Aljoint OrthoFlex Oil | Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil for Joints, Knee & Neck

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Soothes Sore Muscles | Relief from Pain

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Unlock your way to healthier bones and joints through Ambic Aljoint pain relief oil that is instant in diminishing any issue that acts as a hurdle in your movements. It eases muscle stiffness and reduces chronic pain. The oil acts effectively and heals the root cause of joint pain. 

The presence of ayurvedic herbs in the oil makes it a suitable joint pain relief remedy, for inflammation, muscular pain, and muscle strain. You can use this oil regularly to massage your pain areas every day. 

Massaging with this ayurvedic pain relief oil regularly can ease your muscle and joint pain and give you a healthier lifestyle. It has properties that may reduce arthritis and body pain relief. Lead your day with healthy joints with the help of Ambic Aljoint painkiller oil. 

You can use this oil in combination with Aljoint tablets which are also very effective ayurvedic pain-killer tablets.


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Does Aljoint Pain Relief Oil helps in relieving Joint Pain Relief?

Yes, Aljoint pain relief oil is ideal to reduce pain in muscles. It does help in relieving joint pain with the help of natural herbs. Potent herbs like Vishvagarb oil and daru haldi assist in easy locomotion and reduce joint pain. This ayurvedic joint pain relief oil is the remedy to ease stiffness in your joints naturally.
Yes. Aljoint Pain Relief Oil is effective for arthritis patients. This oil reduces the symptoms of arthritis, like body swelling, stiffness, pain in the joints. This oil is highly suitable for arthritis patients, working professionals and even for people with long working hours.
Aljoint Pain Relief oil is highly beneficial for people with joint and muscle pain. This oil promotes healthier bones and joints with the help of ayurvedic herbs. The formulation of these herbs makes this oil suitable for joint pain relief, inflammation, muscle strain and muscular pain. It reduces neuromuscular pain, stiffness in the neck, lower back pain, and body swelling.

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Anti-Inflammatory Property

Kapoor Powder

Relieve Arthritis Pain and Swelling


Natural Analgesic

Vishvgarb Oil

Muscular and Joint Pain

Daru Haldi

Cures Spasmodic Pain


Relief From Neuromuscular Pain

Reduce Body Swelling

Effective on Lower Back Pain

Relief From Stiff Neck

Ayurvedic Joint Pain Relief


Non-Habit Forming

Best Suitable For

Arthritis Patients


People With Oesteoarthritis

More Prone to Joint Pain

Working Professionals

People with Long Sitting Hours

How To Consume

Take 5 ML Aljoint oil & Warm Oil

Gently Massage 2-3 times over the affected area

Why Choose Us

100% Natural Product

No Side Effect

Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine

ISO Certified

GMP Certified


No Artificial Color

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120 reviews for Aljoint OrthoFlex Oil | Ayurvedic Pain Relief Oil for Joints, Knee & Neck

  1. 120 reviews

    Advait Choudhury

    This ayurvedic oil is pure bliss for my muscle pain.💯

  2. 120 reviews


    No more knee pain, Thanks Aljoint Oil 💚

  3. 120 reviews

    Pradeep Singh

    Effective ayurvedic pain relief oil.

  4. 120 reviews


    Best muscle pain oil… must try.

  5. 120 reviews

    Aarav Sharma

    Relieved pain instantly.💯

  6. 120 reviews

    Anurag Bhatia

    It Soothes joint pain quickly.

  7. 120 reviews

    Abhilash Singh

    Relaxes and eases my muscle tension.

  8. 120 reviews


    Non-greasy, easy to apply.

  9. 120 reviews

    Khush verma

    Aljoint Oil, natural pain relief 😌🌟

  10. 120 reviews

    Ritu Raaj

    Ambic Ayurved is a trusted brand for joint care.

  11. 120 reviews

    Arjun Verma

    Best ayurvedic oil for muscle pain.🌟

  12. 120 reviews

    Tanuja Bedi

    This ayurvedic pain relief oil is the Best oil for arthritis relief.

  13. 120 reviews

    Sunny chaudhary

    Amazing ayurvedic joint pain oil with zero side effects.

  14. 120 reviews


    Best ayurvedic pain relief oil I have ever used.

  15. 120 reviews

    Pawan Bhati

    You can apply this oil very easily there are no special steps.

  16. 120 reviews

    Aarush Sinha

    Thankful for pain-free movement again.

  17. 120 reviews

    Kamna nain

    This ayurvedic pain relief oil It’s easy to apply and absorbs quickly… nice product.

  18. 120 reviews


    I suffer from knee pain due to an injury, and this oil has helped me manage the pain without relying on painkillers. I highly recommend it.

