Treatment to provide quick relief and prevention from breathing problems

RE-RESP Capsule – an ayurvedic medicine which is very beneficial to control various respiratory diseases like Cough, Wheezing, Nausea, Asthma, Bronchitis etc. The main objective of RE-RESP Capsule is to identify the root cause of respiratory diseases and then provide a proper ayurvedic treatment to the patients. Avoid heavy exercises and maintain a balanced diet plan is an important aspect that prevents the problems of an asthma attack and heart diseases. Ayurvedic Medications and Therapies play a vital role that is used to prevent breathing problems that focus on providing quick relief to the patients.

Symptoms of Respiratory diseases:

  • Breathing Problems: Heavy physical exercises are harmful for asthma patients that can lead to severe health problems.
  • Smoking: Smoking is injurious to health that can cause lung infections and lead to respiratory diseases.
  • Chest Pain: Respiratory system often encounters a common symptom of tightness in the chest area which may lead to breathing problem.
  • Eating Disorder: Eating Hot, spicy and junked foods can cause improper digestion that leads to respiratory diseases that affects your overall health.
  • Obesity: Obesity is one of the major cause of respiratory diseases that leads to a sedentary (inactive) lifestyle.

Healthy Diet to cure Respiratory Disease:

  • Homemade chicken soup may help us overcome respiratory problems such as sore throats.
  • Proper intake of lukewarm water helps in removing toxins from the body and overcoming symptoms of respiratory diseases.
  • Green Herbal Tea is considered for short-term relief that acts as antioxidants which are helpful for our health.
  • Consumption of vitamins, minerals, and protein enriched diet like cereals, whole grains, fresh veggies, fruits and soy products.


Ayurvedic Treatment of Respiratory Problems:

Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment and Therapies for Respiratory Diseases helps to overcome these problems and rejuvenating your body. Anti-allergic ayurvedic treatment for Respiratory Diseases-Haldi, Neem & Guggul are natural medicinal herbs provided to the patients in the form of capsules that helps to cure the problems suffering from various respiratory disorders. Ayurvedic herbal medicine – RE-RESP Capsule acts as a Blood Purifier that removes the impurities through inhalation of polluted air and smoking creates toxins inside the body. So, Ayurvedic Treatment for Respiratory Diseases is done through special herbs helps to kill the root cause of a problem and rejuvenate your body.

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