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Natural Herbs For Muscle Growth

15 Best Natural Herbs For Muscle Growth

Unlocking the path to a stronger, healthier you is a desire we all share. When it comes to muscle gain, many of us are seeking natural alternatives to synthetic supplements. Fortunately, the world of herbs has so much to support you in achieving your fitness goals.

In this blog, we’ll look at the herbs that can naturally support your muscle-building journey. Take a look at the ayurvedic herbs for muscle growth.

Top 10 Herbs for Muscle Growth 

1. Ashwagandha


Ashwagandha is powerful and one of the best herbs for muscle growth. It is an adaptogen that belongs to the class of healing plants. It helps to protect the body along with balancing and restoring it.

Instead of having a specific effect, Ashwagandha works on the overall functioning of the body. It regulates physiological functions and improves the body’s response to stressors or influences.

This herb has various benefits including boosting immunity, reducing anxiety and depression, and balancing hormonal levels.

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2. Rhodiola

rhodiola rosea

Rhodiola, known for its adaptogenic properties, is a valuable herb in ayurvedic supplements for bodybuilding.

Incorporating this herb into the diet can reduce cortisol levels, boost energy levels, and lower stress hormones reducing depression. It works on reducing belly fat and improving physical performance.

Its inclusion in these supplements can promote overall well-being in bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

3. Shatavari

Shatavari is also counted among the best Ayurvedic herbs for bodybuilding in the world of Ayurveda. It is an effective herb for muscle growth which is counted as Rasayana or rejuvenation.

It is generally used in generative health formulas but it works great on muscle gain due to its effect on strength and energy levels.

The herb has steroidal saponins that lead to an increase in testosterone levels. On the other hand, the high levels of amino acid asparagine assist in protein synthesis.

4. Salab Punja

Salab Punja

Salab Punja, a revered herb in Ayurvedic medicine for muscle strength, holds a significant place in ancient Ayurveda. This herb is known for its viability and its importance in ancient Ayurveda.

Still, this herb is hard to observe in the supplements sold out there. It is because the herb is lost due to its natural surroundings and there are strict regulations to preserve it.

According to some studies, this herb is as effective as ancient medicines to boost testosterone levels and promote muscle mass. It also contributes to higher energy levels.

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5. Gokhru

Gokhru is yet another herb that is known for its medical benefits. This works to solve issues related to kidneys, female reproductive systems, and diabetes. This herb has recently become popular among athletes and bodybuilders.

It is because of its ability to promote male chemical testosterone levels. Plus it does not cause any secondary effects. Apart from increasing testosterone levels, this herb also helps to improve anaerobic muscle strength.

6. Echinacea


Echinacea, though not traditionally associated with bodybuilding, is gaining recognition in the realm of ayurvedic supplements for bodybuilding.

Echinacea is primarily known for its immune-boosting properties rather than its direct effects on muscle growth. However, a strong immune system can indirectly support muscle growth by promoting overall health and reducing the risk of illnesses that could hinder workout consistency.

7. Guarana


Guarana contains caffeine, which is a stimulant that can enhance athletic performance. Caffeine can improve endurance, reduce fatigue, and increase focus during workouts.

These effects may indirectly contribute to muscle growth by allowing individuals to train harder and longer.

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8. Saffron and Cinnamon

Saffron and Cinnamon

Saffron and cinnamon, known for their aromatic flavors, are also valuable ingredients in Ayurvedic bodybuilding supplements.

These are not directly associated with muscle growth. However, they possess antioxidant properties, which can help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body.

By minimizing inflammation, these herbs may indirectly support muscle recovery and reduce exercise-induced muscle damage.

9. Safed Musli

Safed Musli is often considered an aphrodisiac and is traditionally used to promote vitality and strength. It works as the best ayurvedic medicine for muscle strength.

While it is believed to have positive effects on overall health and energy levels, there is limited scientific evidence specifically linking it to muscle growth.

10. Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is commonly used as a dietary supplement to enhance athletic performance and increase muscle mass. It is believed to stimulate testosterone production, which plays a crucial role in muscle growth and development.