  19. 120 reviews

    Kirti chaudhary

    This ayurvedic pain relief Aljoint Oil is a must-have for anyone with joint pain.

  20. 120 reviews

    Payal Rajput

    Excellent ayurvedic oil for knee pain. I have joint discomfort, and after using this oil, I had immediate pain relief… Highly Recommended.

  21. 120 reviews

    Manharshit Kajla

    I would recommend this oil for anyone who is looking for a natural alternative pain relief method.

  22. 120 reviews

    Naveen Chaudhary

    I have been using ayurvedic pain relief oil for a few weeks, and it has helped me manage my pain effectively.

  23. 120 reviews


    Amazing results.

  24. 120 reviews

    jasmin sharma

    Oil is easy to apply and very effective results.

  25. 120 reviews

    Tushar Sharma

    This oil is fantastic!

  26. 120 reviews


    This ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain is Highly effective and affordable.🌟

  27. 120 reviews

    Kuldeep Serohi

    Relaxing oil for quick pain relief 😍

  28. 120 reviews


    Completely satisfied with the product… highly recommend.

  29. 120 reviews

    Himanshu Chaudhary

    My ankle got sprained and I bought this oil as my friend suggested. It instantly provides relief from pain.

  30. 120 reviews

    Sahil Bhatia

    The oil is non-greasy and very effective… must try worth it…❤️

  31. 120 reviews

    Deepika Bisht

    I have been using this oil for a few weeks, and I can already see a difference in my joint mobility and flexibility.

  32. 120 reviews


    Overall, I am very happy with my experience using these Aljoint Pain Relief oil.

  33. 120 reviews

    jatin jain

    Good remedy oil for massage over knee joints… very effective.

  34. 120 reviews


    I would recommend this ayurvedic pain relief oil… Great Product

  35. 120 reviews

    Deeksha Kumari

    Amazing product at a reasonable price, good product.

  36. 120 reviews

    Rahul Kappor

    Good product instant pain relief.

  37. 120 reviews

    Akash chug

    These Aljoint pain relief oil are easy to use, Great Product.👍

  38. 120 reviews

    Sanjana Goyal

    Amazing product… I would highly recommend this product.

  39. 120 reviews

    Dheeraj kumar

    I’m a fitness enthusiast, It works wonders and has become a part of my post-workout routine… Great product.

  40. 120 reviews

    Pallavi jain

    The natural ingredients in the oil provide fast relief without any side effects.

  41. 120 reviews

    Sourav yadav

    Worked well for my knee pain.

  42. 120 reviews

    Ankit Sharma

    Pleasant herbal scent, not overpowering.

  43. 120 reviews


    I am very satisfied with the results. I would recommend this product to anyone struggling with joint pain.

  44. 120 reviews

    Avni Desai

    Natural and powerful ayurvedic pain relief oil.

  45. 120 reviews

    Gourav Bhatt

    I highly recommend this ayurvedic oil for muscle pain… very effective.

  46. 120 reviews

    Bhawna Rajput

    Nice product, lives up to expectations, best part is non-sticky.

  47. 120 reviews

    Mannu Chaudhary

    This ayurvedic pain relief oil is an excellent product… Worked well for my knee pain.

  48. 120 reviews

    Manisha Mehra

    Nice product, lives up to expectations… great result.

  49. 120 reviews

    yashdeep singh

    Aljoint Pain Relief Oil is an Amazing product.

  50. 120 reviews


    💯 Natural ingredients, no side effects.

  51. 120 reviews

    Ashish Arya

    These Aljoint Oil helped me relieve joint pain, making it easier to move.

  52. 120 reviews

    Arun Dagar

    Good remedy oil for massage over knee joints…Highly recommend it.

  53. 120 reviews

    Rashmi jaiswal

    The product is great and does what it’s supposed to do. I really like it. It gives you relief from your joint pain.

  54. 120 reviews

    Samar Tyagi

    I have recommended this oil to several friends and family members, and they have all had positive experiences with it. It’s a great product.

  55. 120 reviews

    Saurav Nimesh

    I would highly recommend this product to anyone struggling with joint pain.

  56. 120 reviews

    Rohan Rathi

    Best ayurvedic oil for pain!

  57. 120 reviews

    Vikram Sharma

    Relaxing and soothing Aljoint Oil.

  58. 120 reviews

    Faizan khan

    This ayurvedic pain relief oil absorbs quickly… I highly recommend it to anyone struggling with joint pain.

  59. 120 reviews

    Suresh verma

    This oil has helped me a lot with my arthritis pain. I apply it twice a day, and got instant relieves from the pain

  60. 120 reviews

    Akash Bhadana

    Ambic ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain oil is a must-try for anyone with joint pain.

