Choose Ayurveda as a Blood Pressure Fighting Remedy

Choose Ayurveda as a Blood Pressure Fighting Remedy

Are you diagnosed with Hypertension or High Blood Pressure? Thinking about how to reduce your high blood pressure? Ayurveda is an easy and cost-effective solution, playing a major role in treating your high blood pressure.

Before discussing Ayurvedic remedy, we should know what high blood pressure is. High blood pressure is a hazardous condition that occurs when blood pressure exceeds high, the blood moves forcefully through the arteries, and damages the blood vessels.

Reasons of high blood pressure

  • A diet high in fat, and salt
  • Stress and lack of physical activity
  • Obesity or overweight
  • Chronic conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol
  • Family history or genetic issue

There are several types of remedies in Ayurveda available to treat high blood pressure. Hy-Lo Capsule is a natural remedy to lower your blood pressure without side effects. Acts on your kidneys Hy-Lo Capsule is capable of helping your body in eliminating sodium, water, and reducing blood volume. Ingredients used in this drug are Praval Pisti, Sarpgandha, Jahar Mohra Pisti, Sudh Gandhak, Icha Bhedi Ras, Armnaal Khas, and many others. All these ingredients are 100% herbal, pure and safe to consume. It is advised to take Hy-Lo Capsule thrice a day that help in lessening your high blood pressure.

There are also certain lifestyle changes that help to lower your blood pressure. Some of the important ways that act as blood pressure fighting remedies are as follows:

  • Eat potassium-rich foods such as leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products, fish, nuts, and seeds
  • Cut the amount of sodium in your diet
  • Start doing regular exercises such as brisk walk, running, jogging, etc.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Manage your stress and learn relaxation methods
  • Lose weight

In addition to these, there are also some home remedies beneficial for high blood pressure. Few of them are watermelon, hibiscus tea, celery seed extracts, beetroot juice, pomegranate juice, dark chocolate and more.

Avail Ayurveda for Healthy & Painless Periods

Avail Ayurveda for Healthy & Painless Periods

Irregular and painful period is a very familiar issue, which occurs among women due to several factors such as hormonal imbalance, eating disorders, liver disease, tuberculosis, menopause, thyroid disorders, and other health conditions. In addition to these, lifestyle triggers like increased exercise, travel, stress, and certain medications also contribute to this biological problem.

Symptoms of Irregular Periods or Uneven Menstruation

  • Monthly Periods, which lasts fewer than four days or more than seven days, or it occurs longer than 38 days or less than every 32 days
  • Your usual cycle varies more than seven to nine days from normal level
  • Missing your periods more than three consecutive cycles
  • Experiencing heavy or lighter bleeding even after menopause occurs
  • Spotting blood either after having sex or between menstrual periods
  • Ayurvedic treatment is the best-tried solution for the menstrual problem, heavy bleeding and irregular periods. The Ayurvedic remedy is beneficial for the following reasons:
  • Provides proper nutrition so that it helps in reducing spasmodic pain during menstruation
  • Balances hormones and reduces fatigue
  • Regularize periods and improves overall health

When it comes to irregular periods, Lucoya Capsule is an excellent Ayurvedic drug that helps for reducing heavy flow during menstruation. Regularly intake of this drug after having your meal, twice a day is effective in reducing pain associated with periods. Lucoya Capsule is 100% natural remedy formulated using Kapas, Dhay, Dash Mool, Bolbaddh Ras, Tribang Bhasam, Bail, Pradrantak Loh, Ashoka, and many other ingredients.

Apart from taking Lucoya Capsule, there are some home remedies that may help you to eradicate irregular periods and painful menstruation. Few of them are listed below:

  • Consume unripe papaya juice regularly
  • Drink one-quarter teaspoon of turmeric with milk, honey or jaggery
  • Drink fresh ginger juice with sugar mix, three times a day after your meals
  • Consume a glass full of cinnamon powder and warm milk daily

Choose Ayurveda if your period is heavy or painful or lasts longer than a week. Stay Fit!

