How Ativeerya Capsule Helps to Increase Fertility In Men

How Ativeerya Capsule Helps to Increase Fertility In Men

Yes, fertility issues happen in the man, too. Infertility is such great trouble that tears apart the lives of many married couples.  The problem like infertility comes in the form of failure to conceive a baby when several couples are enthusiastic to start a family of their own. Infertility affects many men around the world. Male infertility is incompetence of a man in yielding healthy sperms that causes pregnancy even in a fertile female partner. The infertility of a man normally relies on the quality and quantity of sperm production; if the sperm quality is poor or the quantity of sperm count is less, it becomes difficult to impregnate the female.

There is no such obvious symptom that has occurred in the cases of infertility as the intercourse does normally without any difficulty, and the quantity of ejaculated semen looks usual with the naked eye. There are various disorders such as hormonal problems, physical problems, and psychological problems, responsible behind infertility of the male. And the best way to combat such a problem is to find the right remedy that can boost male fertility.

Ayurvedic science has introduced Ativeerya Capsule that helps in treating male infertility so that a man is able to regain the fertility. Thus a fertile couple is successfully able to give birth to healthy child, who will become pillars of our society. Ativeerya Capsule is prepared using natural herbs considered the powerful natural treatment that helps to boost sperm count and sperm motility. Ativeerya Capsule is formulated as per the International Safety & Quality Standard that enables for safe consumption and effective in increasing the number of healthy sperms with excellent motility. Regular consumption of Ativeerya Capsule is useful in improving self-reported erectile function, libido, and sexual well-being. This Ayurvedic pill for infertility in men is a 100% natural that does not harm the body.

There are also certain Ayurvedic home remedies for infertility that are usefulto bring back fertility. Have a look!

  • Consumption of Maca Root is effective for male infertility as it is known to increase the production of hormones in the body
  • Intake of Royal Jelly is capable of setting the hormonal balance right and increases the power of fertility among men
  • It is recommended to take the right amount of Chaste Berry for balancing the hormonal levels that improve man’s fertility
  • Consumption of Grape Seed extract is proficient in providing the male sperms with additional strength, increasing their lifespan until reaching the female egg and fertilizing it.

How Ayurvedic Remedy Helps for High Blood Pressure

How Ayurvedic Remedy Helps for High Blood Pressure

Are you feeling that high blood pressure or hypertension has attacked you, and do you want to be sure about it? How do you know about high B.P? The answer is when your blood pressure level goes up than 140 over 90 mm Hg. High blood pressure or hypertension is a chronic medical condition wherein the blood pressure in arteries gets raised, thus affecting the heart to work harder for pumping blood.

Most of the people are suffering from high blood pressure that comes with certain symptoms such as altered vision, vertigo, headaches especially at the back of the head, fainting episodes, light-headedness, and buzzing noises in the ear. Over a period of time, high B.P. causes organ damages. It also leads to several complications like:

  • Kidney failure, heart attack, brain stroke, and legs amputation
  • Enlarged heart or heart failure
  • Bleeding from the blood vessels of the eyes leads to blindness
  • Facial paralysis
  • Feeling of heat inside the body

In Ayurveda, high blood pressure is also known as Rakta Chapa wherein the balance between vata, pitta and kaphadoshas gets violated aggressively. There are numerous Ayurvedic remedies such as Hy-Lo Capsule, used to control high blood pressure or hypertension. Hy-Lo Capsule is 100% Ayurvedic that nourishes the circulatory systemthat helps in promoting healthy blood pressure. It also helps balance your body’s long-term response to stress and its effects. Some of the other benefits of taking Hy-Lo Capsule are-

  • Detoxifies & supports healthy liver function
  • Poises three different doshas like vata, pitta, and kapha
  • Sustains blood vessels as well as heart
  • Powerful origination with herbal ingredients support the body’s response to tension or worry and its effects

Hy-Lo Capsule is formulated without the addition of chemicals or preservatives in it, and thus 100% safe for consumption. The daily consumption of alkaline diet (rich in leafy veggies, fresh fruits) along with taking Hy-Lo capsule is also necessary to keep high B.P. away from affecting the body.

