Choose Ayurveda as a Blood Pressure Fighting Remedy

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Are you diagnosed with Hypertension or High Blood Pressure? Thinking about how to reduce your high blood pressure? Ayurveda is an easy and cost-effective solution, playing a major role in treating your high blood pressure.

Before discussing Ayurvedic remedy, we should know what high blood pressure is. High blood pressure is a hazardous condition that occurs when blood pressure exceeds high, the blood moves forcefully through the arteries, and damages the blood vessels.

Reasons of high blood pressure

  • A diet high in fat, and salt
  • Stress and lack of physical activity
  • Obesity or overweight
  • Chronic conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol
  • Family history or genetic issue

There are several types of remedies in Ayurveda available to treat high blood pressure. Hy-Lo Capsule is a natural remedy to lower your blood pressure without side effects. Acts on your kidneys Hy-Lo Capsule is capable of helping your body in eliminating sodium, water, and reducing blood volume. Ingredients used in this drug are Praval Pisti, Sarpgandha, Jahar Mohra Pisti, Sudh Gandhak, Icha Bhedi Ras, Armnaal Khas, and many others. All these ingredients are 100% herbal, pure and safe to consume. It is advised to take Hy-Lo Capsule thrice a day that help in lessening your high blood pressure.

There are also certain lifestyle changes that help to lower your blood pressure. Some of the important ways that act as blood pressure fighting remedies are as follows:

  • Eat potassium-rich foods such as leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, dairy products, fish, nuts, and seeds
  • Cut the amount of sodium in your diet
  • Start doing regular exercises such as brisk walk, running, jogging, etc.
  • Reduce alcohol consumption
  • Manage your stress and learn relaxation methods
  • Lose weight

In addition to these, there are also some home remedies beneficial for high blood pressure. Few of them are watermelon, hibiscus tea, celery seed extracts, beetroot juice, pomegranate juice, dark chocolate and more.

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