Aliant Capsule Ayurvedic Skin Allergy Medicine I Natural Blood Purifier

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Helps relieve Itching | Radiant Supple Skin

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This ayurvedic medicine is made of a combination of potent herbs including Neem, Haridra, Gandhak Rasayan, Vay Vidang, Chitrak Mool, and Trikatu. These ingredients help in the reduction of allergies and other skin problems. This ayurvedic medicine for allergy is helpful in purifying the body and improving the immune system to fight infections.

The potent ingredients help the body fight detrimental toxins. Aliant Capsules are easy to consume and can help the causes of allergies or skin issues after a few doses.


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Do these capsules have any side effects?

No. Aliant Capsules are made with completely natural ingredients. The ingredients of this anti allergic ayurvedic medicine are sourced from plants and hence do not possess any side effects. Every product by Ambic Ayurveda is 100% plant-based and free from possessing any side effects.
Anyone above the age of 18 years is eligible to use this product.
The shelf life of this product is 36 months.

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Manages skin problems like allergies and acne


Soothes itchy and irritated skin

Gandhak Rasayan

Natural rejuvenator to help with allergies

Vay Vidang

Manages skin problems like eczema and ringworm


Boosts Immune System

Why Choose Us

ISO Certified

GMP Certified

Super Handy



25 Years Of Trust & Legacy


Fights Skin Allergies

Purifies The Blood

Clears Dirt And Impurities

Detoxifies The Body

Nourishes The Skin

How To Consume

1 Capsule In Morning After Breakfast

1 Capsule In The Night Before Sleep

Preferably Consume With Lukewarm Milk/Water

Minimum Course Duration 3 Months

Based on 64 reviews

4.44 Overall
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64 reviews for Aliant Capsule Ayurvedic Skin Allergy Medicine I Natural Blood Purifier

  1. 64 reviews

    Naresh Sharma

    Boosted my immune system, and reduced skin reactions.💓

  2. 64 reviews

    Ritu Singh

    Improved my skin health.👌

  3. 64 reviews


    This Aliant capsule cleared my skin allergies.

  4. 64 reviews


    Love how it purifies and nourishes my skin.😍

  5. 64 reviews

    Manoj Joshi

    Effective allergy relief and skin detoxification.😊

  6. 64 reviews

    Sara Chatterjee

    Natural ayurvedic remedy that purifies blood.😍

  7. 64 reviews

    Anaya Patel

    Natural and effective.💓

  8. 64 reviews

    Shilpa Dhingra

    Powerful allergy relief, thanks Aliant Capsule.🌟

  9. 64 reviews

    Aarti Gara

    Amazing blood purifier, feels like a detox.😊

  10. 64 reviews

    Kanika Bhatti

    Love this ayurvedic skin allergy medicine.💓

  11. 64 reviews


    This capsule helps alleviates skin allergy symptoms.😊

  12. 64 reviews


    It is a natural and safe alternative to conventional medications. you must try it

  13. 64 reviews


    This capsule helps, me to nourish my skin 😊❤👍👍

  14. 64 reviews


    This capsule helps, me to nourish my skin 😊😊😊😊

  15. 64 reviews


    This capsule helps, me to nourish my skin

  16. 64 reviews


    After using this capsule my skin allergies have reduced😊😊😊

  17. 64 reviews

    Geetu Chaudhary

    Great capsule for skin allergies .😍

  18. 64 reviews

    Rashmi Rawat

    Safe and natural capsules.

  19. 64 reviews


    Nice product.😍

  20. 64 reviews

    Rakhi jain

    Work well for my skin allergy problem.

  21. 64 reviews

    Shalu saini

    Great capsule for purifying the blood.🌟

  22. 64 reviews


    Cleared my skin allergies effectively.

  23. 64 reviews

    Samiksha Ahuja

    Very effective natural blood purifier.💯

  24. 64 reviews


    No more itching or rashes! 😍

  25. 64 reviews

    Kanishka Rawat

    No side effects, easy to take.

  26. 64 reviews

    Vinita Pathak

    This Aliant capsule clears my skin allergies.😍

  27. 64 reviews

    Vanya Agrawal

    Cleanses blood and reduces skin allergies.💯

  28. 64 reviews

    Kartik Singla

    Easy to take capsules. Works wonders.😊

  29. 64 reviews

    Adhik Mehta

    This product is gentle on my sensitive skin!

  30. 64 reviews


    This capsule helps, me to nourish my skin 😊😊😊😊😊

  31. 64 reviews


    Happy with my purchase!

  32. 64 reviews


    Noticed a difference in my skin texture!

  33. 64 reviews

    Tarini Bisht

    Great Product… worth money.💓

  34. 64 reviews


    Cleared my acne in just a week… nice product.

  35. 64 reviews


    Effective for allergies & purifying blood!

  36. 64 reviews


    No more itchy skin. Grateful for this capsule.

  37. 64 reviews


    I’m so glad I tried this Alient capsule… very effective.

  38. 64 reviews

    Navya Mehta

    Excellent product… cleared my skin allergies completely.

  39. 64 reviews


    Boosted my immune system!

  40. 64 reviews


    Highly recommend it for eczema sufferers!🌟

  41. 64 reviews

    yash Mehra

    Safe for daily use!

  42. 64 reviews

    Aishani Roy

    This Aliant capsule improved my skin condition and purified my blood.😍

  43. 64 reviews

    Kirti Baweja

    This Aliant capsule boosts my immunity and overall health. Impressive!

  44. 64 reviews

    Raj Singh

    Good ayurvedic capsule, it has amazing benefits.

  45. 64 reviews


    Improved my skin’s overall & appearance!

  46. 64 reviews

    Pankaj Sharma

    Urid capsule is helpful for liver detox.

  47. 64 reviews

    Lalit Singh

    Aliant capsule has treat many skin conditions.

  48. 64 reviews

    Gaurav Singh

    Good capsule and helpful for skin allergy.

  49. 64 reviews

    Aayushi Singh

    Effective skin clear ayurvedic capsule.

  50. 64 reviews

    Piyush singh

    Good supplements for skin allergy.

  51. 64 reviews

    Aayushi Singh

    Ayurvedic capsule for purifying blood. Liked it!

  52. 64 reviews

    Gaurav tripathi

    Natural blood purifier for skin. Helps in acne removal.

  53. 64 reviews

    Rajat Singh

    Aliant capsule is good for skin inflammation. It has solved my problem.

  54. 64 reviews

    Jatin Singh

    Best ayurvedic capsule for skin and hair. It has helped me a lot.

  55. 64 reviews

    Pankaj Singh

    I buy this capsule for my sister. It has helped her to clear his skin.

  56. 64 reviews

    Janak Singh

    Good skin care tablets for health.

  57. 64 reviews

    Brijesh Verma

    Liked this product.

  58. 64 reviews

    Kanika Singh

    Ayurvedic capsule for blood purifier. It is an effective capsule.

  59. 64 reviews

    Karan Singh

    Good ayurvedic products.

  60. 64 reviews

    Shilpa Sharma

    Aliant capsule for skin issues. It has great capsule for people who has skin problem.

  61. 64 reviews

    Piyush Singh

    Good ayurvedic capsule for skin.

  62. 64 reviews

    Pankaj Sharma

    Effective ayurvedic blood purifier medicine for skin allergy.

  63. 64 reviews

    Jatin Rai

    Best medicine for skin allergy and helps in blood purifying.

  64. 64 reviews

    Pankaj Jain

    Best medicine for skin allergy and helps in blood purifying.

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