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Manage Cholesterol | Cardiac Wellness

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Ambdil Capsules are an ayurvedic combination made with natural herbs to help balance cholesterol and blood pressure levels. These tablets are a wise choice for everyday optimal heart health. This herbal formulation combines ancient Ayurveda’s excellence with modern science in a powerful and effective way.

With the help of plant-based ingredients, these tablets supports the heart and helps to maintain cardiovascular wellness. Amdil Capsules are a unique blend of herbs including Arjun Bark, Jatamansi, Prabhakar Vati, Praval Pishti, Mukta Pishti, and Arogya Vardhini Vati.

The ingredients in this heart care ayurvedic medicine help to manage cholesterol and lipid levels. It also helps in healthy platelet formation and its function and improves overall heart function. It further helps in boosting the mood and provides calmness and relaxation. Manage Cholesterol


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How does Ambic Amdil Cardiac Wellness Tablet help?

Ambic Amdil Cardiac Wellness Tablets are a formulation of natural ingredients. These ingredients are high potential in managing cholesterol and balancing lip levels. This heart care capsule helps the heart by supporting platelet formation.
This product can be used by individuals 18 years old or older.
To see results, it is recommended to take these capsules for a minimum of 3 months.

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Arjun Bark

Protects the heart due to its cardioactive property


Calms palpitations and restlessness

Prabhakar Vati

Maintains normal blood pressure

Praval Pishti

Anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties

Mukta Pishti

Regulates blood pressure

Why Choose Us

ISO Certified

GMP Certified

Super Handy



25 Years Of Trust & Legacy


Supports Cholesterol Levels

Promotes Healthy Cardiovascular Heart Function

Supports Blood Pressure Levels

Shows Cardioprotective Services

Optimizes The Functioning Of The Heart

How To Consume

1 Capsule In Morning After Breakfast

1 Capsule In The Night Before Sleep

Preferably Consume With Lukewarm Milk/Water

Minimum Course Duration 3 Months

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4.34 Overall
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53 reviews for Amdil Capsule For Healthy Heart | Lowers Bad Cholesterol

  1. 53 reviews


    Effective product in lowering bad cholesterol.😊

  2. 53 reviews

    Dilip Gupta

    My heart feels stronger and healthier.👍

  3. 53 reviews

    Kamal Khanna

    Great product for heart health.💓

  4. 53 reviews

    Jagdish Mehta

    Stronger heart, lower bad cholesterol levels.😍

  5. 53 reviews

    Harish Bhatia

    Amdil capsule helps me maintain healthy blood pressure.

  6. 53 reviews

    Atharv Rao

    Improved my overall health.😍

  7. 53 reviews

    Nikhil Narang

    Perfect heart ayurvedic remedy.💗

  8. 53 reviews

    Sunil Kala

    No side effects and a healthy heart.

  9. 53 reviews

    Ishan Gola

    Lowered my bad cholesterol levels. Thank you Ambic💓

  10. 53 reviews


    It has no side effects and is made of natural ingredients😊😊😊😊

  11. 53 reviews


    After using this capsule my cholesterol level has improved

  12. 53 reviews


    My heart feels healthier with Amdil Capsule.

  13. 53 reviews

    Vishal Kumar

    Improved my bad cholesterol.😍

  14. 53 reviews

    Harsh Chaudhary

    💯 Natural, no side effects.

  15. 53 reviews


    Helps regulate my blood pressure.💓

  16. 53 reviews

    Aarush Mehra

    Amdil capsule lowered my cholesterol.😍

  17. 53 reviews

    Arnav Banerjee

    Love how Amdil Capsule supports my heart health.💗

  18. 53 reviews


    After using this Amdil capsule my heart feels healthier.

  19. 53 reviews


    It improved my Blood pressure

  20. 53 reviews


    Improved my blood pressure levels.

  21. 53 reviews

    Advik Dutta

    Amdil Capsule helped control my blood pressure. 👍

  22. 53 reviews


    Good product.

  23. 53 reviews

    Saanvi Puri

    Cholesterol levels down, thanks to Amdil Capsule.

  24. 53 reviews


    This Amdil capsule improved my cholesterol level. 😊👍

  25. 53 reviews


    Heart-healthy supplement 💓

  26. 53 reviews

    Dimple Sharma

    It lowered my bad cholesterol levels.

  27. 53 reviews

    Parmod Choudhary

    Increased my energy and stamina.

  28. 53 reviews

    Sidhart Singh

    Reduced my risk of heart disease.

  29. 53 reviews

    Monu Singh

    Great product, value for money.

  30. 53 reviews

    Lalit Verma

    Good ayurvedic capsule. I have been using this capsule for more than 5 months.

  31. 53 reviews

    Sachika Bhatia

    Safe and natural. 💯

  32. 53 reviews

    Hitesh Singh

    Effective for lowering blood sugar levels.

  33. 53 reviews

    Kapil Verma

    Capsule helpful in reducing cholesterol level.

  34. 53 reviews

    Gagan Singh

    Reduce blood sugar level and good for heart.

  35. 53 reviews

    Shreyas Singh

    Great capsule for all people who wants to live healthy life.

  36. 53 reviews

    Faizan Ahmed

    Feeling confident in my heart health.

  37. 53 reviews

    Harsh Gupta

    Ayurvedic capsule for healthy heart functioning.

  38. 53 reviews

    Tarun Naik

    Amdil capsules are easy to consume.😍

  39. 53 reviews

    Preeti Singh

    Best ayurvedic capsule for cholesterol and for lowering blood sugar levels.

  40. 53 reviews

    Alfaz Saifi

    No more palpitations or chest pain 💗

  41. 53 reviews

    Raman Singh

    Amdil capsule reduce cholesterol level.

  42. 53 reviews

    Sanyam Singhal

    Ayurvedic capsule is great for reducing blood sugar level.

  43. 53 reviews

    Rohit Verma

    Nice capsule

  44. 53 reviews

    Janvi Verma

    This capsule is best in the market. It has also increased my immunity.

  45. 53 reviews

    Babita Tyagi

    Capsule used for blood sugar level.

  46. 53 reviews

    Kartika Singh

    Amdil capsule is great for reducing cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

  47. 53 reviews

    Riya Singhal

    Awesome product for reducing cholesterol levels.

  48. 53 reviews

    Rajat Singh

    Liked it

  49. 53 reviews

    Lalit Singh


  50. 53 reviews

    Jyoti Verma

    Ayurvedic capsule is great for reducing blood sugar level.

  51. 53 reviews

    Lalit Verma

    Best capsule to reduce cholesterol levels.

  52. 53 reviews

    Kritika Singh

    I like these capsule. It has helped me a lot when my blood sugar levels were high.

  53. 53 reviews

    Tarun Singh

    Maintain blood sugar level and reduce cholesterol level.

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