Cure the Male Infertility Problems with Ayurvedic Remedies

Cure the Male Infertility Problems with Ayurvedic Remedies

Male infertility is the inability of a male partner to cause pregnancy in the female partner. Infertility in a man occurs due to unhealthy sperm count, erectile dysfunction, low motility or irregular shape. There are several disorders like hormonal problems, infections, ejaculation problems, undescended testicles, Defects in the chromosome, physical problems, and psychological problems, responsible as the reason behind infertility in men.

The problem of male infertility is common nowadays, and it is curable through Ayurvedic treatment. An Ayurvedic remedy like Ativeerya Capsule is useful in eradicating infertility in men. Ativeerya capsule is formulated using Kali Musli, Bang Bhasm, Swarnmalini Ras, Makardhavaj, Shukramartaka Vati, Muktta Pishti, Manmanth Ras, Vidari Kand Satv, Shuddh Shilajit, Abhrak, Jayphal, Supari Paak, Bans Lochan, Roomi Mastangi, Kapoor, Shalmali Ghratras, Navjeevan Ras, Dal Chini Satv, etc. These ingredients are useful formulations which help create the synergistic hormonal balance between the Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH). Ativeerya capsule is an Ayurvedic remedy, used in the treatment of infertility of men with the purpose of correcting the functional problem that causes infertility.

Benefits of using Ativeerya Capsule

  • It enhances the sexual performance of men
  • Helps in treating sex problems and restoring the vigor, vitality, and energy
  • Improves the quality and quantity of the sperm and viscosity
  • Improves the digestive system, immune system and provides proper nutrition to the sexual system
  • Ativeerya capsule improves sleep disorders due to stress and weakness
  • It provides good strength for better stamina

There are certain tips to optimize male fertility and few of them are listed below:

  • Yogas like Moola Bandha, Ashwini Mudra, and Vajroli Mudra
  • Foods such as dairy proteins, dry fruits, milk, fruits, leafy vegetables, spices and herbs to enhance reproductive tissue
  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep stress at bay

How to Increase Your Height through Ayurvedic Medicines

How to Increase Your Height through Ayurvedic Medicines

A large number of people across the Globe is suffering from puniness (short height). Hormone growth disorders, lack of nutrition are some of the factors responsible for lesser height. Being tall increases your self-confidence and gives you an opportunity to feel good among crowds.

Reasons of Short Height

  • Hormone growth disorder
  • Lack of nutrition, proteins, vitamins and proper diet as well
  • Lack of physical exercises
  • Excessive consideration of negativity
  • The genetic or hereditary disorder

Wondering how to increase your height naturally? Yes, Ayurveda is the best healthcare treatment and known for its natural idea of balancing the body’s overall health. Ayurveda is known as the oldest science of remedy that has solutions for detoxifying the body, weight-loss, and improving your overall mind and body.

Ayurvedic medicine such as Minitall Tablet to increase your height is highly efficient even at the stage where your height is unable to grow. Minitall Tablet is the most beneficial ayurvedic medicine that helps to increase the height without any side effect. It provides you with all the required vitamins, minerals, and nutritional diet supplements which are necessary for promoting growth. Thus, you will be able to become an attractive, impressive and noticeable personality. This particular ayurvedic medicine is non-toxic, chemical free and harmless to consume in its feature. Minitall Tablet is manufactured using natural ingredients such as Giloy, Soaf, Amla, Kali Musli, Alwa, Chandi Bhasm, Vidari Kand and many more.

There are some Ayurvedic herbs available that help you increase your height and overall personality too. Some of them are listed below:

  • Giloy
  • Spirulina
  • Guggul
  • Shatavari
  • Shilajeet
  • Ashwagandha
  • Amla
  • Giloy or Tinospora cordifolia
  • Asparagus Racemosus
  • Pueraria Tuberosa
  • Lepidium Sativum

Apart from this, exercises are also useful in enhancing your height. Best exercises to increase height are the hanging exercise, the wall stretch, the cobra pose, the table pose, ankle weight exercise and similar others.

