GMP Certified


No Artificial Color

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42 reviews for Deekshant Thyroid Tablet | Ayurvedic Medicine for Hypothyroidism

  1. 41 reviews

    Heemant Chadha

    One of the best tablet, I have taken so far.

  2. 41 reviews

    Piyush Goel

    Deekshant thyroid tablets has helped me to get back my energy levels. I am taking these ayurvedic tablets form last 3 months.

  3. 41 reviews

    Rishabh Singh

    My Dad is suffering from thyroid from last 3 years, I suggested him to try these tablets and I am glad that it worked for him pretty well. His condition is improving!

  4. 41 reviews

    Gaurav Kapoor

    These tablets helps to restore natural function of thyroid. I am taking these tablets for 2 months and seen much improvement.

  5. 41 reviews

    Tejas Verma

    My weight was drastically increased after thyorid issue but after using this tablets for 2 months, my energy levels are increased and also my weight is reduced.

  6. 41 reviews

    Raj Singh

    My dad brought these tablets for my mom and her condition is better. Hope it remains effective!

  7. 41 reviews

    Pankaj Sharma

    Deekshant thyroid tablets does what it promises. Good product!

  8. 41 reviews

    Piyush Goel

    I buy these tablets from amazon and they helped me really well as deficiencies and thyroids disorders is greatly reduced.

  9. 41 reviews

    Shlok Singh

    Deekshant Tablets are good and helps in weight management. Good Product!

  10. 41 reviews

    Jitesh Verma

    I have tried other tablets, but this one is more effective. Great product!

  11. 41 reviews

    Arjun Lal

    Deekshant tablets helped my mom to get relief from weakness, fatigue and it also helps in thyroid hormone levels.

  12. 41 reviews

    Kirti Singh

    I bought these tablets for my mom as she was suffering from thyroid problem. It helped her to get better and also her energy levels are increased.

  13. 41 reviews

    Amit Sharma

    These tablets work great and has helped me to reduce water retention to help manage weight.

  14. 41 reviews

    Sahil Singh

    Good Product! My energy levels and thyroid levels are now improved.

  15. 41 reviews

    Kiran Sharma

    Deekshant thyroid tablet activates healthy thyroid glands.

  16. 41 reviews

    Shantanu Singh

    Great product!

  17. 41 reviews

    Yogesh Kaur

    Best tablet for thyroid problems

  18. 41 reviews

    Bharat Singh

    I bought theses tablet for my Dad and these tablets has reduced his tiredness and he is more active. I would definitely recommend to it to others.

  19. 41 reviews

    Tanmay Bhatt

    These tablets are highly effective and gave good results for hypothyroidism.

  20. 41 reviews

    Pankaj Vishnoi

    Good for thyroid problem and hypothyroidism.

  21. 41 reviews

    Pradeep Yadav

    Deekshant tablet has helped me in my thyroid and boosted my immunity. My energy levels are also increasing gradually.

  22. 41 reviews


    This product is effective for hypthyroidism.

  23. 41 reviews

    Ramesh Sharma

    Fatigue and weight gain has become an issue for me. Then after test, Doctor confirmed that I have thyroid. I am taking these thyroid tablets for 2 weeks and it has definitely helped me in increasing my energy levels.

  24. 41 reviews

    Gaurangi Yadav

    I bought these tablets for dad and it has helped him with low thyroid levels. He feels better now. This product is good and I would definitely recommend it to others.

  25. 41 reviews

    Jayesh Verma

    Overall an amazing product!

  26. 41 reviews

    Pankaj Gupta

    I am using the thyroid tablet and it`s highly effective in thyroid treatment.

  27. 41 reviews

    Rajat Sharma

    I have tried other products also, but this product increasing metabolic health.

  28. 41 reviews

    Janak Sharma

    These tablets are great for solving thyroid problems. I am using this product for more than 5 months.

  29. 41 reviews

    Ravikant Yadav

    Deekshant tablets are good for thyroid issues. These helps you in keeping energy high.

  30. 41 reviews

    Rishabh Shukla

    I am using the thyroid tablet and it`s highly effective in thyroid treatment.

  31. 41 reviews

    Kiran Goel

    Good product

  32. 41 reviews

    Sachin Kashyap

    Deekshant thyroid tablet is good for thyroid disease. It`s an ayurvedic immunity booster that helps in getting thyroid treatment and my weight has also reduced.

  33. 41 reviews

    Bharat Singh

    I have used this medicine and get 100% relief in thyroid problems…..Very effective and permanent solution of thyroid.

  34. 41 reviews

    Hitesh Tripathi

    These thyroid tablets are highly effective in making me feel better by increasing my energy levels. Earlier I felt low on energy.

  35. 41 reviews

    Tarun Sharma

    Overall an amazing product.

  36. 41 reviews

    Jiya Shukla

    After taking this medicine for a week I find my energy levels increased and some weight loss. Hair also stopped falling too much.

  37. 41 reviews

    Kiya Sharma

    This is a great product as it helping me tackling my thyroid issue effectively. It is the first time that I am feeling more energetic.

  38. 41 reviews

    Vishal Kumar

    Excellent product for thyroid.

  39. 41 reviews

    Rajesh Verma

    I have used this medicine and get 100% relief in thyroid problems…..Very effective and permanent solution of thyroid.

  40. 41 reviews


    Good Product

  41. Gornika

    Nice Products

  42. 41 reviews

    Kanika Verma

    After consumption of these tablets, I observed a lot of positive metabolism changes!

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