Aljoint OrthoFlex Oil | Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil for Joints, Knee & Neck



Soothes Sore Muscles | Relief from Pain

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Aljoint OrthoFlex Oil - ayurvedic pain relief oil
Aljoint OrthoFlex Oil | Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil for Joints, Knee & Neck 360 310
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Unlock your way to healthier bones and joints through Ambic Aljoint pain relief oil that is instant in diminishing any issue that acts as a hurdle in your movements. It eases muscle stiffness and reduces chronic pain. The oil acts effectively and heals the root cause of joint pain. 

The presence of ayurvedic herbs in the oil makes it a suitable joint pain relief remedy, for inflammation, muscular pain, and muscle strain. You can use this oil regularly to massage your pain areas every day. 

Massaging with this ayurvedic pain relief oil regularly can ease your muscle and joint pain and give you a healthier lifestyle. It has properties that may reduce arthritis and body pain relief. Lead your day with healthy joints with the help of Ambic Aljoint painkiller oil. 

You can use this oil in combination with Aljoint tablets which are also very effective ayurvedic pain-killer tablets.

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Does Aljoint Pain Relief Oil helps in relieving Joint Pain Relief?

Yes, Aljoint pain relief oil is ideal to reduce pain in muscles. It does help in relieving joint pain with the help of natural herbs. Potent herbs like Vishvagarb oil and daru haldi assist in easy locomotion and reduce joint pain. This ayurvedic joint pain relief oil is the remedy to ease stiffness in your joints naturally.
Yes. Aljoint Pain Relief Oil is effective for arthritis patients. This oil reduces the symptoms of arthritis, like body swelling, stiffness, pain in the joints. This oil is highly suitable for arthritis patients, working professionals and even for people with long working hours.
Aljoint Pain Relief oil is highly beneficial for people with joint and muscle pain. This oil promotes healthier bones and joints with the help of ayurvedic herbs. The formulation of these herbs makes this oil suitable for joint pain relief, inflammation, muscle strain and muscular pain. It reduces neuromuscular pain, stiffness in the neck, lower back pain, and body swelling.

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Anti-Inflammatory Property

Kapoor Powder

Relieve Arthritis Pain and Swelling


Natural Analgesic

Vishvgarb Oil

Muscular and Joint Pain

Daru Haldi

Cures Spasmodic Pain


Relief From Neuromuscular Pain

Reduce Body Swelling

Effective on Lower Back Pain

Relief From Stiff Neck

Ayurvedic Joint Pain Relief


Non-Habit Forming

Best Suitable For

Arthritis Patients


People With Oesteoarthritis

More Prone to Joint Pain

Working Professionals

People with Long Sitting Hours

How To Consume

Take 5 ML Aljoint oil & Warm Oil

Gently Massage 2-3 times over the affected area

Why Choose Us

100% Natural Product

No Side Effect

Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

ISO Certified

GMP Certified


No Artificial Color

125 reviews for Aljoint OrthoFlex Oil | Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil for Joints, Knee & Neck

  1. Shyam Lal Singh

    It’s very good for joint pain and even muscular sprain. It’s a good pain reliever oil.

  2. Janvi Chaudhary

    I ordered it for my cousin as she was having knee pain from few days. After using this for a few days she was appreciating the oil. It gave relief to her knees.

  3. Rajeev Yadav

    It works for my grandmother and mother also as their pain has gone . Now they can walk with ease and without any knee pain.

  4. Riya Singh

    The results are satisfactory when compared to other products which are readily available in medical store. I believe the product delivered the results as it should be.

  5. Dharmesh Bindra

    I used it for relief from muscular & joint pain and found it highly effective.

  6. Shreyash Goel

    This oil is great, I purchased it for my mother knee pain and she is seeing the difference by using this oil daily. I highly recommend this to old age person for knee pain.

  7. Priya Malik

    I bought this for my cousin a week ago and she felt okay, it works amazing like no other pain relief products.

  8. Gornika

    Good Product..

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