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Benefits of Morninga Leaves

16 Powerful Benefits of Moringa Leaves

Moringa- the tree that is known for its medicinal properties, has multiple benefits for health. It is also known as the bean oil tree, the miracle tree, the drumstick tree, and the horseradish tree.

Moringa leaves have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help in wound healing and managing glucose levels. Not just leaves, Moringa oil, flowers, fruit, sap, pod, and bark are all considered to have medicinal properties

You’ll find this plant’s extracts in a number of products out there. Moringa is mostly found in Asia, South America, and Africa. 

In this article, we will learn about the top benefits that Moringa Leaves have to offer. We will also explore some moringa powder benefits for females. Also, read the right way to incorporate this into your diet. 

Health Benefits of Moringa Leaves

The moringa leaves are known to be highly rich in nutrients. Moringa leaves are also very popular in the medicinal field due to these nutrients. These leaves are popularly used in Indian cuisine and can be included in the diet in many ways. 

Incorporating these leaves in effective ways has the following benefits.

1. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

These leaves are a powerhouse of Vitamin A, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, and Folate. These leaves also contain high amounts of magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorous, and calcium. 

One cup of moringa leaves will also contain 2 grams of protein. Additionally, it contains minerals and vitamins like magnesium and Riboflavin. 

Briefly stating, moringa leaves are a house of nutrients- perfect for balancing optimal health.

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2. Benefits Heart

Moringa powder or leaves can decrease cholesterol levels– hence it reduces the risk of heart disease. The presence of zinc in moringa helps to regulate blood glucose levels that decrease the risk of diabetes. 

3. Pushes Better Sleep

You need to get enough sleep to maintain optimal health even if you are taking the ideal diet. Nutrition and sleep have a significant impact on each other. Nutritious foods like Moringa are really helpful when it comes to improving sleep. With enough nutrition, it helps the body to get optimal sleep.

4. Good For Digestion

Including moringa powder in your diet can help to improve digestion. Moringa can help with conditions like bloating, gastritis, ulcerative colitis, and constipation.

5. Results In Better Skin

Moringa is found as an ingredient in various skincare products. It is because the plant is rich in antioxidants, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

These properties fight skin issues like acne and pimples. Plus, with the help of antioxidants, moringa slows down the signs of ageing on the skin.

6. Rich In Amino Acids

Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and are involved in various chemical and biological functions of the body. Hence, it is an important ingredient for growth and development.

Moringa powder is a rich source of amino acids as 18 different types of these acids are found in them. Each of these amino acids is an important part of our overall health.

7. Fights Inflammation

Inflammation is the natural reaction of the body to injury and pain. Moringa leaves contain a compound called isothiocyanates which makes this ingredient anti-inflammatory.

Inflammation is the root cause of many diseases including arthritis, cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and more. After an infection or injury, the body experiences increased inflammation.

Moringa leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation in the body, decreasing the risk of chronic diseases.

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8. Protects the Liver

Moringa is really beneficial in protecting the liver cells from damage. Tuberculosis patients can consider consuming these leaves to protect their livers from anti-tubercular drugs. 

These Drumstick leaves also accelerate the protein levels in the liver. For the liver to function well, the liver enzymes have to function properly. 

The liver is the part responsible for absorbing nutrients, blood detoxification, and fat metabolism. Moringa leaves are a rich source of polyphenols that act against oxidative damage.     

9. Improves Bone Health

Calcium and phosphorus are two elements that contribute majorly to bone health. Moringa leaves are known to be rich in these two elements. Hence it helps to repair damaged bones and also protects against diseases related to bones.

10. Acts as an Antiseptic

Moringa leaves work as an antiseptic and it helps to fight many bacteria. They also increase the speed of wound healing and repair skin cells after minor cuts, bruises, and burns quickly.

11. Good for Hair

These leaves have a high amount of nutrients and antioxidants. Hence, these help improve the health of hair. Using moringa for hair can result in shinier hair, reduced hair fall, and decreased dandruff. This also results in bouncy hair and makes lifeless hair look healthy. You can also use these leaves for strengthening hair follicles.

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12. Prevents Cancer

The properties of moringa help to decrease the risk of cancer. It contains a compound called niazimicin which is known to suppress the development of cancer cells

Some scientists claim that the extract of moringa leaf and its other parts have certain properties that have the ability to kill cancer cells. 

