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Effective Home Remedies for Weight Loss

Effective Home Remedies for Weight Loss

You give up on all your favorite foods, do not even touch that delicious dessert, and still do not succeed in shedding those few pounds? You can’t figure out what went wrong and then quit the weight loss journey. 

The secret is- you need to have the right approach to everything. There needs to be a balance. For example, you do not need to cut on carbs completely assuming it might reduce your weight. Your body needs a specific amount of carbs to function properly. Hence, there needs to be a balanced approach. 

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the top tips that can help you with your weight loss journey. From diet and exercise to lifestyle and mindset, we’ll cover the best strategies to help you shed those extra pounds. 

So, if you’re wondering how to lose weight naturally, keep reading!

1. Drinking Lemon Water With Honey

lemon and honey water

Lemon water and honey is one of the most popular remedies for weight loss. It is the most common kitchen drink that people usually consume in the morning on an empty stomach. 

Squeeze half a lemon in lukewarm water and add 2 teaspoons of honey to the water. Drinking this every morning on an empty stomach helps to detoxify your body from within. This might turn out to be one of the effective weight loss tips at home. 

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2. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is also one of the reliable home remedies for weight loss that works really well to shed pounds, especially that belly fat. Apple cider vinegar has a high content of acetic acid that possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-obesity properties. It helps to lose weight naturally.

3. Powdered Kitchen Spices

The ingredients used every day in an Indian kitchen can have weight loss properties that you might not be aware of. Spices including Kali Jeera (black cumin), Methi (fenugreek seeds) and ajwain (carom seeds) have properties that can help lose weight. 

Methi seeds help to increase the metabolic rate, while carom and black cumin seeds help in overall weight loss. Mix their powdered form in water and it will be easier for you to consume these seeds. 

4. Replace Your Sugary Drinks With Green Tea

drink green tea

It is better to choose a beverage that is healthy for you instead of over-consuming sugary and unhealthy drinks. Choose to drink green tea every day instead of regular milk tea or coffee. 

Green tea is known for its metabolism-boosting properties. It also contains catechins and caffeine, which are known to be strong agents in promoting weight loss. 

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5. Cinnamon and Honey Infused Tea

Cinnamon and honey-infused tea can be a great way to support weight loss goals. Cinnamon is known for its ability to boost metabolism and help regulate blood sugar levels. Honey is known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can help boost your immune system. 

6. Say No to Artificial Sugars 

Artificial sugars can be very harmful to your health and can actually lead to weight gain. These sugars are high in calories and lack any nutritional value, so your body doesn’t recognize them as food. As a result, your body will store them in your fat cells which can lead to weight gain.

7. Get a Good Night’s Sleep

sleep soundly

Although it is not among the home remedies for weight loss, it is a basic lifestyle change you absolutely need. Sleeping has a vast impact on your health and you do need sufficient sleep. 

Even though you have a number of other tasks to deal with in a day, you should still invest your 8 hours to sleep. This helps in maintaining your optimal health and controlling your diet to lose weight. 

Our body functions are regulated with sleep and digestion is improved. A balanced sleep also helps to boost our metabolic rate, which in turn helps in losing extra flab. 

8. Serve Food On A Small Plate

Human psychology contributes majorly to our lifestyle. Similar to other factors, we make our food choices depending on how our mind perceives the world around us. 

This is because our brain thinks that the amount of food on the plate is actually the amount that we need to eat. When you take a smaller plate, you have a smaller portion to eat and you are likely to feel fuller even if you eat less. 

9. Consume Some Raw Foods 

eat raw vegetables

Some vegetables, when eaten raw, provide additional benefits. Although you should consume properly cooked meat and chicken, consuming raw vegetables like carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, corn and more can be immensely healthy. 

10. Quit Cigarettes

Cigarettes are the worst enemy of your health and can majorly interrupt your weight loss journey. If you want to lose weight effectively, say no to smoking and lead a healthy lifestyle. 

11. Eat Small Portions, But Frequently

Eating small portions in frequent intervals can be helpful in losing weight as it controls your metabolism. Eating in small portions also helps to regulate sugar levels.

Small portion meals with snacks in between the intervals work as the best regimen for weight loss. Yes, you do not have to skip meals to lose weight– it is a misconception most people have. 

12. Avoid Stress

Building stress leads to increased cortisol levels. The higher cortisol levels result in increased belly fat. Avoiding or reducing stress with the help of meditation or exercise and making better food choices can efficiently help reduce weight 

13. Juices for Weight Loss

drink juices

Juices are another effective remedy for weight loss. There is a range of ayurvedic juice for weight loss. You can consume juices with natural fat-cutting ingredients like green coffee, aloe vera, moringa, ginger, etc. 

These juices can be made at home using the ingredients. But if you do not have enough time to make these juices at home, consider consuming the ayurvedic juices available in the market. 

Consuming ayurvedic juices can help you regulate bowel movements, rejuvenate health, improve digestion, and also regulate metabolism. You can unlock effective weight loss with the help of Ayurvedic juices.

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Things NOT To Do To Lose Weight

1. Do Not Involve in Crash Diets 

Crash diets are plans that need you to skip meals throughout the day or just consume fruit juices. Such diets are not at all healthy for you as the body does not get the required nutrients. You might end up losing muscle mass along with fat and may become weaker. Instead, choose a healthy diet, consuming foods that are low in calories

2. Do Not Rely Solely on Protein Shakes

Only consuming protein shakes is not going to work wonders to help you lose weight. If you start skipping meals and replace them with protein shakes, your body will start missing out on important nutrition. 

3. Do Not Skip Meals

Skipping meals is never a good idea to lose weight. Most people have the assumption that eating fewer meals a day can lead to weight loss. However, according to studies, skipping meals can slow down the metabolism and result in gaining weight instead of losing it. 

4. Do Not Involve In Juice Diets

While juice diets may have a significant effect on weight loss, they may be only for the short term- maybe only until you are following the juice diet. 

Once you are back to the normal diet, your weight might also come back to regular kgs. Plus, such major calorie restrictions may lead to a slower metabolism. Hence, juice diets may not be a good idea. 

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Summing Up

Getting a hold of your lifestyle habits can actually help you lose weight. Along with putting effort into your diet and workout, adapting to these home remedies for weight loss will also help you lose weight. Try to make a routine to adapt to these remedies. It’ll help you have control over your lifestyle. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are natural remedies for losing weight? 

Along with adapting to a workout routine, you need to have a combination of fat-cutting beverages, a healthy diet, and enough amount of sleep. 

2. Which home remedy is best for weight loss?

One of the most popular home remedies is honey-lemon water. It helps to cut fats and detoxify the body.  Drink this every morning to get effective results. 

3. What is the fastest remedy to lose weight?

A single home remedy cannot work miraculously to reduce weight. Losing weight is a steady process and you should focus on consuming healthy foods and exercising regularly instead of skipping your meals in order to lose weight faster. 

Disclaimer: This article only provides information to educate the reader. It does not promote skipping or substituting treatments by medical experts. It is recommended the readers consult experts according to personal needs to understand their medical condition precisely.

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