Irregular Periods – Ayurvedic Medication and Home Remedies to Deal with Them

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Irregular menstruation is a general problem that a majority of women experience it in their life at some point in time. What is an irregular period or menstruation? An irregular period is that your period arrives early or it delays for the number of days or even skips a few months. Irregular menstruation or period happens due to several factors such as improper diet, lack of exercise or too much workout, chronic stress, diabetes, eating disorders, traveling, smoking, and alcohol consumption. So let’s talk about some ways, which can help you regulate your menstrual cycle.

Eating proper diet on time, maintaining hygiene and exercising regularly are the excellent ways to regularize your periods and balancing the levels of hormones. Apart from this, Ayurvedic medication such as Lucoya Capsule is the best, and an affordable remedy advised to regulate your period naturally.

Eating one or two Lucoya capsules after every meal for a month will help you in regulating menstruation. This particular medicine also helps regulate the insulin levels, which aids in controlling ovulation and hence also having a regular menstrual cycle. Here’s a list of benefits of Lucoya Capsule that helps to cure irregular menstruation.

  • Lucoya Capsule stimulates the better functioning of reproductive organs
  • It reduces stress and provides relaxation to your mind and body as well
  • It normalizes your metabolism, thus allowing you to maintain your ideal weight
  • It also works on your hormones

There are certain home remedies that may help you to regularize the period cycle naturally.  Turmeric with Honey or Milk, Pumpkin seeds, Grape Juice, Ginger Tea, Papaya Juice, Aloe Vera Gel, and Sesame Seeds are the name of the few.

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