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Chahel Anti Stress Tablet - ayurvedic sleeping pills
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Pave your way to a carefree life with Ambic Chahel Anti-Stress tablets. The medicine is specially designed to overcome the after-effects of a tiring day while taking care of your physical and mental health. These tablets help in improving sleep quality, resulting in improved alertness.

These ayurvedic sleeping pills also provide relief from stress and anxiety. These also ease nervousness. Consuming Chahel sleep tablets can reduce stress-induced nitric oxide and lipid peroxidation.

This special herbal formulation allows the body to preserve and maintain vital energy all day long while promoting a calming and restful sleep at night. It can also help the body to get back to its regular function after jet lag.

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What are the benefits of Chahel Sleep Wellness Tablet?

Chahel Sleep Wellness Tablets are mainly formulated for sound sleep and stress relief. Additionally, these tablets are helpful in coping with everyday stress and tension, nourishment and strengthening of the nervous system, improving cognitive abilities, promoting restful sleep, and relaxing and calming the mind. Moreover, it is not addictive.
Chahel Sleep Wellness tablets are different from other such products in the market because these are formulated with natural herbs. Generally, sleep tablets are addictive in nature, but Chahel tablets are non-habit-forming because they are completely plant-based and vegan. 
These ayurvedic sleeping pills are made with all-natural ingredients which include Brahmi, Shankhpushpi, Jatamansi, Ashwagandha, Mulethi, and Tagara. These ingredients are helpful in boosting brain function, reducing mental fatigue, treating insomnia, and more. You can consider these tablets for better sleep and fighting insomnia. 

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May Boost Brain Function



Reduces Mental Fatigue



Managing The Symptoms Of Memory Loss


Helps Reduce Stress And Anxiety


Treats sore throat and cough



Treatment Of Disturbed Sleep,Isomania


Relives stress

Calm Anxiety

Fight Mental Fatigue

Memory Loss


Helps to cope with everyday life stress

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How To Consume

Take 1 Tablet diluted with water or Green Tea twice a day or as directed by your physician to gain the health benefits. Recommended consuming twice a day before meals.

145 reviews for Chahel Sleep Tablets for Sound Sleep & for Stress Relief

  1. Parth Mehta

    Improved my concentration and focus during the day.

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