Preventive Measures of High Blood Pressure

  • Regular physical activities or aerobic exercises such as brisk walking for at least 30 minutes everyday
  • An adequate amount of dynamic aerobic exercises such as cycling, walking, jogging and swimming at least for five days in a week
  • Intake of dietary sodium less than 100 mm per day
  • Avoidance of alcohol and smoking are considered

Minitall Tablet: An Ayurvedic Pill To Increase Your Height

Minitall Tablet An Ayurvedic Pill To Increase Your Height

People who are of short height wish they were taller in order to make themselves feel more confident among social crowds. An individual’s height is determined by genetic factors to a great extent, but it is not the only factor of being short height. The height of the human body also depends on the Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which is secreted by the pituitary gland, essential for the growth of long cartilage and thus increases your height. Apart from this, several other factors such as low birth weight, poor post-natal care, insufficient nutrients, lack of physical activities, unhealthy environment, smoking during pregnancy and poor health during childhood are also responsible in determining height. 

People always think that they are unable to grow with proper height when they enter adulthood, which is not true always. There is not any specific age after which you stop growing; an individual can grow a few inches taller even after turning 18. There are ways in Ayurveda to increase your height by incorporating some healthy habits into your lifestyle. As far as Ayurvedic treatment for height increase is concerned, Minitall Tablet helps in stimulating pituitary, and thus help increases the good height of the body. 

Taking of Minitall Tablet regularly after having your breakfast and dinner is highly effective to stimulate the human growth hormone, which is an utmost factor of increasing height. It is prepared in such a way that helps in the activation of glands, for improvement in growth. Minitall Tablet is prepared using quality herbs and other natural ingredients that alleviate hormone level, boost up your immunity power, and detoxify every cell and rejuvenate the body.

In addition to these, there are also some healthy habits in Ayurveda that help you increase your height naturally. Take a look!

  • Eating a healthy breakfast regularly is a top-notch responsible factor for your growth and development, which makes you grow taller.
  • A balanced diet with all necessary vitamins,minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and essential fats help you grow well.
  • A good body posture (straight posture)while you sit and stand are essential that help you grow as much as 6 inches taller.
  • An adequate yet sound sleep (8 hour sleep) is necessary for the proper growth of your body as the growth hormone secrets by the body when you sleep.

Treat Your Irregular Periods with Lucoya Capsule

Treat Your Irregular Periods with Lucoya Capsule

Irregular periods are not an unusual condition in this unhealthy lifestyle of the modern world. Irregular menstruation generally varies from 8 to 21 days or more and the discrepancy of 21 days or more is considered irregular or abnormal. When the length of a monthly periods’ cycle lasts longer than usual or ends earlier than normal then irregular or abnormal menses occur, which is accompanied by greater abdominal pain and blood loss. However a woman may face some menstrual irregularities at ends of menstrual life, (onset- menarche and end of cycle- menopause), but that is considered normal.

From missed menses to periods’ cramps, the period problems are common among the women. And this is a fact that an uncomfortable situation due to irregular periods may make you irritable and can affect your moodadversely.There are many factors in routine life which affect your monthly periods. Some of the reasons are lack of physical activities, too much physical exertion, poor dietary habits, and imbalance of vatta and pitta in the body.

Symptoms of Irregular Periods

  • Abnormal bleeding occurs that is not part of the regular menstruation cycle
  • Menses happen longer or heavier than normal
  • Heavy bleeding happens between the periods
  • Absence or non-appearance of periods
  • Bleeding occurs after menopause as well as after sexual intercourse

If you are experiencing irregular periods’ problem, then try some effective remedies to prevent discomfort. Here we are going to discuss certain Ayurvedic remedies which can help you with period problems.

Ayurvedic medicine like Lucoya Capsule along with a healthy lifestyle and food habits are highly effective in decreasing irregular periods or menstrual cycle. Lucoya Capsule is 100% Ayurvedic and stringently formulated as per International Safety & Quality Standard that help you consume it without occurring any side effect. This particular pill is known to stimulate the uterus and used for creating healthy and regular periods. Lucoya Capsule is effective for those who experience congestive pain during their menstrual cycle and also helps in reducing the heavy flow during menstruation. It is recommended to take such capsule twice a day for the best results.