13. Improves Eye Health

Moringa has an antioxidant called beta-carotene. This compound is important to maintain the health of the eyes and prevent any heart diseases.

14. Improves Lactation

Moringa leaves are used for lactation in nursing mothers. Moringa leaves are the powerhouse of essential nutrients, important vitamins, and protein and hence they are great for the health of mothers.

15. Used for Detoxification

Moringa leaves to aid in the natural detoxification of the body as it works as a natural cleanser. It helps to keep the body healthy and improves immunity.

16. Aids in Weight Management

Moringa leaves have the capability to burn fat naturally. So these leaves help in reducing weight without affecting energy levels. They also reduce frequent hunger and decrease calorie intake.

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Side Effects of Moringa Leaves

  1. Not suitable for everyone: Moringa leaves are not suitable for everyone. There are some minor side effects that one needs to be aware of. 
  1. Interactions with medication: Moringa leaves contain compounds that can interact with certain medications, including blood thinners and diabetes medications. If you are taking any medication, it is important to consult with your doctor before consuming moringa leaves.
  1. Risk of gastrointestinal problems: Moringa leaves contain high levels of fiber, which can cause digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and diarrhea if consumed in excessive amounts.
  1. May lower blood sugar levels: Moringa leaves may lower blood sugar levels, which can benefit people with diabetes. However, for people without diabetes, consuming too many moringa leaves could lead to low blood sugar levels, which can cause weakness, dizziness, and even fainting.
  1. May harm pregnant women: Moringa leaves are not recommended for pregnant women, as they may cause contractions in the uterus.

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Possible Ways to Include Moringa in Diet

Here are some possible ways how to use moringa leaves:

1. Moringa Tea

Moringa tea is a great way to consume Moringa. Simply add fresh or dried Moringa leaves in hot water for a few minutes, then strain and enjoy.

Moringa tea has a slightly earthy taste and can be enhanced with honey, lemon, or ginger. This tea is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making it a healthy beverage option.

2. Smoothies

moringa smoothie

Adding Moringa or drumstick leaves to your smoothies is an easy way to boost the nutritional value of your drink. Moringa leaves are high in vitamins A, C, and E and calcium, iron, and protein.

Simply add fresh or powdered Moringa leaves to your favorite smoothie recipe and blend until smooth. You can also add other fruits and vegetables like bananas, mangoes, spinach, or kale for added flavor and nutrition.

3. Murungai Podi

Murungai Podi is a South Indian spice blend made from dried Moringa leaves. The leaves are dried and ground into a powder, then mixed with other spices like cumin, coriander, and peppercorns.

This spice blend is often used as a seasoning for rice, vegetables, and meat dishes. Murungai Podi is a flavorful way to add the nutritional benefits of Moringa to your diet.

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4. With Soups

moringa leaves soup

Drumstick leaves can be added to soups and stews to boost their nutritional value. Simply add fresh or dried Moringa leaves to the pot and let them cook with the other ingredients. 

Moringa leaves have a mild, spinach-like flavor that complements many soup recipes. This is a great way to get the benefits of Moringa while enjoying a warm and comforting meal.

These are just a few ways to incorporate Moringa into your diet. Moringa leaves can also be used in salads, as a garnish, or in other dishes where you might use spinach or other leafy greens. 

It is important to remember to use Moringa in moderation and to consult with a healthcare provider before adding it to your diet, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or taking medications.

Summing Up

These were the major benefits of moringa leaves. Incorporating Moringa leaves into your diet can be really fruitful. These leaves offer a simple and natural way to promote overall wellness and can be a valuable addition to your daily routine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the 10 benefits of moringa?

There are many benefits of moringa. Some of these include:

  • Boosts immunity
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • Supports healthy skin
  • Helps lower blood sugar
  • Enhances brain function
  • Supports heart health
  • Provides antioxidant protection
  • Improves bone health
  • Aids in weight management

2. Can I boil moringa leaves and drink it?

Moringa leaves can be used to make a tea or infusion by boiling them in water. This tea is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, making it a healthy beverage option.

3. How Long Does It Take For Moringa To Start Working?

Moringa does not instantly start showing results. It is important to continue consuming this tea for at least a month to see positive results.

Disclaimer: This article only provides information to educate the reader. It does not promote skipping or substituting treatments by medical experts. It is recommended the readers consult experts according to personal needs to understand their medical condition precisely.

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