How Ayurveda Works to Control High Blood Pressure

How Ayurveda Works to Control High Blood Pressure

There is a huge number of people across the Globe suffering from high blood pressure. High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic medical condition appearing rapidly among people due to hectic lifestyle, unhealthy food habits, Obesity, and lack of physical exercise. High blood pressure occurs when the sugar level in the arteries is elevated above the normal ranges (100-139 mmHg systolic and 60-89 mmHg diastolic) or pancreatic beta hormone secretion is stopped. And if the hormone secretion in the blood does not work properly, the sugar or glucose level automatically is increased in the blood.

High blood pressure causes many health problems such as heart attacks, heart strokes, and kidney failures if it is not controlled or treated on time It can be balanced using ayurvedic medicines such as Hy-Lo Capsule, which is easily available in the market.  This particular medicine is prepared using Sarpgadhanghan Vati, Praval Pisti, Sudh Gandhak, Icha Bhedi Ras, Pipal Mool, Armnaal Khas, and many other herbal ingredients. It is advised to take Hy-Lo Capsule thrice a day for a superior result. Hy-Lo capsule is a 100% natural remedy that can help you to control such acute health ailment and lead a happy life.

The Effectiveness of the Hy-Lo Capsule for High Blood Pressure

  • Improves the functioning of heart and tones up the heart muscles
  • Maintains proper blood circulation
  • Helps balance cholesterol
  • Contains cardio-protective, anti-angina and anti-thermal properties that protect your liver

There are some home remedies in Ayurveda that protect you from high blood pressure. Few of them are listed below:

  • Freshly extracted bitter gourd or Karela juice
  • Fenugreek crushed seeds
  • A combination of Cinnamon powder and boiled water
  • Holy basil leaves juice
  • Black Berries or Blue Berries

These Ayurvedic medications and remedies are useful for blood pressure control. If you’re a diabetic Patient, get started on your Ayurvedic journey without wasting any time.

Irregular Periods – Ayurvedic Medication and Home Remedies to Deal with Them

Irregular Periods – Ayurvedic Medication and Home Remedies to Deal with Them

Irregular menstruation is a general problem that a majority of women experience it in their life at some point in time. What is an irregular period or menstruation? An irregular period is that your period arrives early or it delays for the number of days or even skips a few months. Irregular menstruation or period happens due to several factors such as improper diet, lack of exercise or too much workout, chronic stress, diabetes, eating disorders, traveling, smoking, and alcohol consumption. So let’s talk about some ways, which can help you regulate your menstrual cycle.

Eating proper diet on time, maintaining hygiene and exercising regularly are the excellent ways to regularize your periods and balancing the levels of hormones. Apart from this, Ayurvedic medication such as Lucoya Capsule is the best, and an affordable remedy advised to regulate your period naturally.

Eating one or two Lucoya capsules after every meal for a month will help you in regulating menstruation. This particular medicine also helps regulate the insulin levels, which aids in controlling ovulation and hence also having a regular menstrual cycle. Here’s a list of benefits of Lucoya Capsule that helps to cure irregular menstruation.

  • Lucoya Capsule stimulates the better functioning of reproductive organs
  • It reduces stress and provides relaxation to your mind and body as well
  • It normalizes your metabolism, thus allowing you to maintain your ideal weight
  • It also works on your hormones

There are certain home remedies that may help you to regularize the period cycle naturally.  Turmeric with Honey or Milk, Pumpkin seeds, Grape Juice, Ginger Tea, Papaya Juice, Aloe Vera Gel, and Sesame Seeds are the name of the few.

Over to You

Hopefully, you have got all the pieces of information about irregular periods that you were looking for.  What are you waiting for? Try it to believe in it!