  61. 120 reviews

    Ravi Rawat

    Useful oil for people who always complains due to pain in the body.

  62. 120 reviews

    Sheena singh

    Good Product Highly recommended!!

  63. 120 reviews

    Meenal Singh

    I am Really Impressed with the product… work effectively with zero side effects.

  64. 120 reviews

    Govind Dhawan

    The oil is easy to apply and absorbs quickly, gives instant relief from pain.

  65. 120 reviews

    jyotsna Roy

    Nice product worth for money… must buy it nice affordable go for it goood product!

  66. 120 reviews

    Prachi Priya

    l am very satisfied with the product.

  67. 120 reviews

    Pakhi singh

    This ayurvedic pain relief oil is great value for money.

  68. 120 reviews

    Rashi Sharma

    I have been using Aljoint Pain Relief Oil for a few weeks, and it has helped me manage my joint pain effectively.

  69. 120 reviews

    Mohit Solanki

    It is healing the pain and the oil is so soothing… nice product.

  70. 120 reviews

    Vidya Bisht

    This ayurvedic pain relief oil is very effective and I highly recommend it.

  71. 120 reviews

    Lokesh Sharma

    This oil worked well on my joint pain.

  72. 120 reviews

    Krish sinha

    This oil is absolutely Amazing.

  73. 120 reviews

    yash Mehra

    I have been dealing with knee pain for years, and nothing seemed to work until I tried this Pain Relief Oil. It’s fast-acting and provides long-lasting relief.

  74. 120 reviews

    Kanishtha sharma

    Perfect oil for joint pain. Must buy.

  75. 120 reviews

    Kiran Bisht

    I highly recommend this to anyone suffering from joint pain.

  76. 120 reviews

    Amit Chandila

    This ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain oil also non-greasy and absorbs quickly.

  77. 120 reviews

    Ambica Solanki

    Strengthens my weak joints and muscles.

  78. 120 reviews

    Lakshay verma

    You can use this oil regularly to massage your pain areas every day to get instant relief from pain.

  79. 120 reviews

    Sherya Bhogra

    Amazing ayurvedic medicine for pain relief with zero side effects.

  80. 120 reviews


    I bought this oil for my mother, who has been experiencing back pain for a long time. She has noticed an improvement in her condition since she started using it… highly recommend.

  81. 120 reviews

    Gauri sethi

    I have tried a lot of pain relief oils in the past, but this one is my favorite. It’s effective with no side effects or skin irritation.

  82. 120 reviews

    Aman Bhati

    Best ayurvedic medicine for pain relief, Results are visible in just a few days.

  83. 120 reviews

    Gourav Solanki

    This ayurvedic pain relief oil is a lifesaver for me!

  84. 120 reviews

    Nistha Sharma

    It’s a great product, and I will continue to use it.

  85. 120 reviews

    Tifaque Ali

    This ayurvedic medicine for joint and muscle pain oil is a fantastic product.

  86. 120 reviews

    Aryan Singh

    Aljoint oil eases pain like magic.💚

  87. 120 reviews

    Radhika Kajla

    The oil has helped me reduce my joint pain, and I can now move around comfortably… Great Product.

  88. 120 reviews

    Prateek Singh

    I order it for my mother and the product is great. The oil get absorbed easily into the skin & provides much relief.

  89. 120 reviews

    Ramesh Verma

    I ordered aljoint oil for my back pain . So far it is working wonderful. It easily give you relief from pain without any irritation, it does not need to massage for long time or with by applying more pressure. Simply apply aljoint oil on the affected area and it will do its job.

  90. 120 reviews

    Ankit Jain

    The oil is non sticky as compared to other ayurvedic oils. It gets absorbed quickly. My mother was suffering from severe arthritis and had no effect on 1st day but the pain get reduced in about 1 hr after applying on day 2. The effectiveness of this product is increasing with daily application. Really happy!

  91. 120 reviews

    Riya Sharma

    My mother suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and is always in pain. She seems to like this product for pain management and mobility. Will buy again!

  92. 120 reviews

    Akash Thakur

    My dad has been using this oil for 1 year and it gives relief to his ache and pains due to old age. My dad is 74 yrs old and is much more active than my cousins.

  93. 120 reviews

    Rajat Tripathi

    It is an excellent pain reliever oil. Yesterday only I had fallen & had a severe Leg sprain. I applied the oil gently 2 times a day & the sprain has disappeared fast within 12 Hours. Great product for all.

