Treat Your Irregular Periods with Lucoya Capsule

Irregular periods are not an unusual condition in this unhealthy lifestyle of the modern world. Irregular menstruation generally varies from 8 to 21 days or more and the discrepancy of 21 days or more is considered irregular or abnormal. When the length of a monthly periods’ cycle lasts longer than usual or ends earlier than normal then irregular or abnormal menses occur, which is accompanied by greater abdominal pain and blood loss. However a woman may face some menstrual irregularities at ends of menstrual life, (onset- menarche and end of cycle- menopause), but that is considered normal.

From missed menses to periods’ cramps, the period problems are common among the women. And this is a fact that an uncomfortable situation due to irregular periods may make you irritable and can affect your moodadversely.There are many factors in routine life which affect your monthly periods. Some of the reasons are lack of physical activities, too much physical exertion, poor dietary habits, and imbalance of vatta and pitta in the body.

Symptoms of Irregular Periods

  • Abnormal bleeding occurs that is not part of the regular menstruation cycle
  • Menses happen longer or heavier than normal
  • Heavy bleeding happens between the periods
  • Absence or non-appearance of periods
  • Bleeding occurs after menopause as well as after sexual intercourse

If you are experiencing irregular periods’ problem, then try some effective remedies to prevent discomfort. Here we are going to discuss certain Ayurvedic remedies which can help you with period problems.

Ayurvedic medicine like Lucoya Capsule along with a healthy lifestyle and food habits are highly effective in decreasing irregular periods or menstrual cycle. Lucoya Capsule is 100% Ayurvedic and stringently formulated as per International Safety & Quality Standard that help you consume it without occurring any side effect. This particular pill is known to stimulate the uterus and used for creating healthy and regular periods. Lucoya Capsule is effective for those who experience congestive pain during their menstrual cycle and also helps in reducing the heavy flow during menstruation. It is recommended to take such capsule twice a day for the best results.

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