How Ayurvedic Treatment Helps To Improve Female Fertility

How Ayurvedic Treatment Helps To Improve Female Fertility

Many women are facing a huge problem of conceiving in present society. Changes in lifestyle, too much stress and the recent trend of late marriages are some of the reasons that create infertility problems among females. Female infertility is caused mainly by polycystic ovarian disorder or PCOD (40 percent of the cases).

The problem of female infertility is common nowadays. Infertility refers to the biological inability of a woman who is unable to carry a pregnancy to full term and also the state of a female’s reproductive age to contribute to conception. Female infertility is even well-defined as the failure to conceive after a year of regular intercourse without contraception. Female fertility depends on the production of hormones necessary for normal sexual development and the functioning of the reproductive tract. There are several causes such as poor egg quality, damaged fallopian tubes, ovulation problem, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and the condition of endometriosis that occur infertility in females.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Female Infertility

Ayurveda supports the health of women by strengthening the body’s own self-healing and balancing mechanisms that are useful to fight with female infertility.  An ayurvedic drug like Progarb Capsule doesn’t rely on intervention by any foreign substance that helps in correcting the hormones in the body. It focuses on the treatment of female infertility holistically with the aim of improving the quality of life of the individual.

Progarb Capsule is 100% useful ayurvedic formulation used in the treatment of female infertility, which helps create the synergistic hormonal balance between the Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and the Luteinizing Hormone (LH). This ayurvedic medicine is highly effective with the purpose of correcting an organic or functional problem that causes infertility. Progarb Capsule is useful in regulating menstrual cycles, enhancing general health and wellness, reducing stress, enhancing sleep, controlling anxiety and increasing energy level, and improving blood flow in the pelvic cavity, thereby promoting fertility.

Benefits of Progarb Capsule in the treatment for infertility:

·         Premature Ovarian Failure (POF)  

·         Improves ovulation disorder

·         Repair of blocked fallopian tubes, adhesions (scar tissue) and pelvic inflammatory disease

Effective Ayurvedic Remedy for Skin Rashes

Effective Ayurvedic Remedy for Skin Rashes

Are you suffering from a skin allergy? Are you experiencing all red and itchy with small bumps or other changes in the skin’s color, appearance or texture? Are you facing skin rash problem which is visible on any part of the body? If these are the cases, choosing Ayurveda is the ultimate solution for such problems. Before discussing the ayurvedic remedy, let us know about skin rashes.

Skin rashes are a frequently occurring health problem caused by problems like allergies, eczema, insect bites, psoriasis, acne, and sweating. A skin rash is a widespread eruption of skin lesions that can vary in appearance greatly. A rash can spread to just one small part of the body, or it can cover a large area. Rashes can be dry, moist, bumpy, smooth, cracked, or blistered; painful, itch, and even change color. There are four types of skin rashes such as warm weather, food-induced like peanuts or eggs, allergy-causing agents like rubber, chemicals, metals, pets and bites or stings of insects.

Rashes are a type of skin infection that could also be triggered by underlying fungal, bacterial, or viral infections. Irritation from cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, and detergents are also certain reasons that lead to rashes. Skin rashes affect all ages from the infants to the elderly and cause harm in a number of ways. Many people are suffering from skin diseases that affect the skin, including cancer, herpes, and cellulitis. Maintaining healthy skin is important for a healthy body and comprehending this fact, ayurvedic medicines have stepped forward in the market.

Aliant capsule is one of the best ayurvedic remedies that reduce skin rashes and soothes the skin effectively. It is useful in drying skin rashes as also in relieving itching and inflammation. It is particularly helpful in treating rashes triggered by eczema, chicken pox, sunburn, and other allergies. Aliant capsule is made in such a way to ease swelling, inflammation, and itching. It is particularly useful if a rash begins to develop into blisters. This ayurvedic pill like Aliant capsule has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties that help in treating rashes successfully.