However, scientific studies have produced mixed results, and more research is needed to establish its effectiveness conclusively.

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11. Fenugreek

Methi Seeds (Fenugreek)

Fenugreek, recognized among ayurvedic herbs for muscle growth, offers a holistic approach to building strength and muscle.

Fenugreek increases the uptake of creatine in muscles. According to 2011 and 2017 studies, it was found that consuming fenugreek with creatine supplementation can increase creatine uptake without needing excess amounts of carbohydrates. 

12. Jiaogulan


Jiaogulan or gynostemma has long been used as a medicine in the Chinese medicinal world. Jiaogulan is from the cucumber family and it may improve performance, and reduce fatigue by strengthening cardiovascular function.

13. Eleuthero

Eleuthero is a native herb to Siberia and it is also a type of ginseng. It is like Ashwagandha as it also works to reduce stress levels and improves performance.

This herb has also been known to fasten the recovery time by helping in the breakdown of lactic acid.

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14. Apigenin 

This herb is really effective for muscle growth. This herb comes from Parsley, and only 3-4 tablespoons of it in your diet can help in muscle growth. 

A 2017 study on mice showed these effects, however, effects on humans are yet to be scientifically proven. You can add it to your diet to see the possible results. 

15. Maca

Maca or Peruvian Ginseng has also been shown to improve energy and endurance. It can also support hormonal issues like menopause, libido, or even fertility. 

Other Natural Remedies

If you are unable to source the herbs for muscle growth mentioned above, these natural supplements by Ambic Ayurveda can also help. 

1. Nav Nirman Advanced Muscle Build Capsule

Nav Nirman Advanced Muscle Build Capsule is one of the best Ayurvedic medicines for muscle strength. Made with the formulation of natural herbs like Bhringraj, Amla, Konch, Cumin, and more, this tablet significantly helps in muscle mass growth. Along with giving you a stronger body, it also improves digestion and metabolism. 

2. Nav Paurush Weight Gain Capsule

These capsules are made with herbs like ashwagandha, shilajit, arjuna, and more. Nav Paurush Weight Gain Capsule is effective in healthy weight gain, better digestion, and increasing muscle mass and not fat.  

Key Vitamins for Muscle Growth

If you are focusing on getting a nutritious diet for muscle growth, here are some vitamins and minerals your diet must include. 

Vitamin C: Vitamin C is among the most crucial vitamins for muscle gain. This vitamin contributes to collagen production and is crucial for building new muscle tissues. Vitamin C is also helpful in reducing inflammation. Thus, it decreases fatigue and soreness in the muscles. 

Zinc: Zinc is yet another mineral that plays a crucial role in muscle development. It helps in protein synthesis, which contributes highly to muscle growth and muscle tissue repair. This mineral is anti-inflammatory in nature. Thus, it reduces muscle soreness after a workout. 

Magnesium: Magnesium also significantly contributes to muscle growth. It balances the calcium levels in our body resulting in better muscle contraction in the body. This mineral also boosts energy levels and strength, which play a crucial role in workout performance. 

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Summing Up

Herbs can naturally help in gaining muscles effectively, without affecting fat consumption. If you are aiming to gain muscles, these herbs are counted as the most effective. Add them to your diet by mixing them in smoothies or consuming them in powder or capsule form. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What natural herbs build muscle?

So many natural herbs are known to promote muscle building. Some of the most reliable herbs among those are Ashwagandha, Saffron and Cinnamon, Shatavari, Gokhru, and Salab Punja. 

  • Can herbs build muscle?

Yes. Some herbs contribute to muscle gain as effectively as the supplements available out there. These herbs can improve the efficiency of your body-building journey and help gain muscle mass faster. 

  • Does ashwagandha increase muscle mass?

Yes. Ashwagandha contributes to increasing testosterone levels in the body by reducing cortisol levels. It results in muscle gains and promotes muscle repair, growth, and recovery.

Disclaimer: This article only provides information to educate the reader. It does not promote skipping or substituting treatments by medical experts. It is recommended the readers consult experts according to personal needs to understand their medical condition precisely.



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