Adijay Syrup: An Ayurvedic Medication to Treat Dengue

Adijay Syrup An Ayurvedic Medication to Treat Dengue

Dengue is an acute syndrome caused by viruses, transmitted to the human body by the bite of mosquitoes. When a mosquito carries dengue virus bites a person, the virus spreads in the bloodstream of the whole body. This might take 3-4 days of gestation period. Dengue is a type of fever that spreads due to the blend of population growth, urbanization, and Global warming. This particular disease is very familiar in Mexico, South America, Caribbean and many other tropical and subtropical areas of the world.

In India, Dengue is increasing rapidly from the last couple of years. According to Hindustantimes, an article reveals that total 15, 7220 cases of dengue patients have seen in India in the year 2017. Now the question is how to detect dengue? There are certain symptoms of Dengue that you can experience over a few days. Few of them are listed below:

  • High fever attacks suddenly
  • Severe headaches, nausea, and vomiting
  • Severe joint and muscle pain
  • Swelling in muscles and pain in joints
  • Retro-orbital pain behind the eyes
  • Fatigue and exhaustion
  • Skin rashes develop on the legs or feet just after the fever starts
  • Low blood pressure
  • Ayurvedic Medication for Dengue

Dengue is also known as Dandaka Jvara in Ayurveda. It can be treated using Adijay Syrup, which is one of the top-notch Ayurvedic medicines easily available in the market. This meticulous remedy helps in strengthening your immune system and keeping a control on Dengue. Adijay Syrup is prepared using Tulsi Patra, Haldi, Devdaru, Giloy, Chirayta, and several more herbal ingredients. All these ingredients are 100% pure and checked in the labs as per International standard and safety norms. Formulated under the guidance of Ayurved experts, Adijay Syrup is free from preservatives, chemicals and any added color.

Apart from this, you always try to prevent yourself by following certain guidelines and few of them are as follows.

  • Try to wear full clothes to prevent you from a mosquito bite
  • Avoid eating food from open stalls
  • Maintain your surrounding clean for not allowing mosquitoes to get increased
  • Avoid visiting areas

How to Treat Acidity and Indigestion with Ayurvedic Therapy

How to Treat Acidity and Indigestion with Ayurvedic Therapy

Acidity and indigestion are the common health conditions, affecting people from age group. When you experience a burning sensation in your chest, and your mouth tastes sour, that means acidity has attacked you. Acidity or acid reflux happens to anyone from time to time because of indigestion of food, which is eaten by you.

Indigestion occurs to gastrointestinal complaints that can consist of gas and upset stomach. Acidity and indigestion are related to each other. There are several medications available in the market, which can give you quick relief, but sometimes, you may feel like those medicines are not working very well for you. In this case, Ayurveda may help you! Ayurvedic medicine such as Hopeliv DS Syrup will protect you discomforts like acidity and indigestion.

Symptoms of Acidity and Indigestion

  • Abnormal yet excess saliva secretion
  • Burning sensation in the chest region
  • Bitter taste in the mouth
  • Bloated feeling after eating
  • Nausea and chest pain
  • Problem in swallowing
  • Stomach discomfort
  • Flatulence
  • Abdominal bloating
  • Abdominal pain
  • Belching

Hopeliv DS Syrup is an Ayurvedic medicine suitable for acidity, indigestion, jaundice, cirrhosis, and hepatic dysfunction. You can improve your appetite by taking two teaspoons of syrup with lukewarm water thrice a day. Hopeliv DS Syrup is completely sugar-free, and for this reason, diabetic patients can use it safely. Formulated using Ajmod, Bach, Manjith, Kasni, Murva, Tulsi, Giloy, Nagar Motha, Sorbitol, Kashi, Tulsi, Makoi, Chitrak, Kalmegh, Gajapipal, and many other ingredients, Hopeliv DS Syrup is available at reasonably price. Some of the advantages of this medicine are listed below:

  • It boosts your immunity or resistance power
  • Helps to correct fatty liver and enlarged liver as well
  • Enhances the better function of the liver
  • It’s a polyherbal preparation that helps to protect you from oxidative damage
  • It also restores normal level of the liver enzymes

Ayurvedic Medicines: The Best Remedies to Control the Asthma Attacks

Ayurvedic Medicines The Best Remedies to Control the Asthma Attacks

Asthma is one of the chronic lung disorders around the world. Asthma attacks to people due to inflammation in the respiratory tracts which then results in short gasping breaths, frequent wheezing, coughing, and allergy to dust, pollution, and variation in temperature. Asthma can attack at any age in your life; however, it generally happens in childhood. And, Asthma can deprive a person out of breath if it is not restricted in time.

