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Natural Remedies For Managing Your Stress

10 Natural Remedies For Managing Your Stress

Are you unable to cope with the burdens of your life? It can often end up making you feel drained and extremely stressed. While a certain amount of stress can increase your efficiency and productivity, prolonged stress can lead to many health complications. It not only affects you physically but can also have a toll on your mental health. Thus, it is extremely important to keep your stress under control. Using natural remedies like Ayurveda for stress and anxiety can be extremely helpful because they have no side effects. In this blog, we have discussed 7 natural remedies you can try at home to manage your stress effectively.

8 Signs Of Stress

1: Running Low On Energy

If you suffer from prolonged stress, your energy levels will gradually deplete. You will find neither the motivation nor the strength to carry out even basic tasks.

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2: Trouble Falling Asleep

Despite feeling tired all day, you will have trouble falling asleep. This is because your mind will be racing with thoughts of anxiety and stress.

3: Unexplained Pain In The Body

When your mind is under stress, the body immediately secretes a hormone called cortisol to cope with it. High levels of cortisol can cause unexplained pain in the body such as headaches and joint pains.

4: Depression

When you are stressed for quite some time, it can eventually lead to depression. You will have no motivation to get on with your day and suffer from fatigue all the time.

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5: Digestive Problems

The state of our mind has a huge effect on the regular functions of our body. A slight alteration in our mood can have a great impact on our body. Thus, severe stress can give rise to serious digestive issues.

6: Sudden Change In Weight

Excessive stress can cause you to lose your appetite. This can lead to weight loss. On the other hand, you can also stress-eat to cope with your anxiety which will lead to unhealthy weight gain.

7: Low Sex Drive

People who are under severe stress will experience low libido. This will reduce their ability to feel pleasure.

8: Reduced Immunity

When your body is under severe stress, the body uses its defences to cope with it. During such cases, your immunity system suffers. This can lead to several physical health issues and diseases.

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10 Natural Remedies To Manage Your Stress

1: Dark Chocolate

Do you have a sweet tooth? Then you can make good use of it by munching on dark chocolate whenever you feel stressed. Dark chocolate can immediately lift your mood and boost your energy levels. If you ever feel frustrated at work, keep a bar of dark chocolate ready. It can provide you with the necessary nutrients and motivation to get through the day.

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2: Ashwagandha

Taking the help of Ayurveda for stress relief is extremely effective. The remedies are completely natural and have no side effects. One such way is the consumption of Ashwagandha, an Ayurvedic product, in healthy dosages to keep your stressful thoughts at bay. Ashwagandha regulates the secretion of cortisol in our body which reduces the negative effects of stress on our health. 

3: Avocados

Including avocados in your regular diet can have a profound impact on your body and mind. It is a rich source of Vitamin B, reducing stress and anxiety and promoting your heart’s well-being. You can consume this fruit directly or have it with bread for breakfast.

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4: Fruits Rich In Vitamin C

Fruits that are rich in Vitamin C act as great energy boosters. They are also effective in brightening your mood regardless of the situation you are in. Hence, any time you pack food for your work or any place that can be a source of stress, consider including strawberries or oranges in your diet. It is better not to turn them into smoothies because that reduces their nutritional value.

5: Green Leafy Vegetables

Prolonged stress can hamper the natural functioning of your body. This includes your digestive processes leading to unsatisfactory bowel movements. You can facilitate your bowel movements by including green leafy vegetables in your diet. They contain a lot of fibre which smoothens your digestive functions and helps you to manage your stress.

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6: Bhringraj

After a hectic day at work, experiencing a therapeutic treatment to relieve all the stress of the day can be highly beneficial. Do you know how you can make it more effective? By including the Ayurvedic ingredient of Bhringraj! You can not only add it to massage oils but also consume it with tea. Regular consumption of this natural element improves the blood circulation in your body and has a relaxing effect on your mind. 

7: Working Out

Therapists often advise their clients to go for a run when they are feeling blue. This is because exercising releases certain hormones which greatly reduces your stress and anxiety. Endorphins released in the body control your stress levels while also regulating your physical health. This ensures that your overall well-being is taken care of when you work out.

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8: Nuts

Nuts are rich sources of Vitamin E which can also regulate your stress levels. It improves blood circulation in your body and reduces anxiety by controlling the stress responses of the body. Thus, it is healthy to consume nuts along with your regular diet.

9: Herbal Tea

A refreshing cup of tea before you begin your day can rejuvenate your body and mind greatly. However, you can amplify the effect tea has on your health by switching to natural ingredients. Herbal teas have been extremely popular for their massive benefits. Thus, if you want to do away with your stress, consider having an occasional cup of herbal tea.

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10: Meditation And Massage Therapy

Last but not least, the well-being of your mental health can be improved by regular mind exercises. This includes meditating for 15-30 minutes every day where you focus on your breathing or practicing mindfulness. You can also relieve your mind from stress with massage therapy. Massage oils trigger certain acupressure points in our body which release happy hormones and drive your stress away. 


A little bit of stress can cause no harm. Rather, it can fuel your motivation to get through the day. However, severe and prolonged stress can have dire consequences. But why worry when you can effectively combat your stress with natural remedies? By exercising regularly, and including certain food items in your diet, you can reduce your stress and regulate your mental well-being.

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