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est Ayurvedic Medicine for High BP with Natural Ingredients and Capsules

Best Ayurvedic Medicine For High BP


Have you checked your blood pressure lately? Are the readings consistently above 140/90? Then you may be suffering from high blood pressure.

This means due to one or more obstructions and blockages, your heart is finding it difficult to pump blood through your body. It is taking extra effort to maintain regular function.

If you neglect this condition, you can be faced with dire consequences. Instead, you must take charge of your health by utilising Ayurvedic medicine for high BP.

Ayurveda not only uses completely natural ingredients but also exhibits zero side effects. So, let us find out which Ayurvedic herbs can regulate your high blood pressure!

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

Do you tend to sit around all day? Then you have a higher chance of suffering from high blood pressure due to no physical activity.

At the same time, if you consume meat more than usual, need lots of caffeine to get through the day, or drink alcohol frequently, you are more likely to be a victim of high blood pressure.

It has also been observed that people suffering from diabetes or diagnosed as obese have almost always complained of having high blood pressure.

This condition is more likely to affect people once they cross 40. Thus, taking care of your health from a young age is extremely important and special attention must be given when you’re over 40.

Taking the help of Ayurvedic medicine for blood pressure is an excellent remedy because it has no side effects despite long-term usage.

7 Ayurvedic Herbs To Control High BP

1: Ashwagandha


One of the primary causes of high blood pressure is overwhelming stress. Stress is quite usual in our daily lives.

However, if an individual fails to cope with it in a healthy manner, it can lead to severe health issues like high blood pressure.

Ashwagandha can come to your rescue in such a scenario because it possesses immense power to strengthen your mind and body to fight stress and keep high blood pressure at bay. This makes it the best Ayurvedic medicine for high BP.

2: Triphala


High blood pressure is often caused due to blockages in the blood vessels. This makes it difficult for the blood to flow smoothly.

The anti-inflammatory properties of Triphala can effectively reduce these blockages and facilitate blood flow. This helps regulate blood pressure.

At the same time, this Ayurvedic herb is extremely efficient in reducing cholesterol, another primary cause of high BP.

3: Arjuna


Arjuna is considered another effective Ayurvedic medicine for high BP due to its ability to reduce cholesterol in the blood.

Cholesterol causes the arteries to become thick which obstructs the smooth flow of blood. Arjuna reduces cholesterol content in blood and facilitates uninterrupted flow.

Moreover, it also regulates the production of stress hormones in the human body and controls blood pressure.

4: Jatamansi


Many external factors can instigate the formation of free radicals in our bodies. These free radicals can cause severe damage to the arteries making them thin. This makes it difficult for the blood to flow smoothly.

Jatamansi is an excellent Ayurvedic medicine for blood pressure because it is highly effective in protecting the blood vessels from free radicals and promoting smooth blood flow.

5: Basil


Basil is very popular for its healing properties. It is rich in antioxidants like eugenol which help improve and strengthen body health.

This proves to be a huge factor in regulating high blood pressure and facilitating smooth blood flow.

6: Cinnamon


The rhythmic dilating and contracting of the blood vessels maintains blood flow in our body. When there is an issue in this function, the blood flow will be irregular and, often, high.

The smooth function of the blood vessels can be overseen by cinnamon making it an effective Ayurvedic medicine for high BP. It also helps an individual cope with hypertension and keep their stress under control.

7: Brahmi


Brahmi has an immense calming effect on the human mind. This also makes it an effective herbal remedy for hypertension which is one of the primary causes of high blood pressure.

Thus, it can be utilised efficiently to reduce high blood pressure and lead a healthy life.

5 Home Remedies For Controlling High BP

1: Garlic


Garlic is the most common ingredient that can be found in the kitchen and it is also considered the best Ayurvedic medicine for high BP.

This is because it contains an active compound called Allicin which is very powerful against hypertension and stress. The compound is highly effective in relaxing blood vessels, facilitating blood flow, and regulating blood pressure.

2: Ginger


Ginger is used in several cooking recipes to enhance their taste and flavour. But did you know it can regulate blood pressure as well?

Including ginger in your regular diet can reduce the cholesterol level in blood which improves the function of blood vessels and maintains the blood pressure.

3: Watermelon


Your blood pressure can become increasingly high when you feel overwhelmed or stressed. It can also reach a peak if you scream excessively or experience inadequate sleep.

Sudden high pressure can be detrimental to your health. So what can be the remedy?

Watermelon is the best Ayurvedic medicine for high blood pressure. The fruit provides a high content of L-citrulline which is an amino acid popular for reducing high blood pressure.

4: Amla


Amla is also considered an effective Ayurvedic medicine for high BP. It can be consumed raw or sprinkled with salt. Some people prefer to have it as juice or mix it with other vegetables.

Regardless of how you consume it, it offers immense health benefits which include normal blood pressure.

5: Yoga


Since high blood pressure can be caused due to a lack of physical activity, it is important to follow regular exercise routines to keep your mind and body healthy.

Yoga is an excellent way to keep your body and mind effective. It ensures that your body experiences regular activity while your mind learns how to cope with stress.


High blood pressure can be a severe health concern if kept unchecked. This is why it is important to turn your focus on keeping your body healthy. Since it requires long-term care, it is best to use Ayurvedic medicine for high BP.

These Ayurvedic herbs not only improve your heart health but also maintain the regular function of blood vessels ensuring smooth blood flow and normal blood pressure.

At the same time, Ayurvedic medicines like Ashwagandha, Brahmi, and Triphala reduce blood cholesterol, control hypertension, and have a calming effect on the mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can Ayurveda cure high BP?

Ans: Since Ayurveda uses natural ingredients and has no side effects, they are extremely efficient in curing high BP and keeping your body healthy and in good shape.

Q2: Is Ashwagandha good for high BP?

Ans: Yes, Ashwagandha is an excellent remedy for high BP. One of the primary causes of high blood pressure is excessive stress. However, this Ayurvedic medicine powers up your mind to deal with stress and, thus, maintain blood pressure levels.

Q3: Which herbal medicine is used to treat high blood pressure?

Ans: There are several herbal medicines that can be used to treat high blood pressure like Ashwagandha, Triphala, Brahmi, Jatamansi, and Arjun.

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