Advantages of Aliant Capsule

  • Helps to get rid of rashes, their redness, and itching
  • Benefits to get relief from rashes of almost all causes
  • Helps to feel the patients get relief and gives soothing effects immediately
  • Gives good result for soothing rashes, skin irritations, ulcers, eczema, dry skin, bruises, and wounds

Ayurveda And Asthma Treatment

Ayurveda And Asthma Treatment

Asthma is a universal chronic lung disorder that occurs due to inflammation in the airways. It is also known as an inflammatory disease of the air passage characterized by recurring symptoms, excessive air sensitiveness and airflow obstruction. Asthmatic attack normally gets exaggerated in the morning and night time. Wheezing, fast heart rate and prolonged expiration are some of the common symptoms of an asthma attack. Diet regulation, home remedy, proper exercises are some of the natural treatments that play a vital role in the treatment of this condition.

Asthma is controllable by alternative medicines like Yoga, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Unani therapy. Re-Resp Avleh Chutney is one of the top ayurvedic asthma remedies as it contains the alkaloid ephedrine, well-known for treating asthma. This is 100% ayurvedic remedy that helps in opening up any nasal blockages to facilitate easy breathing. In addition to asthma,Re-Resp Avleh Chutney is also helpful to treat other conditions including heart disease, depression, and seasonal affective disorder.This ayurvedic medicine helps get more air out and make breathing easier. Re-Resp Avleh Chutney is useful for the asthma patients that help in inhaling slowly through the nose and then exhaling through pursed lips, or exhaling slowly as if whistling.

Complications of Asthma

  • Lesser the quality of life
  • About 90% of have sleeping disorders
  • Blocking and narrowing of the bronchial tube
  • Underweight, heart disease and breathing problems with babies
  • Severe asthma in pregnant women leads to hypertension and gestational diabetes
  • Leaking of air from lungs
  • Skin bruising, osteoporosis, and skin dystrophy
  • Severe coughing may lead to a shortage of breath
  • Home custody for adults

There are also some natural remedies for asthma that can provide some relief. Some of them are as follows:

  • Consume equal quantities of ginger, honey and pomegranate two times a day
  • Intake at least three cups of coffee in a day
  • Massage the mixture of mustard oil and camphor all over the chestfor instant relief from asthma
  • Eat soaked figs in everyday morning

How Giloy Ark Reduce Blood Sugar Level Safely

How Giloy Ark Reduce Blood Sugar Level Safely

If you are suffering from high blood sugar and looking for a natural and cost-effective solution to reduce its symptoms and complications, ayurvedic medicine is something to consider. Ayurvedic medicine is an age-old remedy and known as an Indian holistic treatment.

This ayurvedic type of healthcare strives to maintain the internal balance of the body instead of just focusing on singular symptoms. For those who are looking to the safest option, Ayurvedic medicine may provide a more natural way to treat high blood sugar effectively. By bringing balance to the whole body, ayurvedic medicine like Giloy Ark is formulated in such a way to fine-tune your regimen, coaching you to make better choices for you and your sugar level. Giloy Ark is a 100% herbal ayurvedic product, is claimed to offer protection against all side-effects of high blood glucose level. It is prepared to reduce the high blood sugar level that heals both the mind and body and encourage wellbeing while strengthening the immune system.

Giloy Ark is formulated using herbal ingredients as Ayurveda believes that herbs can lower the blood glucose levels by regulating the absorption of sugars, metabolism of carbohydrates, and promoting the stimulation of insulin secretion. This ayurvedic medicine helps protect against insulin resistance and reduces blood sugar levels within two months.

Advantages of Giloy Ark

  • Improves glucose tolerance and facilitatestoprevent diabetic nephropathy
  • Promotes the secretion of insulin and protects the kidneys from dysfunction
  • Helps control blood sugar levels, maintain diabetes symptoms and improves your overall health
  • Helps stimulate the regeneration of the residual pancreatic beta cells
  • Works as an astringent that helps in reducing inflammation

There are a lot of ayurvedic herbs used to help control blood sugar level in diabetes. Most of these spices have been using since ages, and they are still in use nowadays to reduce sugar level. Ginger, cumin, amla, cinnamon, turmeric, tulsi, and cinnamon are the name of the few.