Symptoms of Asthma

  • Shortness of breath or can’t get air out of your lungs
  • Recurrent episodes of coughing especially at night or early in the morning, making it hard to sleep
  • Wheezing occurs when you breathe
  • Tightness in the chest

As far as Asthma is concerned, Ayurvedic medicines have occupied a tremendous position in the pharmaceutical industry to control such disease. An Ayurvedic medicine like Re-Resp Capsule is capable of treating the Asthma through a healthy diet, exercises, and sufficient sleep. It is recommended to take this capsule thrice a day to control the syndrome like Asthma.

Re-Resp Capsule is a 100% Ayurvedic remedy formulated using Abhrak Bhasm, Shudh Kulanjan, Tutgantha, Suddh Suhaga, Kachoor, Haridra, Tankan Bhasm, Sitopladhi Churn, Anand Bhairav Ras, and many more herbal ingredients.

Apart from taking such medicine, you can use certain Ayurvedic home remedies to reduce the symptoms of Asthma. Some of the useful therapies are ginger, garlic cloves, bay leaf, cinnamon, and honey.

Advantages of Re-Resp Capsule

  • Re-Resp Capsule is completely free from any side-effect and helpful in making the patient’s body and mind disease free
  • It aims at restoring body’s own capability to have balance and fight with ailments
  • This particular medicine can be safely taken with other conventional medicines
  • Re-Resp Capsule is purely non-toxic and non-invasive in their nature
  • This particular medicine is also used to treat arthritis, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, nervous disorder, colds, skin problem, ulcer, acne, allergies, depression, and diabetes

Smart N Slim Capsule: A Complete Ayurvedic Solution for Weight Loss

Smart N Slim Capsule A Complete Ayurvedic Solution for Weight Loss

In today’s world, obesity or overweight has become the most acute problems for many of us, and our modern yet hectic lifestyle is responsible for such troubles. Obesity occurs when your body intakes more calories that leads to as body fat.

Health Effects of Obesity or Overweight

Obesity is a chronic problem, which has a negative impact on health. Some of the major health risks happen due to overweight are as follows:

  • Heart diseases such as heart stroke or heart failure and chest pain, etc.
  • High blood pressure or Hypertension
  • Bone and joint problems lead to osteoarthritis
  • Metabolic syndrome consists of elevated blood cholesterol, insulin resistance with or without glucose intolerance and elevation of certain clotting factors in the blood
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Gallstones and liver problems

Even after doing gym sessions regularly, you are unable to lose your weight. No worries! Consider a holistic healing approach called Ayurveda, which is an amazing remedy in eliminating harmful constituents by spreading adequate oxygen of your body. There are several medicines available in the market but, Ayurvedic medication such as “Smart N Slim Capsule” makes your fat reduction easy by healing you from the inside.

Based on the principle of taking high fiber and low-fat healthy diet Smart N Slim Capsule is formulated in such a way to reduce weight without even starving. This particular medicine is highly effective for fat reduction along with doing daily exercise, medication, and taking low-calorie food. Apart from this Smart N Slim Capsule, you can add some home remedies to your diet, which can help you in weight loss. Some of the effective ayurvedic home remedies for weight loss are black pepper, basil leaves, lemon with honey, Triphala powder and many more.

Advantages or Benefits of Weight Loss

  • Creates more energy and reduces aches and pains
  • Improves your memory
  • Helps to sleep better in a good mood
  • Builds stronger bones and joints
  • Improves your immune system to fight with illness
  • Enhances your skin clearer and younger looking