Deekshant Thyroid Tablet | Ayurvedic Medicine for Hypothyroidism



Effective for Hypothyroidism | Maintain TSH Levels

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Deekshant Thyroid Tablet - ayurvedic thyroid tablets
Deekshant Thyroid Tablet | Ayurvedic Medicine for Hypothyroidism 552 508
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Ambic Deekshant Thyroid Tablets are a combination of natural ingredients that are
highly effective in improving the health of the thyroid and avoiding thyroid infections. This also aids to enhance the immune system and fights seasonal pathogens.

It is among the most effective antibacterial remedy due to the ingredients it is made of. Herbs like Vati, Tulsi., Suddh Godanti Bhasm, Mulethi, Trikatu, and Ashwagandha help in the efficient functioning of thyroid hormone.

With the power of Ambic Deekshant thyroid tablets, you can get your way to a healthier thyroid. This is an effective ayurvedic tablet for thyroid that will help you achieve healthier thyroid hormone levels.

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Who can take Deekshant Thyroid Tablets?

It is advised that people who are suffering from the problem of Thyroid or are seeing preliminary symptoms of it shall take Deekshant under proper medical supervision
Deekshant Thyroid Tablets help to fight symptoms like fatigue, lack of focus, and tiredness and manage the size of the enlarged glands and hypothyroidism. 
No. Fluctuation in weight is a consequence of hormonal changes when someone goes through with issues like Hypothyroidism. Ayurvedic medicine being herbal in nature does not promote any kind of weight loss. 

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Arogya Vardhini Vati

Effective digestive stimulant

Suddh Godanti Bhasm

Boosts your stamina and immunity


Promotes Digestion


Purifies the blood and boosts immunity


Treats sore throat and cough


Reduces swelling & alters the immune system


Manages Size of the Enlarged Gland

Effective for Hypothyroidism

Activates Thyroid Glands

Promotes Healthy Thyroid Hormone Levels

Regulates Symptoms Like Fatigue, Lack of Alertness & Tiredness.

Increases Metabolic Health

How to Use


Take 1 thyroid tablet diluted with water or Green Tea twice a day

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91 reviews for Deekshant Thyroid Tablet | Ayurvedic Medicine for Hypothyroidism

  1. Kashish Gupta

    These thyroid tablets are great. In a month my symptoms of hypothyroidism starts disappearing.

  2. Lakshit Raj

    Deekshant tablet are good and is helpful. These tablets help me to gain energy.

  3. Kajal Tyagi

    I am a thyroid patient for 2 years. After taking these tablets, they help me to regain the energy.

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