  94. 120 reviews


    I have used Aljoint oil by AMBIC and I would really suggest this product if you are looking for a budget friendly and really effective product. It has truly healed my knee and elbow pain.

  95. 120 reviews

    Sameer Khan

    It is natural and provides instant pain solution.

  96. 120 reviews

    Aditya Raj

    Amazing product for sure! My father is an athlete & sometimes, he complains of knee pain. He has been using this for a week now, playing great with no pain at all. Recommend this to everybody else!

  97. 120 reviews

    Shivani Chaudhary

    My 83-year-old granny was suffering from knee pain. She asks for my help to get rid of the pain. I bought this aljoint oil for her pain. After 10 days, she says that her serious knee pain has gone and her condition is improving gradually. This product work quite well for her.

  98. 120 reviews

    Rahul Yadav

    My dad is very old and walks with support of a walking still he wasn`t able to walk properly. It was very painful to watch him like this. So I bought aljoint oil and by continuously applying this oil, he is very happy and it works amazingly well.

  99. 120 reviews

    Anjani Singhal

    I brought this for my Mother and she is not getting irregular pain. Thanks to Aljoint oil for providing relief in joint or body pain. It works like wonder.

  100. 120 reviews


    My mom is above 75 now and she has started showing weak joint symptoms. She could not stand for long. But ever since I bought this Al Joint product by AMBIC for my mom, she is doing a lot better now. She takes evening walk every day, thank you AMBIC

  101. 120 reviews

    Hitesh Singh

    It worked fast on my pain. Good for everday use for getting relief from long term pain issue. Got relief from ankle pain.

  102. 120 reviews

    Divya Saini

    It is really useful for all those who are in extreme pain in backbone or joint pain.

  103. 120 reviews

    Ravi Singh

    My parents are using it. Due to oil base it’s easy to spread and massage evenly. Gets absorbed easily and gives relief in pain. They are using it for last 4-5 days, since delivered, quite helpful in muscular pain as well as chronic pain in knees. Overall satisfactory experience!

  104. 120 reviews

    Sangeeta Sharma

    This product is awesome. Aljoint pain relief oil works amazingly well. Highly recommended!!

  105. 120 reviews

    Ranjeet Prajapati

    Aljoint oil is really good and I use it everyday in morning and night. It gives moderate pain relief from sprain and joint.

  106. 120 reviews

    Nishu Singh

    Product effectiveness and quality is amazing as there is relief from pain in less spending.

  107. 120 reviews

    Pankaj Sharma

    It did reduce my knee pain, and it is wonderful. I am suffering from this isssue many months ago and after applying it for one week my leg feels so better. Aljoint oil is just awesome.

  108. 120 reviews

    Amit Kumar

    I bought this product for my family. My mother has applied on her back for a couple of times. She conveyed that it is proving very beneficial to her. I heard the same for my father too when he has knee pain. Applying this oil relieves him from pain gradually. Thank you.

  109. 120 reviews

    Sanyam Tyagi

    This product is really awesome; it gives relief in pain. I have a huge problem with lower back pain, I used this oil for massaging only two times, and it gave me relief,. I am so surprised by the effect.

  110. 120 reviews

    Ashu Srivastav

    A must buy for all those who have elders at home with joint pains complains. Get them a relief by buying Aljoint Pain Relief Oil. I will definetily recommend this to others.

  111. 120 reviews

    Brijesh Singh

    Wonderful & better than expected results to treat pain. I found it amazing!

  112. 120 reviews

    Anju Singh

    Purchased for my mom, its not the treatment but gives relives to pain instantly after applying.

  113. 120 reviews

    Shyam Lal Singh

    It’s very good for joint pain and even muscular sprain. It’s a good pain reliever oil.

  114. 120 reviews

    Janvi Chaudhary

    I ordered it for my cousin as she was having knee pain from few days. After using this for a few days she was appreciating the oil. It gave relief to her knees.

  115. 120 reviews

    Rajeev Yadav

    It works for my grandmother and mother also as their pain has gone . Now they can walk with ease and without any knee pain.

  116. 120 reviews

    Riya Singh

    The results are satisfactory when compared to other products which are readily available in medical store. I believe the product delivered the results as it should be.

  117. 120 reviews

    Dharmesh Bindra

    I used it for relief from muscular & joint pain and found it highly effective.

  118. 120 reviews

    Shreyash Goel

    This oil is great, I purchased it for my mother knee pain and she is seeing the difference by using this oil daily. I highly recommend this to old age person for knee pain.

  119. 120 reviews

    Priya Malik

    I bought this for my cousin a week ago and she felt okay, it works amazing like no other pain relief products.

  120. 120 reviews


    Good Product..

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